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Female DJ from the UK. DJ-ing since 1998. Vinyl Only!!!!


  • Resonance 15th Bday Party Breaks/Hardcore Set Nov 2015

    Resonance 15th Bday Party Breaks/Hardcore Set Nov 2015

    19/12/2015 Duración: 01h06min

    Happy 15 years of raving hardcore mad to Tony Res and his London Resonance Parties. this one held at The Egg, London. Pure Vinyl Only Set

  • Vinyl Veras Set @ Retro Trax Festival May 2012

    Vinyl Vera's Set @ Retro Trax Festival May 2012

    14/05/2012 Duración: 49min

    Retro Trax was a 2 day festival in Bath,UK dedicated to 100% Old Skool music. Met some wonderful people whilst camping for 2 days. 1. "Take It Easy" - Cedric Winkleburger & The Yellow Blueberry's 2. "Up Keys" - Cosmo & Dibs 3. "Music" - Sonic Solution 4. "Logical Progression" - LT Bukem 5. "Don Gorgon Sound" - Slammer EP 6. "FUBAR EP" - Bad Influence 7. Unknown White 8. "Jungleistic" - The Good, 2 Bad & Hugly 9. "Cookinp Up YOur Brain" - 4 Hero 10. "Feel The Rhythm" - Terrorize 11. "Colette" - Loverman 12. DJ Trace - White Label Find me on Facebook and lets be friends :)

  • Vinyl Veras Set @LDF - London Dance Factory June 2011 c/o K2  Epidemik

    Vinyl Vera's Set @LDF - London Dance Factory June 2011 c/o K2 & Epidemik

    26/06/2011 Duración: 01h05min

    LDF stands for London Dance Factory, this has been put together to bring you a collection on London brands under one roof! With each brand adding there own touch to the night to really kick this new rave wonder event off! Find out more about the people behind LDF? – – – DJ Inferno - Pandemic Feeling All In The Past Ep ASBO 010 Outlander Vamp - Breaks Mix KILLERINIT 001 DJ Rave In Peace - Got 2 Believe Contraband EP ASBO 006 DJ Rave In Peace - Mysenic Elenth Heaven EP ASBO 011 Brainstormer - My Love The Ferrero Rocher EP SST001 DJ Nee & Stu Chapman - Higher EM005 Bolland Breaks Aquasky - Red Out SVN003 Aquasky - Black Haze 20K-008 Aquasky - Addiction SVN003 The Autobots, Screwface & MC Navigator - Burn BROKE010 Faydubz 1 Stanton Warriors - Knowhow Dirk Diggler ft ODC - Bad Boy Stanton Warriors - Good Vibrations FIND ME ON FACEBOOK!/vinyl.vera

  • Vinyl Veras Set @ The Way WEE Were, Romford, Essex May 2011

    Vinyl Vera's Set @ The Way WEE Were, Romford, Essex May 2011

    23/05/2011 Duración: 45min

    Wow - what a night this was! This party has certainly put the world of clubbing back on the map! In an old dis-used pub on the outskirts of Essex we partied away in true an Old Skool Stylee! 00.00 The Impact EP - Cant Stop the Rush Formation Records 04.00 EQ The Graphic Mixes - Total Xstacy Formation Records 08.22 Structual Damage - Really Livin Symphony Sounds Records 11.40 DJ Mayhem - Damage Basement Records 15.30 Egyptian Empire - Mickey Finn Fog Horn Mix Fokus Records 20.00 Boomtown - Energize 23.10 Mystery Man - Love E Fokus Records 27.19 DJ Trace White Label 31.50 FUBAR EP - Bad Influence 34.20 Slammer EP - Ride The B Line Brain Records 36.20 Q-Bass - Hardcore Will Never Die 38.10 Desired State - Dance The Dream Out of Romford Records 41.10 Jonny L - Hurt You So Want to come to one of these parties? Then please find them on Facebook

  • May 19th 2011 Show on Housefreaks Radio

    May 19th 2011 Show on Housefreaks Radio

    20/05/2011 Duración: 02h02min

    Catch me every Wednesday live from 12-2pm GMT on Channel 2 1. Kinky Roland - Born Funky 2. Disco Elements - Livin in Harmony 3. The Sugarland Gang - Pizza 4. 39th Street - Rhythm Method 5. Candido - Jingo 6. Banghra Knights - Fascinating Rhythm 7. Gregory Gary - You Got It 8. Cassette - Tribal Heaven 9. Pin n Pen - Deeoer Love 10.Stella Wanna Bounce 11.26th Avenue - Life 12.David Numan - Cars Remix 13.Olav Basoski - Waterman 14.Get Your Freak On 15.Finally in Calabria 16.The Program - Love & Affection 17.Lazy v Alison Limerick 18.Kubikal 2 - Dirty Minds 19.Hoxton Whores v Djum Djum 20.Voo Doo Ray Remix 21.Silver Street - Everybody Get Busy 22.Limited Edition - House Your Body 23.The DJ is God

  • Debut radio show on House Freaks Jan 2009...Old Skool House

    Debut radio show on House Freaks Jan 2009...Old Skool House

    24/07/2009 Duración: 02h59min is a wonderful station that plays some of the finest selection in house music. This show was my first guest slot...I have since been asked to do a regular show...which I do on a Wednesday from 11am- 2pm GMT. The above mix mainly consist's of Old Skool House because I just love that genre so much! Cheers for downloading it! VV

  • Raindance Set Valentines Ball Feb 2009..90-93 Old Skool House

    Raindance Set Valentines Ball Feb 2009..90-93 Old Skool House

    26/02/2009 Duración: 01h04min

    Track Listing of Old Skool House Electric Choc "Shock The Beat" DJ H ftt Stefy "Think about..." Blapps Posse "Dont Hold Back" DJ Flavours "Cant Hold Back" Glam " Hell's Party" Slo Mushun "Bells of NY" Funky See Funky Do "Deeper" Mauve "Ummm" Leftfield "Song of Life" Gat Decor "Passion" Brothers in Rhythm "Such a good feelin" Rozalla "Faith(in the power of love)"

  • 91-92 Old Skool Hardcore set from Digital Expression, Hidden, London...2009

    91-92 Old Skool Hardcore set from Digital Expression, Hidden, London...2009

    24/02/2009 Duración: 59min

    Rebel Mc - Black Meaning Good wantx 47 Automation - Espionage txxx1 Cutter - Blow Incubus - The Spirit aum 812 X-Ray Experiments Sonic Solution - Music rs 9121 Edge records 2 - Feef Logic Cloud 9 - You got me Burning Shadow 27 Mark one - Hoovers & Spray Cans LSD - pt004 Elustrious - On a Ragga Tip Oayis - The Jolly Roger Cosmo & Dibs - Up Keys Isotonik - Different Strokes Zero B - Spinning Wheel

  • Live set from K2s 1st Birthday Party Nov 2008...Party Breaks

    Live set from K2's 1st Birthday Party Nov 2008...Party Breaks

    05/12/2008 Duración: 01h06min

    Tracklisting : 1. K Klass - Let me Show You Breaks Mix KG 006 2. Flaunt It DJ's - Is There Anybody Out There? Ransom 019 3. Tricknology - Freak Frequency Breaks Mix Trick 010 4. Overseer - Doomsday WentW 227 5. Aquasky - Red Out SVN 003 6. Deepcut Scam - Put Your Hands Up DC 005 7. Jinx - Jinx in Dub Brock 16 8. Deradzone - Once Upon A Time LC 13647 9. Skeelo - I Wish Big Deal 004 10.Stanton Warriors Unreleased Mix - Feel Good Inc 11.DJ D Kline & Ed Solo - Shake It Up Baby Hotcakes 006 12.The Wiseguys - Oh La La Wallto 38x 13.The Hole in the Wall Gang pres Scissor Cuts - Apache King Scissor 001 14.Torpedo Bootz - Are You Jazzing To Me? - Torp 001 Event: The K2 Birthday Sessions Location: A Secret Location In Central London Date: 28th November 2008 Its been a year already, and what a year it has been this will be our 7th event, and yet again set to smash it!! Link: Text: 07810833275 To find out more about our parties take a look round our webs

  • Proper Girlie Funky House 2004-2006

    Proper Girlie Funky House 2004-2006

    17/06/2008 Duración: 01h06min

    A mix made quite some time ago.....full of bootleg classics from the funky house ere....go on Vera!!! 1) Flaunt It DJ's "Never mind The Bollox" Ransom 017 2) 39th Street "Rhythm Method" 39ST 3) Sampler 2 Dajae "Brighter Day" Sampler 002 4) 28th Street "In Love" 28ST 5) "Final Fantasy" CD 009 6) Pip and Pen "Deeper Love" PandP 001 7) Phillippe B v Todd Terry "Can You Feel It?" HW 045 8) "Finally in Calabria" CC 003 9) Bhangra Knights "Fascinating Rhythm" Lower 001 10)"Dirty Old Man" DOA 001 11)Soul Divide "Keep It Warm" SoulDivide 005

  • 1994 Old Skool Rave Mix

    1994 Old Skool Rave Mix

    01/10/2007 Duración: 54min

    Just before the old skool hardcore scene turned into Happy Hardcore...this mix is one of my favourites!!! 1) Cantankerous "G's Paradise" Slammin Wrecx Slam 005 2) Origin Unknown "Valley of the Shadows" Ram Records Ramm 16 3) Naughty Naughty 004 "Sweet Sensation" OM 004 4) The TimeSpan "Music" Ramos & Supreme Remix Kniteforce Records KF 028 5) DJ Destruction & DJ Bassdriver " I Like The Music Pumpin" Sensi-Tize RAY 001 6) DJ Force & The Evolution " Perfect Dreams" Kniteforce Records KF 028 7) SMD 004 b-side 8) DJ Poppy " House is Mine" Happy Vibes Recordings HVR 005 9) DJ Pleasure & DJ Siren "Make Me Feel" KniteBreed/Kniteforce BREED 013 10)Future Primitive " Lift Me Up" Slammin Vinyl Remix KF 027 11) DJ H " 1 Million Dollars" Prolific Heights PRO 001 12) Jimmy J & Cru-L-T " Take Me Away" Slipmatt Remix Kniteforce Records KF 027

  • Hardcore Breaks

    Hardcore Breaks

    09/06/2007 Duración: 48min

    British Breakbeat at its best, all these tracks are fresh off the press, i love them all very much!! 1. Phuture Assins "Alone" Warehouse Wax Records 001 2. Drift "Heaven" Pitch Control 001 3. Vinyl Junkie & Darkus "All Night" Warehouse Wax Records 001 4. Stu & Nee "The Feeling Inside" Pitch Control 001 5. Stu Chapman "Forever" NinetyTwo Records 001 6. Dj Inferno "Out of my Head" Repeat Offender Records ASBO 004 7. Stu Chapman "Without You" NinetyTwo Records 001 8. Dj Inferno & Wax "Community Service EP" Repeat Offender Records ASBO 002 9. Sike " 1 for the Ravers" Pitch Control Records 001 10.Wax & Inferno "Community Service EP" Repeat offenders Records ASBO 002

  • Electro/Funky Breakbeat Mix 2007

    Electro/Funky Breakbeat Mix 2007

    08/03/2007 Duración: 01h04min

    A good selection of electro/funky breakbeat music mixed by DJ Vinyl Vera

  • Tear-Out BreakBeat Mix

    Tear-Out BreakBeat Mix

    09/02/2007 Duración: 01h04min

    A good selection of breakbeat music from the UK...this stuff is ripping up the dance-floor!!! 1. Phuture Assasins " Forever" Warehouse Wax WAX002 2. Cut & Run " Follow Me" Cut & Run CAR 015 3. Aquasky " Red Out" Seven Seven Seven SVN 003 4. BomberMan " Crazy 88's- Mash Up" Mechanoise Mech 022 5. White Bassrock 011 6. Ctrl-Z v Screwface " Shotgun Riddum" Hardcore Beats HB 018 7. Ctrl-Z v Screwface " Dar-Licks" HB 017 8. Hoffman " Cum With Me" Unstable Lable UNS 015 8. Phuture Assasins " Ganja Madness" Warehouse Wax WAX 008 9. The AutoBots,Screwface & Mc Navigator " Burn" Broke 010 10. Phuture Assasins "Unbreak My Hardcore" Warehouse Wax WAX 008 11. Monsters Inc " When I was a Youth" 12. Aquasky " Addiction" Seven Seven Seven SVN 003 My Podcast Alley feed! {pca-301d80452caddedff409edcb60e6bb1d}