Weekly Wrestling Podcast with your host, Enzo.


  • TheZoShow Episode 50

    TheZoShow Episode 50

    12/04/2017 Duración: 35min

    Enzo goes off on who else? Johnny Ocean! On this monumental episode 50 Zo reviews Raw, Smack down, 205 Live and Talking Smack. He talks how Page Rio can't get it together, JBL should not be fired and he discusses the big superstar shake-up. To all long-time,dedicated ZoShow fans, a HUGE announcement is made at the end of the podcast. Download now!

  • TheZoShow Episode 49

    TheZoShow Episode 49

    05/04/2017 Duración: 42min

    Enzo goes off on wrestling's biggest weekend! He gives his thoughts on the 7 hour and 15 minute ultimate thrill-ride known as WrestleMania. We also talk the RAW after Mania, the unbroken Hardyz , Taker retiring, a little dirt from da sheets and nXt thoughts. Download now!

  • TheZoShow Ep 48

    TheZoShow Ep 48

    29/03/2017 Duración: 40min

    Enzo goes off on the go-home RAW for Mania. He gives an in-depth review of the lackluster event. He also talks some TNA, the Paige Rio saga, the Hardy's heading to WWE and other hot news off the dirt sheets. Episode 48 is a big one boys download now!

  • TheZoShow Episode 47

    TheZoShow Episode 47

    22/03/2017 Duración: 36min

    Enzo goes off on the Paige sex tape scandal. Hear what really made Zo turn da "Paige". He talks Raw,Smackdown and 205 Live. Hardy's will be back unbroken, Cornette is going to be a hot mess, Vinnie Mac doesn't have his own driver and Total Bellas Bullshit was incredible. Download now for your weekly does of Zo's B.S.

  • TheZoShow Episode 46

    TheZoShow Episode 46

    15/03/2017 Duración: 39min

    Enzo goes off on how there is way too much women wrestling on Smackdown. He also talks Raw, 205 Live, Impact Wrestling and Talking Smack. Big show is still the big boring, Impact is tying to sell me on a bad-ass owl, Hard Body Mahal has reached the mid-card and in news nobody cared about: Jack Swagger has been released. Its big time Episode 46!

  • TheZoShow Episode 45

    TheZoShow Episode 45

    08/03/2017 Duración: 45min

    Enzo goes off on nearly dying two weeks in a row! He explains how him and the boys were poisoned and are somehow still alive.He also talks Fast lane, RAW, SD, and 205 Live. He goes over some of the TNA mess and of course says "I told you so". Noam Dar has no idea what to do with Alicia Fox, Aries and Neville are delivering quality entertainment and Goldberg is our new universal champ! Happy to be alive for Episode 45 of TheZoShow!

  • TheZoShow Episode 44

    TheZoShow Episode 44

    01/03/2017 Duración: 40min

    Enzo goes off on TNA "draining the swamp". He gives you his opinion on the entire TNA employee exodus and why it may be best for business. He also talks some RAW, Beth Phoenix in the HOF and the unamicable split between Kaitlyn and her husband/business partner. Women are trying to ruin Tom Phillips' life and Zo and the boys almost died this weekend. Its a good time for an Episode 44!

  • TheZoShow Episode 43

    TheZoShow Episode 43

    22/02/2017 Duración: 42min

    Enzo goes off on Raw, Smackdown, 205 live and Impact Wrestling! It's a slow news week so Zo watched/skipped through a bunch of wrestling this week and talks about it. He also talks about renovating his kitchen, his backyard, his dog Buddy and how horrible Maria and Mike Bennett are. It's Episode 43 !

  • TheZoShow Episode 42

    TheZoShow Episode 42

    15/02/2017 Duración: 41min

    Enzo goes off once again on the WWE's shitty recruitment process. He talks the festival of friendship, 205 live, Elimination Chamber and some Smack down. Dana Warrior, a notorious Racist, is going to be brand ambassador for the WWE. Guys and girls its TheZoShow, its no B.S. Deal with it.

  • TheZoShow Episode 41

    TheZoShow Episode 41

    08/02/2017 Duración: 39min

    Enzo goes off on the controversy surrounding last week's episode. He's moving, so he hasn't had any time to watch Raw or Smack down but that doesn't mean he doesn't have time to analyze what the WWE has been doing with all these Asian recruits. An Asian Tournament? No, thank you. A women's tournament? Yes, please. He also discusses Goldberg vs KO , The Rock's new project on Paige's family and who he wants Quebec indie promoters to bring in to wrestle Big Magic. We finally made it to Episode 41 guys!

  • TheZoShow Episode 40

    TheZoShow Episode 40

    31/01/2017 Duración: 46min

    Enzo goes off on other Quebec wrestling podcasts taking shots at Big Magic. In a ZoShow first, Zo discusses local indie wrestling and gets down to the bottom of some beef. He also talks Royal Rumble, was Zo surprised by the Orton win? Did he care? Was he happy getting Apollo Crewes in his Rumble pool? Obviously not. He also goes over this week's dirt sheets and talks some nXt. Its a super-sized ZoShow for the big 40!