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A historical view of Scotland and the Scots that make up the country


  • 1745 Podcast

    1745 Podcast


    1745 (repeat) Given that I’ve been lax in posting new episodes, I thought I should maybe upload the podcast produced previously on the old Podomatic feed on the 1745 rebellion. enjoy… Advertisements

  • Religion Part 2

    Religion Part 2


    In this edition of the podcast we pick up from were we left off with part 1 look at the reformation of the 1560’s and the legacy of Knox, Mary Queen of Scots and her son James VI. We also … Continue reading →

  • Religion Part 1 podcast

    Religion Part 1 podcast


    Religion part 1 Focusing on Dunfermline as a fulcrum for the religious history of Scotland.

  • Glencoe Massacre

    Glencoe Massacre


    The Glencoe Massacre The story of Glencoe and the massacre of the McDonalds by the Government Campbell troops.