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  • How Shopify Guides Consistent Product Improvements

    How Shopify Guides Consistent Product Improvements

    26/02/2021 Duración: 35min

    About This EpisodeIt’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of dropping big, bold, and shocking product changes without a lot of forethought. But, unless you’re Apple or Tesla, this approach to design just isn’t sustainable. Instead, focus on releasing product enhancements that are measurable, reversible, iterative, even humble. This isn’t a sexy approach, but it will yield a shipping cycle that produces consistent upgrades customers actually care about.Listen as host J Cornelius and guest Katrina Bautista uncover user research methods and team alignment tactics that enable this dependable shipping schedule.Topics Include‘MacGyvering’ research to bring customer desires to light Applying psychology principles to user research questions to reveal truths Using the “Anti-Surprise Law” to safeguard product improvement releases About Katrina Bautista Katrina Bautista is a UX Manager with Shopify, one of the world’s top e-commerce platforms. She shapes the way Shopify empowers merchants s

  • Ryan Frederick of AWH: Troubleshooting Common Product Design Mistakes

    Ryan Frederick of AWH: Troubleshooting Common Product Design Mistakes

    26/01/2021 Duración: 32min

    It’s human nature to want to solve problems as soon as they come into view — no matter if the problem is worth your efforts in the first place. We’re also wired to think a complex problem warrants an equally complex solution. However, we sometimes need to work to overcome this human nature during the product design process. Don’t fall prey to confirmation bias because of an impulse to prove your idea right or get something done quickly. Unbiased user research, an expert view of the problem, and simple solutions are key for developers. In this episode, host J Cornelius and guest Ryan Frederick discuss how to make better, smarter design choices by analyzing common mistakes developers make on the path to their finished product. Topics IncludeWhy unsuccessful products still make it to marketHow solving low value problems leads to low value solutionsWhy complex problems call for simplicity and elegance, not complexity About Ryan FrederickRyan Frederick is currently the Principal of AWH, a produ

  • Chidi Afulezi - The Innovation Mindset

    Chidi Afulezi - The Innovation Mindset

    09/09/2020 Duración: 44min

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  • Differentiation Strategy with Udaiyan Jatar

    Differentiation Strategy with Udaiyan Jatar

    18/08/2020 Duración: 38min

    In this podcast episode, Udaiyan Jatar explains what it takes for a company to be truly different, and sustain a differentiation strategy over time. See for privacy and opt-out information.

  • Mike Dick - SurveyMonkey

    Mike Dick - SurveyMonkey

    02/04/2019 Duración: 25min

    How do you go about creating a single design system to support multiple brands and products at the same time? What’s the impact of design systems for startups vs large companies? We’ll find out in today’s conversation with SurveyMonkey’s Mike Dick.A design-engineer solving large-scale design system problems. Mike leads the design systems team at SurveyMonkey, where they’re building next-generation design tools that merge the gap between design and engineering. Previously, he led design systems at Quora and Twitch. He co-founded two startups, nvite (acquired by Eventbrite) and Cage (acquired). 

  • Martin Ringlein – Eventbrite

    Martin Ringlein – Eventbrite

    26/02/2019 Duración: 40min

    With all the buzz around the word innovation these days it’s easy to overlook the fact innovation is just good ole R&D. Today we talk about how real innovation starts with real customers and a little bit of good ole intuition.Martin Ringlein is the Global Head of R&D at Eventbrite, one of the largest ticketing platforms in the world. Martin joined Eventbrite pre-IPO through the acquisition of his previous start-up, nvite, in late 2016 where he served as CEO and Chairman of the Board. Prior, Martin was a Presidential Innovation Fellow at The White House working directly within the Executive Office of the President for the Obama administration. Martin’s first company, nclud, a research and design consultancy, was acquired by Twitter pre-IPO where he went on to become their first Design Manager, helping build and lead the R&D team. Martin is also a Venture Partner at NextGen Venture Partners where he invests in early and late stage startups, such as Hyperloop One and Chime.

  • Dane Howard - Samsung NEXT

    Dane Howard - Samsung NEXT

    19/02/2019 Duración: 39min

    Most of you know Samsung because of their phones and TVs, but they do a lot more. In fact, they’re helping dozens of startups through Samsung NEXT. Today we talk with Dane Howard, Global Head of Design and Product for Samsung NEXT about how they do it.Dane Howard is a design leader & entrepreneur. As a creative generator, he designs momentum for world class products, services and brands.He has had the pleasure to build, grow & lead teams for both start-ups and big companies. He co-founded a start-up which was acquired by eBay. He loves to mine the experience potential in companies.He has worked on an international scale with CEO's and Product leadership. He has played principle design and leadership roles for Microsoft, BMW, Major League Baseball, Scient, Quokka Sports, NBCOlympics, Alias/Wavefront, eBay and Trov. He has built and launched global experiences in several countries, and has garnered several prestigious awards in design & marketing.He believes that stories build in strength with re-te

  • Greg Storey - InVision

    Greg Storey - InVision

    12/02/2019 Duración: 47min

    It’s no secret that big companies are struggling to keep up with the pace of innovation. Many are turning to design as a magic bullet. Not so fast. Today I talk to Greg Storey about how creating healthy design culture is the true key to innovation.Greg Storey is an internationally recognized designer, writer, and speaker who joined InVision in 2019. He has more than 22 years of experience in digital design, leading teams through full-scale projects in a wide array of industries, including retail, education, law, and gaming. As an entrepreneur, Greg has founded three successful businesses, one of which was ranked in the Inc. 5000, a list of America’s fastest-growing private companies. Greg’s work has been recognized by the The Webbys, W3 Awards, and featured in Communication Arts and the Wall Street Journal.

  • Dan Mall - Superfriendly

    Dan Mall - Superfriendly

    05/02/2019 Duración: 35min

    Lots of people think product design is just about buttons, images, features, and workflow, but there’s a whole lot more. Next up I talk to Dan Mall about how building a culture of design helps companies build better products.Dan Mall is a creative director and advisor from Philly. He’s the founder and executive director of SuperFriendly, a design collaborative that gives clients direction. Dan is an enthralled husband & dad, author of Pricing Design, and co-founder of SuperBooked, a service that helps you find work with a little help from your friends. He writes about design and other issues on Twitter and on his industry-recognized site,

  • Shay Howe - ActiveCampaign

    Shay Howe - ActiveCampaign

    22/01/2019 Duración: 36min

    As a designer and front-end developer, Shay Howe has a passion for solving problems while building creative and intuitive products. He specializes in product design and development, operations, and organizational leadership, areas in which he regularly writes and speaks about.Currently, he is the VP of Design at ActiveCampaign, helping small businesses meaningfully connect and engage with their customers.Elsewhere, he is a co-founder of Lead Honestly and Chicago Camps and author of "Learn to Code HTML and CSS."

  • Phillip Hunter - Pulse Labs

    Phillip Hunter - Pulse Labs

    15/01/2019 Duración: 37min

    A technology product design leader for 20 years, Phillip is at a fourth start-up growing its offering to customers. Pulse Labs assesses and helps improve the experience of using AI-powered digital assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Previously, he and his team guided the experience direction for how people build and use Amazon Alexa Skills. A veteran of small and large companies, he is passionate about how teams work, how to understand and influence complex systems, and the little details of product design that make big differences.Phillip loves living, creating, and working in Seattle. He is an active member of local and international design communities. He also fancies himself a songwriter and photographer, and a skilled maker of bad puns

  • Greg Storey, Jina Anne, Jonathan Snook - The Season 2 Finale amp Holiday Special

    Greg Storey, Jina Anne, Jonathan Snook - The Season 2 Finale & Holiday Special

    26/12/2017 Duración: 01h16min

    Welcome to the Season 2 Finale and special holiday edition of Design Driven. Recording this show was a lot of fun, and you’ll hear why as you get into it.This episode is great not just because it was recorded in person, but because of who the guests are and the special chemisty we all share.It was recorded at a villa in the North Georgia mountains during Web Whisky Weekend. A getaway for people who love the web. This kind of conversation was happening the entire weekend, so we decided to capture some of it for you. If you like what you hear, you should consider joining us at the next event.Details at webwhiskyweekend.comMy guests, Jonathan Snook, Jina Anne, and Greg Storey all have been designing things for the web, and leading the community towards better design for nearly two decades.Jonathan Snook is well known for his work with CSS. He’s written several books, spoken at literally hundreds of conferences, and helped thousands and thousands of people through his blog posts and generous contributions to many

  • Andy Vitale - Polaris

    Andy Vitale - Polaris

    19/12/2017 Duración: 30min

    Designing software is one thing. Understanding the needs,  of people buying a physical product is entirely different. Or is it? Today I’m talking to Andy Vi-tally about designing experiences at 3M, and his new role at Polaris where they make motorcycles and ATVs.Andy Vitale is the Director of User Experience at Polaris Industries, a global powersports leader, where he is responsible for leading user experience design across Polaris’ innovative product lines. Andy is focused on translating human insights into actionable experiences that fuel the passion of riders, workers and outdoor enthusiasts.Andy holds a Master’s Degree in User Experience Design and has almost 20 years of experience, having held multiple roles as a designer, entrepreneur, education department chair, and design leader. With a proven ability to lead change and process improvements, Andy has developed strategies and design solutions for diverse organizations ranging from startups to Fortune ranked companies. He is a relentless user experience

  • Arin Bhowmick - VP of Design for the IBM Cloud

    Arin Bhowmick - VP of Design for the IBM Cloud

    12/12/2017 Duración: 39min

    Making software on a global scale is really hard. You have to know what each person is trying to do and how to tailor the experience to their specific needs. In today’s chat with Arin Bowmick we’ll look at how IBM uses design thinking to do just that.Arin is Vice President, Design at IBM based in San Francisco, California. He heads the user experience and design practice for IBM Cloud. With vast experience in enterprise UX and a Masters degree in HCI, Arin has served in multiple leadership roles in the technology industry, and is the author of several design patents and publications. He currently heads the design team at IBM Hybrid Cloud.

  • Matthew Marshall - New Story

    Matthew Marshall - New Story

    28/11/2017 Duración: 19min

    Matthew Marshall is Co-founder and Head of Product at New Story – a nonprofit startup that transforms slums into sustainable communities around the world. Matthew is a Y-Combinator graduate, World Economic Forum Global Shaper, University of Georgia alum, and Forbes 30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneur.

  • Jeremy Haile - Sideqik

    Jeremy Haile - Sideqik

    21/11/2017 Duración: 29min

    If you've spent any time online, you've seen internet famous people talk about the products and services they love. Coming up, we'll hear how Atlanta-based Sideqik listens to big brands and influencers and builds tools to help them do business.

  • Jeff Kao - Riot Games

    Jeff Kao - Riot Games

    14/11/2017 Duración: 29min

    You might not think so, but it turns out there’s a lot in common between how those apps on your phone and video games like League of Legends work. Today we’re talking to Jeff Kao at RIOT games about how they make things look good, and more importantly, fun to play.

  • Brian Hull - The Weather Company

    Brian Hull - The Weather Company

    07/11/2017 Duración: 32min

    We make all kinds of decisions based on the weather, and now Watson, is looking at how the weather influences all kinds of behavior. Today we talk about that and how IBM is using restless reinvention to constantly improve those predictions.

  • Nikhil Deshpande - GeorgiaGov Interactive

    Nikhil Deshpande - GeorgiaGov Interactive

    31/10/2017 Duración: 43min

    Today I talk with Nikhil Deshpande from GeorgiaGov about focusing on what citizens are trying to accomplish, and creating solutions that put their needs first.

  • Laura Thelen - McAfee

    Laura Thelen - McAfee

    24/10/2017 Duración: 33min

    You probably only think about security software when it's too late, and you already have a virus. Big companies can't take that risk, and many of them turn to McAfee for protection. Today we talk to Laura Thelen, Senior UX Designer in their Enterprise UX crew about how they create software that satisfies serious security experts and normal folks, too.

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