Afterhours Podcast - Mixed By Kenny Campbell & Guests



Each month you'll see at least one fresh mix from Kenny Campbell and hopefully a few guest mixes from around the world. Musically we'll be going deep. Whether it's deeper house, techno or minimal. There will also be special editions where we will change the style a bit, maybe getting a bit darker or harder. Get in touch if you want to be featured!


  • Afterhours: Systematic Process 002

    Afterhours: Systematic Process 002


    Originally broadcast on Joseph McGeechan's 'Systematic Process' show on Fnoob.Not going to lie, when Joseph asked me for this mix I was pretty pleased with myself.For those who don't know, Joseph was half of the BCR Boys, ran Backwater Community Records and Berlin Consumer Records. He's released on Perc Trax and Synewave along with remixes for many other labels. And he's been remixed by Ancient Methods. Ancient Methods! He has played in Berghain and regularly plays in the mighty Tresor. He's also managed to escape Cumbernauld and now resides in Berlin. Jammy...Check Joseph out here @joseph_mcgeechanSo yeah, this mix was a big deal for me!It's probably the most 4/4 techno mix I've done in a while, only a couple of broken beat tracks, and also Morbid Angel and Joy Division.But enough rambling. Here's the track list, enjoy...01 Blackwood - TS 1 (SLE EP 001) - @statementloaderror02 Monolith - Blackout - Sonic Groove03 Shxcxchcxsh - VVVLLLLVVV - Avian04 Regis - Blood Witness (Edit) - Downwards05 Morbid Angel - Rad

  • Afterhours: Only the Spirits Remain June 2014

    Afterhours: Only the Spirits Remain June 2014


    This mix was recorded for The Nomad Spectrum ( show on Fnoob Techno Radio, broadcast on 8th June 2014.  Definitely a show worth checking when it's on.  A one hour guest mix and then Nomad Spectrum finishing things off nicely with the last hour, great way to start your Sunday.This mix is full of the usual hard, industrial techno, off beat kicks and noise.  And the now customary hardcore breakbeat tune I always seem to fit in!01 Deutsch Nepal - As Stupidity Discovered - Old Europa Cafe02 Ingen & Boris Noiz - Spikes - Combat Recordings03 Dax J & Chris Stanford - Kommand (AnD Demented Remix) - Ear to Ground / Funeral Scene from CB404 JoeFarr & J. Tijn - Mustard Sucker - Power Vacuum05 A Model Authority - Cycles Of Violence - A Model Authority06 Corax - Corvus (Tomohiko Sagae Remix) - Rodz-Konez07 Death Abyss - We Are What You Should Fear - Rodz-Konez / Moderat - Bad Kingdom (Marcel Dettmann Remix) (Loop) - 50 Weapons08 Habits of Hate - The Destructi

  • Afterhours: Your Mind is Your Own Worst Enemy May 2014

    Afterhours: Your Mind is Your Own Worst Enemy May 2014


    Your mind is a strange place, and can be your own worst enemy. Becoming something so horrible and dark you want to escape it. I've been there, I am there, and this is my attempted escape escape...01 Bronze Age - Coupling Symbols - Bed of Nails02 Answer Code Request - Thu - MDR03 Monic - Habits (Mõnic Version) - Osiris Music04 Covered in Sand - A1 - Heaven's Gate Suicides - Mira05 Honzo - Dissociation - 3TH06 Vatican Shadow - Cairo Is A Haunted City (Mythic Chords) - Modern Love07 Drvg Cvltvre - Ferry - New York Haunted08 Raime - The Dimming Of Road & Rights - Blackest Ever Black09 Drvg Cvltvre - Empty - New York Haunted10 Perc - Dumpster (Clouds Remix) - Perc Trax11 Positive Centre - Plumes Of Chasm - Our Circula Sound12 Drvg Cvltvre - Ski - New York Haunted13 Shifted - Under A Single Banner - Bed of Nails14 Samuel Kerridge - Death is Upon Us - Downwards15 Vatican Shadow - Not The Son Of Desert Storm But The Child Of Chechnya (Original Mix) - Hospital Productions16 Nine Inch Nails - Happiness in Slavery (

  • Afterhours: Where Angels Go To Die May 2014

    Afterhours: Where Angels Go To Die May 2014


    Originally recorded for broadcast on Kenny Mulligan's 'Elemental' show on Pure Radio. Elemental is a 3 day taker which happens each month, featuring a host of DJs and live acts covering everything from acid house to full on techno. If you haven't already, then check it out each month, and Pure Radio in general,www.pureradio.amThis mix is two hours of hard, industrial noise and techno, with some breaks and lighter moments thrown in.Tracklist is:01 Ontal - Function - Violet Poison02 Handsome Head - Qing Shao Nian Nuo Zha (Hound Scales Hunger Chains Mix) - Fifth Wall Records03 Dualit - Dark Matter - Fifth Wall Records04 Mass-X-Odus - Gang Wars - Fondation Sonore05 Perc - Take Your Body Off - Perc Trax06 Eomac - Tunnel - Trilogy Tapes / Makaton - Paradise Lost (Original Mix) - Token07 J.Tijn - Yearn - Pennyroyal08 Habits of Hate - Limelight Roles - Electronic Explorations09 Vatican Shadow - Remember Your Black Day - Hospital Productions10 Eschaton - Degenerate - Token11 Paul Birken - Acid Youth Of Malibu (Truss R

  • Afterhours: Pure Radio Acid Weekend July 2013

    Afterhours: Pure Radio Acid Weekend July 2013


    Here is my contribution to Pure Radio's 'Acid Weekend', ran between Friday 19th to Sunday 21st July.A 90 minute trip through acid and techno, from some classics to todays modern take on acid.So strap yourself in and prepare for the shout, aceeeeeeeeed!01 Bleak - Sixteen Crude - Delsin02 Skudge - Below (Boddika Acid Refix) - Skudge Records03 Basic Soul Unit - Untoward - Nonplus04 The Shamen - Ebeneezer Goode (South of Detroit Vocal) - One Little Indian05 Phuture - Acid Tracks - Trax Records06 Circuit Breaker - Creator (Original Mix) - Probe Records07 Matt Whitehead - A Is For Acid (MPIA3 Definition) - Perc Trax Limited08 Dimi Angelis & Jeroen Search - A2 (Original Mix) - Limited09 Magnus - Act Two (Brendon Moeller Remix) - Magnus10 Worker/Parasite - Dungeon Tool A - W/P Recordings11 Damon Wild & Tim Taylor - Bang the Acid (Echoplex Remix) - Missile 2.012 Joton - Cloudy Nights - Newrhythmic Records13 Fulbourn Haze - George Lanham - Minimum Syndicat14 Abstract Division - Relevance (Michaelangelo Remix) -

  • Afterhours: Elemental Radio Mix May 2013

    Afterhours: Elemental Radio Mix May 2013


    A mix of industrial, broken techno and other stuff that's pretty hard too...I've not named all the samples used as there's quite a few, and also there's a ton of Maschine percussion and drums, I got a bit carried away at times!01 Mondkopf - 33 000 Bells - Perc Trax02 Mondkopf - No Icons - Perc Trax03 Violetshaped - B1 Out of Any Symmetry - Violet Poison04 Delusions - Death Tree (Ancient Methods Rearrangement) - Ballistic Delusions05 Ugandan Methods - Else (Ugandan Methods Mix) - Ancient Methods06 8A Death Abyss - Morality Is A Handicap - Rodz Konez/Jocelyn Pook - Masked Ball (1999 Extended Mix) - Virgin07 Oyaarss - Smaida Greizi Nakamiba - Ad Noiseum08 Mick Finesse - Evacuation Route - Perc Trax09 Nine Inch Nails - Wish (Remix) - Interscope10 AnD - Deep Consciousness - Repitch11 1A Oscar Mulero - Black Propaganda (Perc Remix) - Warm Up Recordings12 Tomohiko Sagae - DSPS 1 (Original Mix) - HueHelix/Scala & Kolacny Brothers - With or Without You (String Version) - Warner13 Miss Djax & Patrick DSP - Pani

  • Afterhours Classic: Deep Dream October 2009

    Afterhours Classic: Deep Dream October 2009


    Whilst looking through an old hard drive I came across this mix. I don't think I've ever shared it before as there were no mp3 tags when I started to play it.It's a world away from the mixes I've been sharing recently, but with the sun out, this one will go down nicely.I don't have a tracklist for it yet, but I'll add that as I recognise more of the tracks

  • Afterhours: Inside the Demented Mind December 2012

    Afterhours: Inside the Demented Mind December 2012


    So it's been a while since I looked at doing a mix.  In fact, since returning from Sri Lanka I haven't mixed at all.So to make up for it there will be 3 mixes this month, all at least 2 hours long.Here is the first...Inisde the Demented MindWorking from a new set up, using Ableton, CDJs and vinyl, this is a mix of brutal industrial and acid technoTracklist is...01 Pinion - Alpha - Perc Trax02 iFormat - Prescribing The Scenario (Original mix) - Assembled Form03 Karenn - Nicotine Window Netting - Sheworks04 Pinion - Grid - Perc Trax05 MPIA3 - B1 - Squatter's Dog - Avian06 EDMX - I'm Rushing My Tits Off - Power Vacuum07 Ugandan Methods - (B1) A Cold Retreat - Boomkat Editions08 Stallion - Stallion #3 - Stallion09 Monya - BILEUM - Unreleased10 Truss - Hackney - Perc Trax11 Matt Whitehead - A Is For Acid - Don't Recordings12 Ancient Methods - Zealots (Ancient Methods Interpretation) - Fondation Sonore13 Steffi Lindner - Acidhole (iFormat Remix) - BackWater Community14 Joseph McGeechan - Failed By The Conformi

  • Afterhours: Live at the Defunkd Forest Party 14th July 2012

    Afterhours: Live at the Defunk'd Forest Party 14th July 2012


    Well, where to start with this one? This is my set, recorded live at the Defunk'd Forest Party, held just outside Aberdeen on 14th July 2012. But that isn't even the half of it!An all day/night party held in a forest, 2 tents playing house and techno all night, buses ran specifically to and from the party bringing some of the craziest and friendliest people there that I've met.There were generator problems, and a 2nd generator was found at 2am, in a forest. The Defunk'd guys know how to put on a party! Please, if you're in or around Aberdeen at any time check their night out. Held in the Tunnels in Aberdeen, you won't be disappointed!This set was recorded at 4.30am, so that gives you an idea of how things were going. Techno that your parents warned you about. The kind of techno that breaks into your house and robs it while you're watching TV, and for good measure kicks you in the balls when it's leaving, just because it can.I had to chop the start of the mix as the intro was blocked by Soundcloud's copyright

  • Afterhours: Sunrise Techno May 2012

    Afterhours: Sunrise Techno May 2012


    This mix takes it down a notch, or six!Going into that sound in the early hours, just as the sun is coming up. It's techno, with an early morning twist...01 Petar Dundov - Around One - Music Man Records02 Function - Inter - Sandwell District03 Unbroken Dub - Seven (Dub) - Rawax04 M&rt;O&rt;S - Insolence - M&rt;O&rt;S05 Kenny Campbell - Spaced (Original) - Forthcoming06 Sawlin - Boring Feels - Ann Aimee07 Nyra - Dres Done (Original Mix) - Elastic Dreams08 Niederflur - Teleservice (Original Mix) - Snork Enterprises09 Datasoul - Yellow Knives - Plus 810 Unbroken Dub - LFO Power - Rawax11 Nyra - So So Such (Original Mix) - Elastic Dreams12 Midland - Placement (Lone Remix) - Aus Music13 Trusme - Good God (Norman Nodge Dub) - Prime Numbers

  • Afterhours: Alone in the Dark May 2012

    Afterhours: Alone in the Dark May 2012


    It's techno.  Enough said!01 Polar Inertia - Indirect Light - Dement3d02 tobias. - Leaning Over Backwards (Efdemin Remix) - Underton03 Justin Berkovi - Drive by Burnt Neon (Digital Only Mix) - Prosthetic Pressings04 The Traveller - Bypass - Ostgut Ton05 NX1 - SR2 - Semantica06  Nyra - Uno 10 (Skudge Remix) - Elastic Dreams07 Unbalance - Fluid (Jonas Kopp Remix) - Mutex Recordings08 Mike Dehnert - Traces Of - Fachwerk Digital09 NX1- NX1 02 005 - NX110 M>O>S - Lost Digits (Marcel Fengler Emersion Mix) - M>O>S11 Trus'me - Sweetmother (Marcel Dettmann Remix) - Prime Numbers12 Octave One - Love and Hate (Luke Slater Remix) - 430 West Records13 10A Martyn feat. Spaceape - Is This Insanity (Ben Klock Mix) - 302414 Lakker - BKRO - Blueprint Records

  • Afterhours: In the Dead of Night April 2012

    Afterhours: In the Dead of Night April 2012


    The title says it all really. Late night techno for your listening pleasure01 Onmutu Mechanicks - Phosphor (Norman Nodge Remix) - Echocord Colour02 Deepbass - Orion (Ness Nebula Remix) - Informa Records03 Abstract Division - Deformation (Area Forty One Sunday Morning Cut) - Dynamic Reflection04 Sawlin - Boring Feels - Ann Aimee05 Architectural - Looking Ahead - Semantica06 Unbalance - Raw And Love - Unbalance07 Shifted - Disconnected - Mote Evolver08 Shed - 44A (Hard Wax Forever) - Ostgut Ton09 Resoe - Towers - Curle Recordings10 Mr. G - Sunday Blues - Kasper Remix - Bass Culture Records11 Developer - The Uncertain - Semantica12 Skudge - Ursa Major (Cosmin TRG Remix) - Skudge Records13 Hazylujah - Too Many Ghosts - Delsin Records14 Nitzer Ebb - Hearts & Minds (Mix Hypersonic) - MUTE

  • Afterhours: DJ Mag Presents... Afterhours Techno

    Afterhours: DJ Mag Presents... Afterhours Techno


    This is a mix recorded about 3 months ago for DJ Mag, yes DJ Mag, and their DJ Mag Presents... mix series. This was mix 009.As the title suggests this is a bit of an afterhours type mix. A bit slower than my normal techno mixes but equally as enjoyable with some dubstep (without the wobble) and electronica thrown in too01 Kowton - Hunger - Idle Hands02 Aquarius Heaven - Universe - Circus Company03 Radiohead - Give Up The Ghost (Thriller Houseghost Remix) - Ticker Tape04 Cassegrain - Lop Nor - Prologue05 Cio D'or - Wirbelkraft - Prologue06 Wincent Kunth - Trickle - MDR07 Morphosis - Too Far (Marcel Dettmann Definition 1) - Delsin Records/MOS Recordings/Morphine08 Redshape - On Da Floor (Original Mix) - Running Back09 Ben Klock - Gloaming - Ostgut Ton10 Sascha Rydell - Puissant - Fachwerk Records11 Basic Soul Unit - For Some (Original Mix) - New Kanada12 Vril - V3 - Music Man13 Incyde - Axis - Hotflush14 Sascha Rydell - Deja Vu - Fachwerk RecordsYou can still show this mix you love it over on the DJ Mag Present

  • Afterhours: Descending into the Hole February 2012

    Afterhours: Descending into the Hole February 2012


    Some late night/early morning techno shenanigans here, enjoy!01 MK - The MKappella - M&rt;O&rt;S02 Shed - The Praetorian - 50 Weapons03 Taron-Trekka - Secret Findler (Marcel Dettmann Remix) - brut!04 Andre Lodemann - Zap (Norman Nodge Mix) - Best Works Records05 Davenport and Deutschmann - The Conspiracy (Original Mix) - Polytone06 Petar Dundov - Oasis (Substance And Vainqueur Remix) - Music Man Records07 Aroy Dee - Mr Floyd - M&rt;O&rt;S08 Mick Finesse - The Vision (Original Mix) - Perc Trax09 Unbalance - Raw And Love - Unbalanced10 Brendon Moeller - Wanderer (The Fuck Yeah Vinyl Mix) - Electric Deluxe11 Justin Berkovi - When I Throw Down - Applied Rhythmic Technology12 VCMG - Single Blip (Mathew Jonson Remix) - MUTE13 Marcel Dettmann - Landscape (Answer Code Request Remix) - Music Man Records14 4A Jeff Mills - The Bells (GENERIC PEOPLE fix-up) - Unreleased

  • Afterhous: Live at Loop Presents... Trench February 2012

    Afterhous: Live at Loop Presents... Trench February 2012


    Recorded live at Loop Presents... Trench on February 10th in the Halt, GlasgowTurned out to be a really good night despite everyone having some sort of technical problems, even the vinyl DJ's!If you're in or around Glasgow you need to check this night out...Tracklist:01 Aiken - Conclusion (Architectural remix) - Semantica02 Function - Descending - Sandwell District03 Ripperton - For All the Wrong Reasons (Skudge Remix) - Tamed Musiq04 Skudge - June - Skudge05 The Shamen - Ebeneezer Goode (South of Detroit Vocal) - One Little Indian06 Tommy Four Seven - Ch4 (Speedy J Remix) - CLR07 SP-X - Internalize - Komisch Records08 Dasha Rush - Side Ways (Original Mix) - Sonic Groove09 F.U.S.E. - Substance Abuse (Original Mix) - Plus 810 Planetary Assault Systems - Function 4 (Marcel Dettmann Remix) - Mote Evolver11 Depeche Mode - Dream On (Dave Clarke Remix) - Rhino

  • Afterhours: Deep Session February 2012

    Afterhours: Deep Session February 2012


    After a lack of internest access over the last month I've finally managed to get a mix for the podcast uploaded.Hopefully it was worth the wait...01 Miguel Migs - Close Your Eyes feat Meshell Ndegeocello (Deetron Remix) - OM Records02 Henrik Jonsson & Joel Alter - Acapellan - Kontra Musik03 Contra Communem Opinonem - The Ruling Ideas (Original Mix) - Drumpoet Community04 Scott Kemp & Cris James - Being With You (Unreleased) - SCOTT KEMP05 Solomun - He Is Watching You (Original Mix) - Supernature06 George Fitzgerald - Feel Like - Hotflush Recordings07 SCSI 9 - Sunny Side Up (27B Mix) - (Unreleased Edit) - 27B08 3A Murk & Liberty City - Some Lovin' (Original Mix) - Murk Records09 tINI - Fail Better - Desolat10 Eats Everything - Heard That (Original Mix) - Pets Recordings11 So Funk - Awakening (Original Mix) (Unreleased) - SoFunk12 Recondite - Backbone - Plangent Records13 Ripperton - Random Violence (Original Mix) - Green14 Rainer - 8000 Feet Up (Shaun Reeves & Tale of Us Edit) -

  • Afterhours: Inside My Mind - Suicide  Release November 2011

    Afterhours: Inside My Mind - Suicide & Release November 2011


    The brain is an amazing thing, especially when it's working well.Sometimes thing go wrong. It doesn't work as it should. It's times like this when the darker side takes hold and your brain becomes something to be feared.Welcome to a journey through the darker side of you brain, my brain.Part 3 - Suicide-Release01 Marcelus - 24-7 - Ann Aimee02 Rivet - Running - Naked Index03 Peter Van Hoesen - Last One at 1080 - Ann Aimee04 Sigha - Finding Myself - Ann Aimee05 Mono Junk - Channel B - Styrax Leaves06 Jon Hester ft. DVS1 - Shouts in the Dark (Original) - EDEC Music Outlet07 Francois X - Code Red (Marcel Dettmann Remix) - Deeply Rooted House08 Paul Woolford & Psycatron - Stolen (Dub One) - Hotflush Recordings09 Marcel Fengler - Hidden Empire - IMF10 Planetary Assault Systems - Rip the Cut - Ostgut Ton11 Black Asteroid - Engine 1 (Dave Clarke & Mr Jones Unsubscribe Remix) - CLR12 Anodyne - Close Your Eyes (Autechre Corporation Street Remix) - Psychonavigation

  • Afterhours: Inside My Mind - Depression November 2011

    Afterhours: Inside My Mind - Depression November 2011


    The brain is an amazing thing, especially when it's working well.Sometimes thing go wrong. It doesn't work as it should. It's times like this when the darker side takes hold and your brain becomes something to be feared.Welcome to a journey through the darker side of you brain, my brain.Part 2 - Depression01 Signal - Wismut (Original) - Raster-Noton02 Ozka - Square Beauty- Ann Aimee03 Sawlin - Expidicial - Ann Aimee04 Roman Lindau - Borne - Ann Aimee05 Sascha Rydell - Rainy Days - Ann Aimee06 Peter Van Hoesen - Axis Mundi - Ostgut Ton07 Milton Bradley - Sequence #1- Ann Aimee08 Cybersonik - Technarchy - Plus 809 Vril - UV - Ostgut Ton10 Sigha - Let Me In - K711 Delta Funktionen - Torpor - Ann Aimee12 Heiko Lux & Diego - Namib (Rocco Caine Remix) - Kanzleramt13 Silent Servant - El Mar (Original) - Semantica

  • Afterhours: Inside My Mind - Paranoia November 2011

    Afterhours: Inside My Mind - Paranoia November 2011


    The brain is an amazing thing, especially when it's working well.Sometimes thing go wrong.  It doesn't work as it should.  It's times like this when the darker side takes hold and your brain becomes something to be feared.Welcome to a journey through the darker side of you brain, my brain.Part 1 - Paranoia01 Answer Code Request - Escape Myself (Original Mix) - Answer Code Request02 Perc - You Saw Me (Sigha & Truss Remix) - Perc Trax03 Alexey Volknov - Nomad (Tommy Four Seven Remix) - Planete Rouge04 Perc - Start Chopping (Tommy Four Seven Remix) - Perc Trax05 AOKI Takamasa - mnd-sng02 - Stroboscopic Artefacts06 - Sigha - Where I Come To Forget - K707 Lucy - Pentad - Stroboscopic Artefacts08 Regis - Blood Witness (MJ Harris & Karl O'Connor Live Version 8-2-11) - Blackest Ever Black09 Bas Mooy - Warsaw (Walker FSG Remix) - Audio Assault10 Desonanz - Zeitverzoegerung - Nachstrom Schallplatten11 Surgeon - The Power of Doubt - Dynamic Tension Records12 Lucy - Wytonia - Ann Aimee13 Anne Clarke - W

  • Afterhours: The Post Ecstasy Sessions October 2011

    Afterhours: The Post Ecstasy Sessions October 2011


    This months mix is a 2 and a half session, recorded after the afterhours.In that time where those who enjoy the chemical side of life are clinging on to the edge of reality, hoping to recapture that buzz they had a few short hours before.More downtempo than normal, peaking at maybe 122 BPM after a more chilled start. There are deep tracks, some techy tracks and some classics too.Nothing fancy here. No edits, no acapellas, no massive effects, just 2 turntables, some vinyl and Traktor.Enjoy...01 Youandewan - Alone in Berlin (Tomas Rubeck Remix) - Magicbag Music02 Himan - Sunset Boulevard - Abstract Theory03 Soul Clap - Extravaganza - Wolf & Lamb Black04 Giuseppe Cennamo - June in Naples - 8Bit05 Jaques Bon & Nicolas Villebrun - Pyramid - Aim06 Moomin - Sweet Sweet - Smallville Records07 Thugfucker - Disco Gnome (Tale of Us Remix) - Life and Death08 Paul Kalkbrenner - Azure - Bpitch Control09 Phil Kieran - Hot Air Ballon (Original Mix) - Phil Kieran Records10 Butch - Sweet In The Morning (Extended Vocal

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