Funemployed With Mark Leruste & Zade Al-salim



Zade Al-Salim, from The Yard Peckham, and Mark Leruste, from The Unconventionalists, somehow decided that recording their weekly chats was a good idea. Both decided to ditch their steady jobs to start their own business. Turns out, "chase your dreams" isn't all that it was made up to be.In each episode, the two bearded folk meet up in Peckham, London and dive into deep, honest and raw conversations about what it's really like to quit your job and start your own business.And probably wished they hadn't press record in the first place.Please direct all hate mail to Zade ( and all fan mail to Mark(


  • In or Out?

    In or Out?

    23/06/2016 Duración: 01h05min

    When you're running your own business or trying to build a business making tough deductions is a daily struggle: should I shower today? Should I bother wearing pants? Porridge or popcorn? But today the people of Great Britain have a big decision to make. And it's kind of involves food and clothes. And in case you've been staying in a cave for the past six months, the people of Great Britain are going to the voting poles to decide whether to stick around and hobnob with the rest of the EU or flick its middle finger and basically bugger off to have some good old fish'n'chips on its own. So naturally, being the two bearded folk that we are, we decided to record a podcast and share our thoughts on who we think Michael Bisping (the current UFC Middleweight Champion) should face in his first title defence.

  • What the f**k is life coaching

    What the f**k is life coaching

    27/05/2016 Duración: 58min

    What happens when you look at your bank account and break down in tears? Why is it so weird to ask people to pay for a service you're delivering? And why the hell is there a Costa coffee shop opening up in Peckham? In today's episode we talk about all the above and also dive into the heart of the problem of Mark's business: He's not talking about what he's actually doing and what Life Coaching is actually about. SHOW NOTES: The Yard Peckham: The Unconventionalists: Mark's YouTube video "MY COMING OUT VIDEO":