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"The Soul Safari" is an ongoing compilation of selections from the private collection of deejay/producer Enoch IS Real, inspired by the live event of the same name. Hear healing vibrations in various dialects and genres ranging from Acid Jazz to Afro Beat,House to Bossa Nova,Drum&Bass to eclectic,rare & Nu soul, blended mixed without commercials,without fail. Subscribe now with either iTunes,Gmail,or Yahoo...


  • Knocturnal Sunshine: RE:Birthday

    Knocturnal Sunshine: RE:Birthday

    12/08/2016 Duración: 01h19min

    This is Us (Roots Mix)- Elements of Life ft. Ursula Rucker Melody Rising- Star Dish Rubber Soul- Live Tropical Fish ft. Omar Passing By- Inverse Cinematics Love From the Sun- The Dangerfeel Newbies Newness- Musiq Soulchild Lifelines- Zo! ft. Dornik & Phontigallo If I Ever Lose this Heaven- Quincy Jones ft. Minnie Riperton, Leon Ware, and Al Jarreau Take Me to the Alley- Gregory Porter The One- Esperanza Spalding The Truth- Moonchild Les Fleur- 4Hero Say Sumthin- Maleke O'Ney ft. Keite Young Today- Laurnea ft. Omar Don't Let Me Dream Like That Again- P'Taah Blue Skies- Meditative Funk ft. Julie Dexter Only Peace- Imani Uzuri The Why- Mark de Clive-Lowe This selector was involved in a cycling accident around this time six years ago. The experience of going beyond the physical realm and returning to it was invigorating at the very least, and redemptive at its best. With that,love has been harvested from my innermost parts as I am now living the dream, and no longer just surviving. The songs in this mix refl

  • Global Warmth: Taste This(the prelude to a sunkiss)

    Global Warmth: Taste This(the prelude to a sunkiss)

    11/05/2016 Duración: 01h03min

    The participants of the ultimate embrace have the inclination to coalesce they are first enticed, intrigued and engaged. Just like a kick and a snare,a scent and/or a stare may be all that is necessary for a chemical reaction to become a spontaneous combustion. This selector has prepared an appetizer for grazing in the grass at this summer's Atlanta Jazz Festival. This blend is both cool and spicy,and subdued yet energetic:with a sprinkle of percussion, Mambo and lush chords...featuring tunes by The Foreign Exchange and Marc Cary,as well as Detroit's Dwele and Atlanta's own Justin Gilbert. Lizz Wright sways as Marvin Gaye swoons,with the opening track providing an awesome Jazz trip. Enjoy! Floating- Groove Collective Smoke & Coffee - Justin C Gilbert 7th Ave North- Marc Cary Open Your Eyes You Can Fly- Lizz Wright All The Kisses(Ahmed Sirour mix)- The Foreign Exchange Incredible - Wagon Cooking Yeah- Blue Six Yemaya- Irakere ft. Chucho Valdes Sunflower- Tito Puente I Want You(remix)- Marvin Ga

  • Global Warmth: WitchDoktorate

    Global Warmth: WitchDoktorate

    31/01/2016 Duración: 01h16min

    Now that the retrograde is behind us, so are the things that are better off left there. A few things that have come and gone may very well become relics, some fossils, and others potentially end up in museums, documenting landmarks from eras of yesteryear. The latter, after have been found intriguing and harvested by an eager curator, become exhibits and experiences for those that appreciate the preservation of precious things. If there is nothing new under the Sun, then there should be no problem accepting the fact that the songs contained in this aural elixir are anything but that. Ironically, dated… they are not. Therein lies the beauty of being ahead of one's time. Several works represented here are more than a decade beyond their original release years, yet they are light years away from many tunes heard in today's conventional establishments,thus providing the reason, and the rhyme for the alternative. This kosmik occasion includes Africans, Asians,Australians and Europeans, representing a wide spe

  • Global Warmth: Holidaze (LEITMOTIF)

    Global Warmth: Holidaze (LEITMOTIF)

    08/12/2015 Duración: 01h06min

    So, it would appear that this selector likes a certain set of sounds, rhythms, and time signatures in the 'records' that makes up the sum of a particular ' collection'. These similarities often resonate with a season or spell,such as the fall making way for winter, and during these times it's quite possible to find oneself shifting between hopeless romantic and melancholy optimist. Brown crumpled leaves and crisp clean air pair well with waltzes and suites, breaks and bonus beats like the ones you may hear here by international acts Koop & Cecelia Stalin, Kyoto Jazz Massive & Nicola Conte, or perhaps PPP,Moonchild, The Roots and Atlanta's Dangerfeel Newbies plus Justin C. Gilbert. There are also some Acid Jazzy Soulful gems in the form of Laurnea(produced by Omar from the UK), and turntablism from Jazzy Jeff appearing with Nuyorican Soul. The first Holidaze mix was recorded five years ago and while the apparent leitmotif in this case are the recurring artists in the episodes, the not so obvious one is the w

  • Global Warmth: Innerspace Interface

    Global Warmth: Innerspace Interface

    04/10/2015 Duración: 01h18min

    The spirit and/or soul of mankind throughout time has often been considered elusive, a destination of sorts only available to the mystic or perhaps an unattainable state of profundity. It would seem that enlightenment is a place where ascended masters in 'Heaven' dwell, yet this ideology is a self inflicted mental handicap. As long as being deep is not an option for the average human being then the being remains average at best. This podcaster would like to present an alternative to that school of thought, and open the gates to boldly go where no mix has gone before, into the ether via your eardrums. I profess that you are the master of your destiny. The one you've been waiting for is in the mirror, asking for your allowance to come forth. This episode could very well assist with a breakthrough, with gems from Jazzanova, Ibeyi and Atlanta's Anthony David. D'Angelo, Moonchild, and Groove Collective also add eclectic grooves as well as a haunting duet from father and son, Bobby and Taylor McFerrin. P'taah (ak

  • Knocturnal Sunshine: Picture Perfect

    Knocturnal Sunshine: Picture Perfect

    14/08/2015 Duración: 01h15min

    It has been said that one picture can say a thousand words, and if that is so then it is probably safe to assume that mental pictures could very well speak thousands exponentially. Such is par for the course as pictures themselves are but mere images or vibrations slowed down and captured, and are often accompanied by an audible component. Music, for me, when mixed live or in a recording is usually a collage of days gone by as well as the possibility of those yet to come, perhaps in an alternate reality or fantasy complete with an aroma,and an undeniable, underlying emotional texture. As my solar return is on the horizon, I reflect on the past year, with all of its triumphs and defeats, lessons and losses, as well as those from times past, including a five year marker,and what I was doing twenty years ago. All of it combined calls for a gratitudinous,regretful,happy yet melancholy array of lush chords and basslines, creating a rollercoaster ride of feeling with several possible alternate endings. The beaut

  • Global Warmth: Caliente y Fria

    Global Warmth: Caliente y Fria

    27/05/2015 Duración: 01h28min

    The new year is upon us. Yes,the real new year,not the plagued by cold fronts and blizzards, but the time of year when flowers are in bloom, birds harmonize in unison, and the air is breathable. With it comes the merging of frequencies where those that were formerly in hibernation rise from their cocoons and take flight. This mix is both hot and cool, prompting one to dance, or perhaps sway while sitting still. Percussion and more is found with Yoruba Records gems along with UK stars 4 Hero and Omar,KJM, Ben Westbeech and an oldie but goodie for Dorian... as these passing days make up this thing called life. Shazzam the tracks, support the artists, spread liberally,and repeat.NAMASTE!

  • Knocturnal Sunshine: Sapiosexual

    Knocturnal Sunshine: Sapiosexual

    25/04/2015 Duración: 01h14min

    Silence is golden, as are the the nuggets in the form of spaces in between the notes while listening to or playing music. So much more does the unsaid do to help make phrasings understood, the telepathy of tunes, if you would. And yet there is even so much more being unsaid during our daily comings and goings, but somehow we get it, by listening intently, with our inner parts. This abstract blend of ingredients will challenge you to do the same, hearing without hearing certain things. The songs speak for themselves as they float into the ethers... Georgia Anne Muldrow, Moonchild, and Louie Vega's Elements Of Life, with a sprinkle of some of the UK's finest acts,Jamiroquai, Reel People plus MDCL who takes us to his ceremonius Church of groove. Get planted, we're diggin' deeper. Namaste.

  • Knocturnal Sunshine: Soularium

    Knocturnal Sunshine: Soularium

    11/04/2015 Duración: 01h14min

    The History... Ever since there was electricity in the form of airwaves, the world has sought to communicate and project thoughts, feelings, and vibrations, with the hope of a worthy recipient on the opposite end to absorb the message. Conventional radio, originally broadcasted via towers and transmitters, became a current which could be felt and interpreted with wire antennae. This medium, often commercially driven, lucrative, and at times corrupt in practice saw its ascent, peak, and the beginning of its decline all during the 20th century. Then… the current went underground. The desire and need to be free of a federally controlled, and caste system-like monopoly gave birth to an assortment of alternative means for one to be heard. The advent of coaxial cable, fiber optics, and data flowing through phone lines revolutionized the way information, and more importantly, music… was sent and received. The Soul made a breakthrough. The Future… Satellite, cable and now Internet radio, while different in their

  • Soul Safari: Invocation Intonation

    Soul Safari: Invocation Intonation

    14/03/2015 Duración: 01h18min

    The 'spiritual' realm is term that is perpetually elusive to most, yet is a constant dwelling place for some others. For those that reside in innerspace, it is not uncommon to convey its magnificence to destinations that are less than stellar, hoping to offer a glimpse of something...more. Those of us that are charged with this task eagerly deliver the goods, intact and unadulterated so that the recipients of the vibrations are attuned accordingly. This blend of Soul, Salsa, and (Acid)Jazz features tunes from nu skool genre benders Slakah the Beatchild and Taylor McFerrin, Soul from Dwele and D'angelo, Asian Electronica from Kyoto Jazz Massive and Yukihiro Fukutomi, and Nuyorican flavor from Elements of Life with a special remix of the classic straight ahead tune "Take five" originally recorded by Dave Brubeck. If you so happen to like it, support it, however you can. You have the power, so invoke it.

  • Magician Position

    Magician Position

    26/02/2015 Duración: 01h14min

    There is a force in the world,unseen but not undetected. It has been observed by scientists, written of by scribes, invoked by mystics, and transduced by artists. It moves some, and is immovable to others. All is an extension of it,as all was and is it simultaneously. You know it when you feel it,and even when you pretend not to. It's in this mix,and in your hearts, and as you allow it to slide into your earholes...embrace it. This experiment in non-genre centric eccentricity is laden with gems from the likes of Robert Glasper, Reel People,Jose James, Mos (diggity Def,and Bahamadia, as well as one of my new favorite acts...Moonchild. It's more than music, it's magnanimous, it's magic. Namaste.

  • Soul Safari: En Mi Casa

    Soul Safari: En Mi Casa

    03/02/2015 Duración: 01h15min

    The Soul Safari is an adventure in grooves from around the globe…complete with timeless tunes that not only soothe the ears, but warm your inner parts giving one the feeling of wholeness. Put it on when chilling, grilling, studying, dancing, driving, grinding, etc. This first inception is a Nu mix of not so new House joints, inspired by a good friend that has awakened the sleeping giant. Enjoy trax from some of my favorite DJ’s and producers including but not limited to Louie Vega, Osunlade, Karizma, and Black Coffee, plus sultry vocals and inspired messages from Ursula Rucker, Lady Alma, Vivian Green and more. Let your soul glow… Namaste. e

  • Global Warmth: Suthern Kumfurt

    Global Warmth: Suthern Kumfurt

    08/10/2012 Duración: 01h13min

    Summer has come and gone,so have several people places and things. Things that once were are no more,like the leaves in the trees...having different colors and different purposes, an inevitable change which is the way the world works. As I compiled the tunes for this episode,many things changed from the order of the songs to the songs themselves as I too went through a metamorphosis in search of purpose. The mission was accomplished,yet again in the foothills of suburban Georgia,through rays of sun,and buckets of rain. Calm,then storms,then calm again...unsettling yet comfortable the journey was. This mix echoes the waves and undercurrents of becoming anew,all over again. So please strap in and find yourself,somewhere in the midst of it all; enjoy. Urban Euphoric- Afro Mystik Vibrations- Blackanized 360 Move Love- Robert Glasper ft. King Ahmad Sirour Bossa Nova mix City of Roses- Esperanza Spalding Demain Roots- Les Nubians The Bankers Fate- Bajka A Tale of Two (Nodzilla remix)- Eric Roberson Gloria- Adrian

  • Global Warmth: Artivism

    Global Warmth: Artivism

    31/08/2012 Duración: 01h02min

    Summer is on the way out and we're about to fall a nu state of being,human being the thing we're becoming,all of us... individually and collectively,one and the same,as the demise of duality ensues. While on the quest to be a singular driving force, I have learned that pushing and pulling,in concert with others is the better way to get the job done. I,with my gifts,will assist the presences in this realm with the uplifting of the planet...boldly going where many men have gone before,and beyond. This organic groove, reminiscent of a good live salad is spicy and flavorful featuring goodies from the private collections of my main man Jingo, Ras Tree by way of I-Wah from the east coast and a few digs of my own. Highlights include Nicolay from the Foreign Exchange, London's bad boy Omar, Beady Belle, (archangel)Michael Jackson and more. Brazilian,Afrikan,European...a great international cream,but plenty AZUCAR! Live from Lola part two... Get some.

  • Global Warmth: Mai Haus (revisited)

    Global Warmth: Mai Haus (revisited)

    31/08/2012 Duración: 01h11min

    In April of 2010, this podcaster set out on a course to be immersed within the pulse of melanated movement,a dark speck of light amongst those sprinkled on southern soil. What was found exceeded my expectations, thus resulting in a host of experiences, friends and memories that have become near and dear to the heart region. The pulse,heartbeat and community of House music lovers in Atlanta became a lifestyle and as a yearly celebration of this culture approaches in a park that I've been in love with for nearly two decades I have been inspired to celebrate it in this mix,done live at Lola in St.Louis. Highlights include Jazzanova, Nadirah Shakoor, Fela Kuti as well as remixes from Osunlade, MAW, and then some and so on...welcome (again) to Mai Haus. Enjoy

  • Global Warmth: Elemental In-Fuzion

    Global Warmth: Elemental In-Fuzion

    26/06/2012 Duración: 01h19min

    Watching the musings of the mind become manifest is done best without stress…and the rest,is history in the making. Make it yours. The new world emerges…moment by moment, bit by bit…and now there’s a soundtrack to it. Journey on a Flying Carpet Ride and Find an Oasis if you Believe you can be sustained…Just a Little More faith is all that's needed Today. Let the Wind Blow through your hair,because clouds are Never In Your Sun…makes me wonder…What Would I Do Without You? There’s Nothing Like This…bliss. Enjoy. 1. Flying Carpet Ride- Second Direction 2. Today (Earth Song)- Erykah Badu 3. There’s Nothing Like This- Omar 4. What Would I Do Without You?(Vikter Duplaix mix) –Shuya Okino 5. Believe- Soul ID 6. Just a Little More- Silhouette Brown 7. Emergency- Mark De Clive Lowe 8. Find an Oasis- Block 16 ft Jhelisa 9. Track 6 on Yoruba Records 9 Anos(lost the insert) 10. Put it On (Osunlade remix)- Atjazz ft. Ernesto 11. Who am I- Crystal Johnson 12. God- Dawn Tallman 13. Let the Wind Blow- Fertile Ground 14. Nev