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  • Once Upon a Transcendent Realm

    "Once Upon a Transcendent Realm"

    07/11/2013 Duración: 41min

    "Once Upon a Transcendent Realm" by James Martinez James Martinez believes himself to be a spiritual man of God. He’s a freelance writer and poet. Martinez also claims to have been in the direct presence of God the Father on earth and while in heaven. Called to live, write, and share the truth of his own experiences with all the world. He believes he is who God says he is, a son, a father, a brother, and a spiritual man, one who writes and speaks the truth with everyone. “Once Upon a Transcendent Realm” is a non-fiction story written from the viewpoint of a person whose search guided him to find an understanding of the ultimate truth of the spirit. I’ve been called and lifted up by God our Father. This book is about a truthful face- to-face encounter with The Holy Trinity, revealing higher states of consciousness, spiritual and universal energy, and what each of us is asked and called to do within this life and into the next. (Transcend and rise above.)To Order Your Copy of "Once Upon a Transcende

  • Living and Laughing Even when Life is Hard

    Living and Laughing Even when Life is Hard

    27/09/2013 Duración: 31min

    "Turning 50 is a B^-*-*~"is a series of essays documenting Cheryl Gittens-Jones' life journey, from illegitimacy to legitimacy, on all levels. The work deals with identity, race, aging, culture, parenting, 'otherness', loss and more. She wrote these essays over the space of two years in order to help her deal with a host of complex issues, which were continually emerging from her life, as she transitioned to 50.  Cheryl's life to this point has been traumatic, chaotic and multifaceted. In order to arrive at this point she took full responsibility for a life that was careening headlong into disaster. She was saved from herself when she found the practice of Buddhism. The practice is now her life's philosophy. It is incorporated in her every thought, word and deed. In order to survive her life Cheryl created two existences. When the pain and trauma was visited upon her physical, her spirit retreated into one of them and was never touched by the pain experienced by her body.   About the Author Cheryl Gittens-Jon

  • How to Reverse Diabetes Now!

    How to Reverse Diabetes Now!

    30/08/2013 Duración: 44min

    How to Reverse Diabetes Now by Matt TraversoOver 50,000 people will get diabetes next month, will you be one of them? Stop and completely reverse Type 2 diabetes in its tracks. Quit sticking your fingers with needles and testing your blood sugar. Get off your Type 2 diabetes medications. Avoid hospitalizations, surgeries, and deadly diabetes complications. Know the truth about the drug industry and why drugs are designed to keep you sick (rather than heal you) and dependent on them. Reduce insulin needs, in case of Type 1 diabetes, by at least 80%. Burn fat and lose weight permanently without ever going on a diet. Feel and look healthier, with more energy and vitality than you ever imagined, whatever your age. Take ownership and control of your health and future. Discover that you can stop and reverse — not just “manage” — your diabetes! "Reverse Diabetes Now gives you the tools and guidance to cure yourself and become as drug-free and diabetes-free as you possibly can!"DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY TODAYCopyr

  • Gemini Jones: My Past Came Knocking

    Gemini Jones: My Past Came Knocking"

    09/08/2013 Duración: 44min

    "GARY, Ind. – In “Gemini Jones: ‘My Past Came Knocking’ - The Savannah Wooten Case” (ISBN 1475142366), Veronica Faye pens a murder mystery that follows two women who find the strength to overcome their painful past. The novel’s lead character, Gemini Jones, is a successful African-American attorney who manages a high-profile career while keeping her bipolar disorder in check. Her newest case revolves around the murder of David Ban, a politician widely beloved in the city’s black community. "Full of sharp-witted humor and heart-breaking tragedy, “Gemini Jones” is an engrossing read. In the personality of power lawyer Gemini, author Faye has crafted a character that will be a role model for African-American women and an inspiration to anyone who has ever had to manage bipolar disorder while holding down a professional career. A story of pain, tragedy, endurance and success, the novel sends a powerful message of hope as told through the compelling story of two strong black women.ORDER YOUR COPYCopyright © 2012 V

  • Losing My Religion

    Losing My Religion

    08/08/2013 Duración: 29min

    LOSING MY RELIGION (Synopsis Excerpt) "Femi Fatoyinbo was born into a polygamous family in a small village in Nigeria. As a young boy, he experienced the enigma of the religion and culture of the Yoruba tribe set against the political upheaval that led to the Nigerian civil war. Early in life, he developed a strong African identity. Losing My Religion is his story of the culture in which he was raised (polygamy, childbirth and rearing, death and burial, leisure time and politics) and his quest to maintain his strong African identity within American society – in particular, the South. Along the way, Losing My Religion features a central conflict that builds into a dramatic life-or-death altercation for Femi – as well as new love. "Later, Femi moves to Memphis for a medical research and academic position. He struggles and clashes with the politics of academia, social expectations, and the still racist culture of the South... "What happens next is hair-raising – a conspiracy to kill Femi and to destroy the growi