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Each week at 7pm Eastern on Mondays, I lead listeners through a meditation and then discuss various topics on how to create whole life transformation through applying spiritual principles to one's life! These recordings are 58-61 minutes long.


  • 07/24/17 - Another View on Freedom

    07/24/17 - Another View on Freedom


    In Ch. 30 of ACIM, freedom is defined as doing our will. But what about elsewhere in ACIM? What is freedom and how do we live it?

  • 07/17/17 - Brining Freedom to Our Lives

    07/17/17 - Brining Freedom to Our Lives


    How do we live in freedom? What are the thoughts we need to change? Can we do anything we want? Does free really mean free?

  • 07/10/17 - What is Freedom?

    07/10/17 - What is Freedom?


    Rev. Kelly discusses Ch. 30 of ACIM and what Freedom is to the spiritual student.

  • Independence Day

    Independence Day


    Rev. Kelly talks about the history of the U.S.A. celebration of July 4th - and look at it through the lens of ACIM.

  • Red Flags of Unforgiveness

    Red Flags of Unforgiveness


    In this episode, Rev. Kelly shares some of the "red flags" found in the "What is Forgiveness" section of ACIM. How do we know we aren't forgiving? What should we watch for? Listen and find out!

  • Forgiveness is not a Verb

    Forgiveness is not a Verb


    In this episode, Rev.Kelly talks about how forgiveness isn't something we do, but rather something that is done to us - and what our part is in that.

  • What is Forgiveness?

    What is Forgiveness?


    In the ACIM workbook, is a section called, "What is Forgiveness?" We may think we know but ACIM redefines it and in this episode, Rev. Kelly talks about what forgiveness is and isn't.

  • Body Makeover Month

    Body Makeover Month

  • Body Makeover Month

    Body Makeover Month

  • Easter and the Resurrection

    Easter and the Resurrection


    It's not about dying, it's about living.

  • Good Friday

    Good Friday


    What to do when your messiah is about to be crucified.

  • What is Passover?

    What is Passover?

  • Train Your Mind with Discipline

    Train Your Mind with Discipline


    Is discipline bad? Does ACIM tell us how to study? Does it matter? Rev. Kelly talks about being focused on the spiritual path and the process of moving forward.

  • Prayer - The Complement to Meditation

    Prayer - The Complement to Meditation


    Rev. Kelly talks about prayer and the Courses view on it as well as shares two different formats of prayer that she uses often. One is a great format for daily prayer and the other supports one in looking past challenges.

  • Meditation - What is it and why?

    Meditation - What is it and why?


    Rev. Kelly shares about various forms of meditation, what ACIM says about meditation and leads a couple of meditations that the listener can easily implement into their own lives.

  • Love - Wrapping It All Together

    Love - Wrapping It All Together


    In this episode, Rev. Kelly reviews the month and talks about releasing worry and judgment against God, self and others.

  • Loving Other - Applying Indiscriminate Love

    Loving Other - Applying Indiscriminate Love


    Sometimes we feel challenged by relationships, people, circumstances. How do we look at them and see innocence? In this podcast, I share some perspectives on how to avoid going into judgment as well as discuss a real-life scenario that a listener brought up during the program! Check it out and heal your relationships today!

  • Loving Ourselves (Applying Indiscriminate Love)

    Loving Ourselves (Applying Indiscriminate Love)


    Is it ok to love ourselves? Is it arrogant? Is it ignoring our flaws? What does it mean to love yourself and is that a good thing? Listen in as Rev. Kelly shares her thoughts about self-love, how to live it and why it's the best thing you can do for those you care about.

  • Loving God (Applying Indiscriminate Love)

    Loving God (Applying Indiscriminate Love)


    February 3, 2017: Loving God (Applying Indiscriminate Love) This is an audio recording of me on ACIM Gather (a PalTalk channel - see â??â??At the CMC for more info). We start looking at this month's theme of indiscriminate love (loving all beings equally) by considering how we feel about God. Is it ok to be upset with God? Are there times we are mad with God but don't know it? What are some things we can do to let go of the anger when life just doesn't go our way? Listen to this hour of heart-felt sharing to get some insights

  • Moving Forward with Intentions

    Moving Forward with Intentions


    In this talk, I review the material we've discussed during January and in particular, focus on being flexible to the guidance we receive as well as observing where we are placing our energies. If things aren't happening the way we want, maybe we are the cause of that? It's a great talk on looking at life, how to evaluate what we are doing and moving into happiness regardless of what the outcomes are.

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