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  • Episode 4 – The much anticipated…AFI Dallas International Film Festival

    Episode 4 – The much anticipated…AFI Dallas International Film Festival


    Ok, maybe no one was really anticipating my next podcast. After all, I still only have single digit subscribers and I think I know most of them. In this episode, I give long-winded and rambling reviews of seven docs I saw at the recently concluded AFI Dallas International Film Festival. I had the opportunity to […]

  • Episode 3 – Sequels Are Bad

    Episode 3 – Sequels Are Bad


    In this episode, I apologize for not making a podcast earlier than a month ago to my faithful legion of fans. Dani informally introduces herself and let’s everyone know that she’s here too. Then we take a look at the series of films, Cocaine Cowboys, by Billy Corbin. As the title suggests, sequels are bad. […]

  • Episode 2 – Sports!

    Episode 2 – Sports!


    In this episode, we take a look at two sports films, one about the months leading up to the NFL Draft, with the other examining the Professional Bowling Association. Two Days In April lets us get up close and personal with 4 college football players getting ready for the event that will forever change their […]

  • Episode 1 – Hello Everyone

    Episode 1 – Hello Everyone


    In the first episode of I Just Wanna See, I give you a little introduction to myself before talking about two films, King Of Kong – A Fistful Of Quarters and Sandwiches That You Will Like. Enjoy! Episode 1 – King Of Kong, Sandwiches That You Will Like