Selective Hearing



A podcast challenging the way we communicate with one another. Allowing participants to converse about the topics that matter in their relationship.


  • Graduate Project

    Graduate Project

    02/12/2016 Duración: 29min

    “Do you miss me?” “Have you ever been jealous of me?” “How does my past relationship impact us?” ​ These are some of the questions you’d hear when listening to the project. Selective Hearing is a social experiment, breaking down the barriers of our culture and society; simply by getting two people to answer secret questions and discussing the answers. It challenges how we communicate with one another and allows the pair to converse one-to-one about topics that matter to their individual relationship. The participants are interviewed beforehand, being asked a selection of questions to help mould the ones that are asked in the recording process. The questions are kept secret up until the individual turns over the card, the adds a real element of raw emotion, they haven’t had time to prepare their answer and it puts a healthy amount of pressure to reply with what they really want to say, as there is no time to think of anything but the truth. The intimate environment can host many couples that hold a past or pre