Holland House Radio



Corey Holland, a former class-room teacher, cross country and track coach, member of the Oklahoma House Representatives and now the Assistant Superintendent of Cache Public Schools is hosting his own podcast chain called Holland House Radio. This is the first episode where he speaks with his mother in law on politics and other current events. He then in the second portion brings in his youngest son in to talk life and video games. Join the fun!


  • HHR - Episode 1

    14/04/2017 Duración: 01h02min

    This is the first episode of the Holland House Radio Podcast! Corey Holland begins his podcast career by explaining his who, what, where, and why He then gets it all off of his chest with his airing of grievances from cellphones in the movies to even cellphones at funerals. Jumping in to his world view he begins to talk about national issues hitting our country and problems found even at the state level in Oklahoma. Finally he brings on his brother to talk about national sibling day and some of Brian's life experiences overseas.