Tina Talks Truth Radio Show



Hope! Joy! Laughter! Healing!When asked what this radio show provides its listeners, these four words entered my already cluttered mind!As a Christian Comedian, Author, Speaker and Radio Show Host, it's my mission to transport you from the negativity of this world and transform you into my world...a world full of chocolate, sprinkles and cupcakes! Sounds delicious right?Seriously, I forgot unicorns! LOLNo, the foundation of Tina Talks Truth Radio Show is Christ! The foundation of everything is Jesus Christ, He is the cornerstone! He is the healer! He is the redeemer! Can you tell I'm on fire for God? The maker of heaven and Earth. This radio show will glorify God by featuring the BEST interviews with the MOST inspirational comedians, authors, artists, speakers and ministry leaders!Please join me on this uplifting, inspirational journey through the radio waves internationally!Thank you!Blessings and peace, Tina Levene