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Welcome all to Coach Class. This podcast is a project put together by Mike (@MikeMinor42) and Rich (@Whoa_Kemosabe), two youngish bro's out of Baltimore County, MD. We look to kick it with any other "Coaches" out there looking to tell their story while having fun with us. Excuse us as this is new but we are always open to new "Play Calling". RIP Big Reese!


  • Ep. 167 Paghetti?! Feat. FKTheSensai

    20/06/2021 Duración: 01h22min

    The coaches are back! This week joined by Rich’s longtime friend, Lamont. The coaches show proper respect to RahnTheDon as Rich gives an article to read about his mentality (01:00) (Link Below). HAPPY JUNETEENTH (10:58)! A vegan leaves a trash review of Mike’s favorite pizza place on “The Slice App” (17:57). Lamont believes the Orioles will be leaving Baltimore which has the coaches regretting tattoo decisions (43:02). Rich explains his PG hate (01:00:28). WITH MUCH MORE!!!! #RIPBigReese RahnDaDon Article:

  • Ep. 166 Thundering Echo of the Dap!

    12/06/2021 Duración: 01h01min

    THE COACHES ARE BACK! Fresh off his birthday break, Rich reflects on the jubilation he felt hearing Bill Wither’s, “Lovely Day” at his birthday brunch (02:36). Mike had a cicada land on his neck but he held his own (10:54). The coaches later explain where they believe their Thalassophobia stems from (22:26). From fists to friends, Mike’s youthful adventures (34:16). Rich is hype he did not pay for that “Fight” (40:14). With much more!!!! #RIPBigReese

  • Ep. 165 The 32nd Lap!

    05/06/2021 Duración: 56min

    The coaches are back! Make sure you check on your Laker and Knick fan friends (01:59). In a convo about his birthday week, Rich talks about the value of convo’s with the coaches parents (12:53). Rich is in search of a Dodgeball league and Mike may be willing to drive miles to join him (18:51). Wilder in the woods training to The Weeknd’s, “I Feel it Coming”

  • Ep. 164 Leave “It” ALONE!

    29/05/2021 Duración: 57min

    THE COACHES ARE BACK! Mike’s boy with the wet dress slacks at the edge of the ocean (01:10). Mike remembers the missing story from episode 163 (10:46). Never let these companies play you (33:59)! No more masks after 6pm (40:38)?! Rich listens to a few of Mike’s music recommendations (50:19). WITH MUCH MORE. #RIPBigReese

  • Ep. 163 The Use of Tartar Sauce!

    22/05/2021 Duración: 55min

    The coaches are back! Rich has started to spot the cicada exoskeletons in his area (01:38). Caution was never an option for Mike (14:49). Rich was crushed at the sight of the Ravens v. Raiders ticket prices (19:59). Mike admits that he would “fan” out if he ever spotted the GOAT, Maxwell (27:39). A mild debate develops with the coaches about Hurricane Kwame (36:13). Apologies on all the background noise (53:20)!

  • Ep. 162 Formal Representative Complaint!

    15/05/2021 Duración: 54min

    The coaches are back! Rich taps in via zoom as the coaches record this episode on a Saturday Morning. Rich loves that his grandfather pulls no punches (01:10). In a mildly personal moment of transparency, the coaches talk about a therapist assignment Rich found beneficial most recently (07:04). “I felt his face break under my fists” (16:48)! The White Misery Formula (28:40). Mike later gives major love to Phil Collins for the “Tarzan” soundtrack (35:10). WITH MUCH MORE! #RIPBigReese

  • Ep. 161 Trumpet Mike: No Practice feat. Drew

    08/05/2021 Duración: 01h17min

    The Coaches are back! This week joined by long time friend, Drew. Mike has finally joined the big vaxxed (01:05). Drew later gets into his journey to begin Grad School (10:30). In a reflection on Mike and Drew’s football days, they both reflect on Drew’s biggest injury (17:50). Do you truly have “Pool” knowledge (45:38)? The coaches later get into a conversation about Canelo v. Billy Joe (01:3:00). WITH MUCH MORE!!! #RIPBigReese

  • Ep. 160 Mental Sandwich!

    01/05/2021 Duración: 57min

    THE COACHES ARE BACK! Rich gets things started with how he began listening to Podcast (03:30). *SPOILER ALERT* With the season one finale finally being released, the coaches get into their views on Amazon’s, “Invincible” (09:32). Character was built from not being able to save in early video games (24:19). NO ONE SHOULD MATTER (30:54)! Mike kills the Earl Sweatshirt styled freestyle (49:46). WITH MUCH MORE! #RIPBigReese

  • Ep. 159 Invest the Table Money! feat. LongLiveTobe

    24/04/2021 Duración: 01h18min

    This episode marks three years since the coaches began their podcast journey! LongLiveTobe, founder of BTO consulting and one of the host of both the "Corporate Coke & Smack Podcast" and "Urban Theology Podcast" (links below), joins the coaches this week for a very insightful conversation. Tobe gives us an update on some recent wins in his life (13:23). Tobe later explains the origin of his idea to begin the partnership with Rich and the other long time friends (44:26). DELAY YOUR INSTANT GRATIFICATIONS (58:32). Mike comes through with the, "Red Hot Crab Chips", for a taste test (01:12:52). With MUCH MORE!!! #RIPBigReese Corporate Coke & Smack Podcast: Urban Theology Podcast: BTO Consulting:

  • Ep. 158 Cicada Fury! feat. LooneyDesmond

    17/04/2021 Duración: 01h21min

    The Coaches are back! This week joined by LooneyDesmond. Desmond updates the Coaches in his gaming (link below)an employment change (03:03). The Coaches later learn about the updates to Texas gun laws (16:30). Mike later reflects on when he zapped at a football camp (26:14). ALIENS

  • Ep. 157 Fat Russ Crowe!

    10/04/2021 Duración: 59min

    THE COACHES ARE BACK! Rich recording from zoom this week. Mike had a premium “YT Audacity” moment early in his week (01:46). The Coaches are hype reflecting on their recent class with Personal Protection lifestyle (10:30)! Rich found some more white misery on Netflix (28:37). What the Coaches want to see from the Kanye Doc (34:00). Mike is ready to have, “Sam the Cooking Guy” try his singed Turkey Wings (42:00)! WITH MUCH MORE! #RIPBigReese

  • Ep. 156 Laminated Vax Card!

    03/04/2021 Duración: 50min

    THE COACHES ARE BACK! Rich is in the building this week with stories from his Bonefrog challenge (02:25). WHY DO PEOPLE ROCK WITH RAPAPORT (14:34)?! In a conversation about “Seaspiracy”, Rich believes he may be contributing to the fish population issues (23:02). *SPOILER ALERT* The Coaches are hype about Mike’s most recent show discovery, “Invincible” (32:11). SHAWN MICHAELS was one of Rich’s heroes LMAO (38:26). Mike is SICK of black bean hate (45:53). WITH MUCH MORE! #RIPBigReese

  • Ep. 155 Rich Running Through the Sticks!

    27/03/2021 Duración: 49min

    THE COACHES ARE BACK! Rich breaks down why he had to record via Zoom this week (02:05). Running with the zombies of privilege (11:46)! Boondocks is truly a legendary show (16:21). Mike gives a breakdown of the “Uncle Tom” documentary on Amazon (23:56). Mike has a hilariously controversial take on fast food “Beyond”meat eaters (32:44). WITH MUCH MORE! #RIPBigReese

  • Ep. 154 Muscled Muscle Shirt! Feat. Von Wick

    20/03/2021 Duración: 01h24min

    THE COACHES ARE BACK! This week, Von Wick joins them to discuss his new company, Personal Protection Lifestyle LLC (Link Below). Mike starts things off reflecting on the last episode with Von (01:43). Later, Von discusses MD concealed carry qualifications (19:38). Rich had another frustrating ATM experience (28:34). Music talk gets interesting as the coaches admit their ignorance to the classics (37:31). Before they discuss Snyder’s cut, Mike gives some hood movies he recently discovered on Amazon Prime (49:41) WITH MUCH MORE! #RIPBigReese Personal Protection Lifestyle LLC:

  • Ep. 153 White Misery Master!

    13/03/2021 Duración: 49min

    THE COACHES ARE BACK! Rich starts things off seeing what Mike wants to do when they reach “The New Normal” life (02:17). Rich later embraces his title, “The White Misery Master”, in a conversation about the Woody Allen docuseries (04:50). Why didn’t Netflix reach out to Rich for the Blockbuster Documentary (12:32)? Militant Mind Mike (30:03)! Mike shows love to “Irresponsibly Correct” in a conversation about people close to the coaches who are creating (36:28). WITH MUCH MORE!!! #RIPBigReese

  • Ep. 152 Theater Sub Onions!

    06/03/2021 Duración: 01h01min

    The Coaches are back! Rich starts things off explaining his passive aggressive experience with his Vaccine supplier (05:49). The coaches cannot believe the stat line from a Wilt Chamberlain game Mike found earlier in the week (16:01). Disrespect of Cam’ron MUST END (29:28)! Mike is not quite sure how to pronounce “Saweetie” (41:07). Mike breaks down his monthly watching of “Pulp Fiction” (51:24)! WITH MUCH MORE! #RIPBigReese

  • Ep. 151 Bamboo to the Socks! feat. Press.Zay

    27/02/2021 Duración: 01h45min

    The coaches are back! This week joined by @PressZay. Rich starts things off with his frustration towards I-495 (02:36). Isaiah later gives the coaches some insight on his PHZ-2 launch (link below) (12:49). Mike finally got a chance to see “Charm City Kings” so he shares his thoughts (54:46). Youth Pastor Hat Brim (01:08:36). They all later pay respect to Larry June and some of his classics (01:24:38). Mike reflects on the kidney shot he took from Zay when they were younger (01:40:46). With MUCH MORE!! #RIPBigReese Shop PHZ-2:

  • Ep. 150 Last of The Ply!

    20/02/2021 Duración: 58min

    THE COACHES ARE BACK! Rich tapped in via zoom as the coaches freak out about the events which took place in TX (02:50). Mike imparts his home decor philosophy on Rich as he is looking to change some things up (17:35). Rich admits that he may be Nelly bias in the Nelly v. Ali beef he recently discovered on YouTube (28:48). Mike got a chance to rewatch the legendary, Drumline (40:48)! The coaches argue about the release of the new Mortal Kombat preview (50:03). WITH MUCH MORE! #RIPBigReese

  • Ep. 149 Pro-Goya! Feat. Nate and Young Mo Free

    13/02/2021 Duración: 01h11min

    THE COACHES ARE BACK! This week joined by Nate and Mo Free. Nate kicks things off with some slander towards The ANTalytics (03:06). Somehow Mike still has not watched Snowfall (24:08). Mike had a tough time getting around Tom’s “Maga” past in a chat about the Superbowl (31:05). Colored Beaters (52:51)?! The coaches later get some gems from Nate on the podcast next steps (58:48). WITH MUCH MORE! #RIPBigReese

  • Ep. 148 The Decline of Snow Removal!

    06/02/2021 Duración: 01h11min

    THE COACHES ARE BACK! They begin the show reflecting on the things which helped shape their foundation (03:51). The coaches are later convinced that they met Whitey Bulger at their former Bagel Shop (16:10). Rich is dying for a new Boxing video game (24:23). The snow has become an immense hindrance in The Coaches lives (33:42). Youth vs. Reality (49:17) Rich is ready to produce a documentary about his AMC experience (56:30). WITH MUCH MORE!!! #RIPBigReese

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