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32 & Roman, living in London, working in media & really looking for inspiration & success stories just around the corner; no need to look far. The first international podcast featuring content in 3 different languages: ENG, ITA and DE.Also available on Itunes Podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/habits-of-normal-success/id1370051500?mt=2Please do subscribe, follow, share, comment, download and leave a review if you like what I am doing!


  • Ep.13 Meet Serhat(ENG) – What makes a great manager?

    20/10/2018 Duración: 53min

    On Episode 13 of Habits of Normal Success we meet Serhat. Serhat is a legend and I have been tremendously looking forward to this episode. Not only is he one of my dearest friends, but he was also my first manager ever in my first job ever (by that I mean a role that was not an internship). He is now Managing Partner of OMG Ethnic here in London. In 2013 I won a competition at Mediacom which allowed me to land my internship in London. After that was finished, still at Mediacom, I was approached by Serhat, offering me a role as an Insight Executive. That is literally how my career in media started. Serhat and I went along great immediately and the almost 2y I spent in the Insight Team, managed by him, would prove essential in terms of hard skills he taught me (i.e. how to do a great Powerpoint presentation up to working with pivot tables in Excel) and me understanding what kind of manager I would one day like to be. This interview is split in 3 main parts: 1. What makes a great manager? My favourite quo

  • Ep.12 Meet Lars & Lennart (ENG) – Why Vegan?

    10/10/2018 Duración: 49min

    On Episode 12 of Habits of Normal Success we meet Lars and Lennart. I met Lars and Lennart when I first started working at creative media agency Videobeat in March and we quickly hit it off and became friends (even though I am not in Hamburg in our HQ as much as I would like in order to have this kind of conversations more often). Lars and Lennart are Vegans with the capital V; they live and love every day of it. And as someone who occasionally enjoys some meat but at the same time understands the impact of his own choices on the environment, I am fascinated by their choices, I admire them and I wanted to know and understand more. We cover some of the trivial questions such as: What do people normally ask when you tell them you are a Vegan? Where do you get your protein? What made you decide to become a Vegan? Do you miss meat? But then also move on to more complex ones such as: How did your body feel when you quit meat and then any animal product? Did you go cold turkey or did it step by step? Do y

  • Ep.11 Meet Paddy (ENG) – The Power of Now Journey

    23/09/2018 Duración: 47min

    On Episode 11 of Habits of Normal Success we speak with Patrick Melville aka Paddy. When I had just started working at PSI Advertising in 2015, Paddy briefly joined to cover a role for a couple of months. We did not have lots of exchanges back then to be honest and I would have definitely not guessed that 3y later we would sit together one morning, have breakfast and have this really great chat together. The reason I had decided to get in touch some time ago, and to ask him on my show was the fact that being connected on LinkedIn, I had seen Paddy had started his own business as a marketing consultant. I have always admired and respected people who decide to do their thing, go their own way and challenge expectations of everyone around them who cannot seem to understand why they would leave “a safe and stable job”. Paddy did just that and created his own USP. Then something happened. Paddy was diagnosed with cancer last year. From one day to the other, everything literally changed. How did this affe