Gone Too Soon



The podcast where we revisit great TV shows that were cancelled before their time!


  • 102.2 – Clerks: The Animated Series Part 2


    In Part 2 of our discussion of Kevin Smith and David Mandel's ill-fated animated follow up to the cult classic film, we talk about each of the six episodes produced in depth to discover what went right and what could have gone better.

  • 102.1 – Clerks: The Animated Series Part 1 (with David Mandel)


    In part 1 of our discussion on the animated small-screen follow up to Kevin Smith's cult classic film Clerks (1994), Kyle and Drew talk about what might have kept viewers from tuning in to the 2 episodes that aired on ABC in May of 2000 and why the network hated it so much. The guys also get on the phone with series co-creator, executive producer, and writer David Mandel (SNL, Seinfeld, Veep) to talk about how being first isn't always best and what plot lines we might have seen if the show did go on.

  • 101.2 – Freaks and Geeks Part 2


    In part 2 of our discussion on Judd Apatow and Paul Feig’s seminal high school dramedy Freaks and Geeks, Drew and Kyle examine each of the 18 episodes one by one. We talk about what worked, what didn’t work, and do our best to put the episodes into historical context. Join us next week when … Continue reading 101.2 – Freaks and Geeks Part 2

  • 101.1 – Freaks and Geeks Part 1 (With Tom Wilson)


    Gone Too Soon is finally here! In our inaugural episode, we talk about Judd Apatow and Paul Feig’s critical hit that failed to make a dent in the ratings – Freaks and Geeks! In part 1 of our discussion, we talk about the show’s history from conception to cancellation. We also talk to our guest … Continue reading 101.1 – Freaks and Geeks Part 1 (With Tom Wilson)

  • 001.1: Promo


    Welcome to Gone Too Soon! It's the podcast where we revisit great TV shows that were cancelled before their time. Please enjoy this promo for our upcoming season with clips from our episodes where we discuss shows like FREAKS AND GEEKS, CLERKS: THE ANIMATED SERIES, and FIREFLY. We also have snippets of our interviews with actor Tom Wilson, who played Coach Fredricks on Freaks and Geeks; and co-creator, writer, and executive producer of Clerks, David Mandel. Each discussion will be broken over two podcast episodes. In the first, we will discuss the show in general - its history, main themes, and what may have led to its downfall - and feature our discussions with our special guests. In the second, hosts Drew and Kyle will go on an episode-by-episode deep dive and review of the series full of spoilers. So if you haven't seen the show, make sure you check it out before moving on to this episode. We hope you enjoy the show!