California's Next Governor



Capital Public Radios Ben Adler sits down with the six leading candidates for governor of California, and introduces you to each of them in less than 10 minutes.


  • Republican John Cox


    Republican John Cox traces the underdog spirit that’s driven him to speak out against corruption in politics back to his mother, whom he describes as “an ardent Democrat” — and his challenging childhood in Illinois. The San Diego businessman is vowing to fix what he believes is a broken and mismanaged state government.

  • Democrat Gavin Newsom


    Democrat Gavin Newsom makes no apology for his head starts in business and politics, and scorns critics who accuse him of political convenience. The lieutenant governor and former San Francisco mayor is proposing a long list of progressive programs he hopes will help lift Californians out of poverty.

  • Antonio Villaraigosa Says 'The Economy's Not Working For Too Many People'


    Democrat Antonio Villaraigosa is campaigning as a pro-business progressive who will work to "restore the luster of the California Dream." The former Los Angeles mayor and state Assembly speaker says he'll give voice to Californians who often go unheard in Sacramento, such as Central Valley residents, Latinos and moderates.

  • Gavin Newsom Says He Has 'Courage For A Change'


    Democrat Gavin Newsom says he has the courage and record of accomplishments to advocate for bold change in Sacramento. The lieutenant governor and former mayor of San Francisco is hoping that grassroots energy for progressive goals such as single-payer health care will propel him to the governor's mansion.

  • Delaine Eastin Says She Has 'Brass Backbone'


    Democrat Delaine Eastin says she’s the only candidate with the "brass backbone" to "not just go along and get along" at the state Capitol. The former state schools chief and Assembly member is vowing to lead California toward a more progressive agenda than it has pursued under a Democratic governor and legislative supermajority.

  • John Cox Aims To 'Clean Out The Barn'


    Republican John Cox wants to "clean out the barn" in Sacramento, just as President Trump campaigned to "drain the swamp" in Washington. The San Diego businessman, who's investing his fortune from real estate and venture capitalism into his campaign, calls himself a "Jack Kemp conservative" and wants to reverse California's shift to the left.

  • John Chiang Is The 'No-Drama' Candidate


    Democrat John Chiang believes he can strike a sweet spot in California politics: a political progressive who's fiscally prudent. The soft-spoken state treasurer, who previously served two terms as controller, says he's the candidate who can responsibly achieve liberal goals like single-payer health care while keeping California financially sound.

  • Travis Allen Wants To 'Take Back California'


    Republican Travis Allen is hoping — heck, he’s confident — that he can channel President Trump and "take back California." The Orange County assemblyman is staking his campaign on his staunch support of the president’s immigration policies and opposition to the gas tax increase for road repairs passed by the state’s Democratic leaders last year.

  • Coming Soon: California's Next Governor


    Chances are one of these people will soon be California's next governor: Democrats Gavin Newsom, Antonio Villaraigosa, John Chiang or Delaine Eastin, or Republicans John Cox or Travis Allen. We thought you might like to get to know them a bit before you vote in the California primary June 5. So Capital Public Radio's Ben Adler sat down with those six leading candidates, and he’ll introduce you to each of them in less than 10 minutes. Get a preview of Capital Public Radio's new podcast, introducing you to the six people likely to lead the biggest state in the nation, and the world's fifth-largest economy.