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Lets be honest with each other, you know that you should be doing certain things, but dont, you know that you should be planning but arent, you know that you should be executing but keep hesitating and you know you should be marketing but are dragging your feet its not enough to KNOWits about making decisions and taking actions. Perhaps some straight advice and a strategically placed kick in the ass from someone whos been in your shoes will help get you unstuck and back on track creating your version of success.Take back control of your life and kick the crap out of your way so that you can finally Do business On Your Own Terms®


  • Better businesses start with better questions.

    19/12/2018 Duración: 17min

    As an entrepreneur, you mainly do one thing for a living: You make decisions. If you make the right decisions, your business becomes your version of success and grants you the freedom you deserve. The wrong decisions lead to a success you hate, disgruntled employees and clients choosing your competition. In short: Your decisions are the lifeblood of your business, so make the right ones. The best decisions are based on data gained by asking the right people the right questions. In this episode, you learn how to choose the right people to ask—and the 5 questions to ask so you can make the best decision possible. Show highlights include: - The two-step process to cure business problems like an illness. (2:25) - When and where to have a conversation which reveal the truth, new business opportunities and cost savings. (4:40) - Three things you should NEVER do when you ask questions. (5:30) - Why starting with “the good stuff” is NOT a good strategy. (6:30) - How to make people comfortable when you ask them questi

  • Why outside perspective is critical to your success.

    12/12/2018 Duración: 17min

    In past episodes, you’ve learned about well-meaning, yet terrible advice by clueless people. You’ve heard about the malignant outsiders trying to sabotage you. But if you think you need to create your success all alone, you’re wrong. Others can have valuable perspectives which give you the opportunity to transform your business and claim your entrepreneurial freedom. In this episode of Do Business On Your Own Terms, you learn which people harbor valuable insight and how to turn their insight into business improvement. Show highlights include: - Eight methods you can use to let your subconscious help you solve your problem—and what to do if they don’t work. (2:40) - A free, counter-intuitive method to gain trustworthy outside perspective (4:00) - Why people who are not in your industry often have the most valuable insight. (7:10) - Three ways you can tap into the knowledge of external people to help your own business. (7:55) - The incredible value of in-person mastermind groups. (8:15) - How outside perspectiv

  • People don't want you to succeed, get over it.

    05/12/2018 Duración: 20min

    When you inch closer to entrepreneurial freedom every single day, people try to sabotage you. These will often be people close to you—friends, family and yourself. This episode teaches you how to deal with a painful truth: People (and this can include you) don’t want you to succeed—and you need to get over it. You’ll learn how to deal with sabotage from the outside—and what to do when you’re your own worst enemy. Show highlights include: - The three reactions to expect when you go into business for yourself (don’t let number three stop you!). (0:50) - Psychological reasons why friends & family members criticize, belittle and sabotage you. (2:35) - What people think when you put the cheetos down and got off the couch—while they didn’t. (5:00) - Six ways to play whack-a-mole against the voice in your head. (6:45) - Why you might be afraid of your own success. (7:25) - Five words (copyrighted by “Doberman Dan” Gallapoo) to recall when you’re self-sabotaging. (13:00) - The despicable mindset which makes peopl

  • If you do what the others're an idiot!

    28/11/2018 Duración: 24min

    Why do you sell what you sell? Is it priced high or low? And why? How is it delivered? Why? If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you have a rough answer to those questions—but you lack a crystal-clear, confident statement to explain why things are the way they are. It’s ok, most business owners operate this way. Today’s episode might change those answers. You’ll learn how to stand out in your marketplace, earn more (if you want to) and make your business YOURS. Use this advice to avoid mediocrity and never build a success you hate. Show highlights include: - Why modeling your business after your customer’s expectations is a bad strategy. (1:20) - The Big Three which let you stand out in the “sea of sameness”. (3:30) - Why Olive Garden might go out of business—and how you can avoid their mistakes. (5:00) - Why competing on price is a horrible idea. (10:00) - How to work with customers you like at an appropriate price point. (14:25) - The century-old marketing technique which is more effective than most online m

  • Why losing $400,000 was great for business.

    21/11/2018 Duración: 20min

     If you have a business, you probably know what it feels like to lose a client. We can admit it: Losing clients hurts. But if you think losing clients is always bad, you’re wrong. In this episode, find out how Bob turned a $400,000 loss into a win—and you learn how to choose your clients so you can be successful and happy. Show highlights include: - How the loss of two big clients led to a “business cleanse” which lowered expenses and made every system in the business more effective. (starts at 2:30) - A great book to read for guidance when things get tough (9:10) - The business foundation you should revisit when you’re getting off the track. (10:50) - The importance of the right “client mix” (no, it’s NOT all about “whale clients”) (14:50) - A maxim to guide your hiring decisions—which includes staff AND clients (16:15) - A hiring and firing principle you should revisit (17:15) One situation in which you should always trust the little voice in your head (17:45) Would you like to claim your entrepreneurial fr

  • When is enough, enough?

    14/11/2018 Duración: 21min

    As a business owner, you set out to accomplish something—and make it a reality. Sometimes, however, this driven approach to life and business leads you down the wrong path. You work all day—and lose valuable time with family and friends. In this episode, Bob’s wife Jennifer stops by and tells you about the reality of family life as with a business owner and how to decide when enough work is enough. Show highlights include: - When NOT to think about business. (2:55) - A „therapeutic“ technique to free up time and reclaim your nights and weekends. (5:35) - A revealing question to ask yourself if you’re available for your clients all the time. (6:35) - A relative’s toughest part of dealing with having an entrepreneur in your close family. (7:50) - Jens advice for relatives of business owners. (9:50) - When it’s better to not grow the business, but keep it stable. (12:20) - How prioritizing your family and private life can elevate the value of your business. (13:15) - Why turning down leads can improve your posit

  • Why being "Ethically selfish" is a good thing!

    07/11/2018 Duración: 21min

    For many, this topic is not an easy thing to talk about: Selfishness. Platitudes like “the customer is always right” can make you feel like you have to abide by your client’s wishes and be their servant. If you hate being bossed around by customers, you’re right. No need to feel guilty about it. To claim your entrepreneurial freedom, you sometimes have to NOT put the customer first, but someone else—yourself. In this episode, you learn how to be selfish without hurting others in order to get the lifestyle you want. Show highlights include: - Six words (half of them are “you”) to guide you to your personal success—whatever success means to you. (3:10) - How selfishly spending $40,000 and taking a week off helped Bob achieve a customer retention rate of 93%. (starts at 4:35) - Why you should pay yourself first (8:15) - How to be selfish about your communication to get work done and benefit clients (12:30) - Why vacations are necessary for business (15:50) Would you like to claim your entrepreneurial freedom? St

  • Hitting the RESET button.

    31/10/2018 Duración: 16min

    Most business owners have them in one way or another—goals. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs don’t reach their goals because they don’t know where to start. Instead of executing to translate their vision into reality, they get stuck. If you’ve ever felt stuck, this episode is for you. Today, you learn how to set goals (the right way) and a 5-step approach to make your goals a reality. Show highlights include: - The proven 5-step method to hitting the RESET button so you can have the lifestyle you want and design your success (2:45) - Why “backpacking through Europe” is not a good idea for your business. (6:10) - Why rapid transformation rarely works—and how to actually reach your goals without impossible standards. (6:50) - The crucial difference between near-useless “wishes” and powerful goals you can make a reality. (7:55) - A quick take on the “SMART” goal-setting system—and how to apply the system to make more money this year. (9:00) - How to execute a “BHAG” to triple your revenue (don’t think this is a

  • What business are you really in?

    24/10/2018 Duración: 20min

    Have you ever been to a networking event? If so, you know there are people you forge valuable bonds with—and others you want to avoid. The difference is often not in the people themselves, but in how they perceive their own business. In this episode, you learn how to become a person others LOVE to talk to (and become clients). It all starts by finding out which business you’re really in (your first answer is likely wrong). Show highlights include: - Why you should get rid of your pre-planned “elevator pitch”—and how to answer “So, what do you do?” instead. (starts at 1:05) - Two ways to say/sell the same thing—with radically different responses. (3:30) - How to get your prospect to start the conversation with you—no more chasing after people. (5:30) - Three things you can NEVER do if you want to sell high-end products/services. (8:35) - How a massage therapist could sell more by NOT pitching (you can easily adapt this for your own business). (17:30) - One way to get current customers to bring in more customer

  • Know your WHY Don't build a success you hate

    17/10/2018 Duración: 19min

    If you’re an entrepreneur, you’re taking on a giant challenge. Running and growing a business isn’t for everyone. Being a business owner takes grit and determination. To keep going when things get tough, you need a strong reason why you do what you do. In this episode, you learn how to define your version of success—and the dos and don’ts of building a success you’ll love. Show highlights include: -When should you jump on an opportunity—and when is it OK to pass? Answers start at (2:20). -4 ways to flesh out your why instead of “kinda knowing it”. (3:20) -5 kinds of people who may be out to steal your dream—you’ll have to “fight” these for your entrepreneurial freedom. (4:30) -Which dangerous business advice you have to ignore. (5:30) -6 core principles Bob uses to keep his business in sync with his why—and make money in the process. (7:50) -How your principles allow you to make decisions that matter. (14:15) -The importance of rejecting certain clients so you can build a success you love. (15:50) Would you l

  • Intro Episode

    10/10/2018 Duración: 08min
  • Entrepreneurial Freedom: What is it?

    10/10/2018 Duración: 19min

    Starting and running a business sounds like a dream to most people. Complete independence, being your own boss and working on your own schedule—that’s freedom. If you own a business, you know things aren’t that easy. Most entrepreneurs don’t live the lifestyle they deserve—often without good reason. In this episode, learn about the mindset you need if you want to own your business—instead of your business owning you. Show highlights: - Two six-word sentences which define entrepreneurial freedom—and 3 steps to gain it. (1:45) - Why roughly 90% of business owners lose their freedom when they start a business. (3:15) - Why entrepreneurs are an endangered species. (9:15) - Harsh things to realize if you want to claim your freedom. (10:20) - An invaluable question to ask yourself—you might not like your answer. (14:00) - The super-simple, yet profound first question Bob asks any consulting client (15:50) Would you like to claim your freedom? Get a free gift containing 8 essential steps for entrepreneurial freedom