Ventobros: Minutes With Millionaires



Do you want to improve or start your own business? Join small business owners & brothers Sam & Mick Ventocilla as they interview very successful entrepreneurs as well as those that tried and failed to run a business! With each owning their own phone repair business, and co-owning Venterprise Marketing, the VentoBros bring a passionate learner's attitude to the podcast. Through the viewpoint of someone who doesn't yet own a "successful" company, the VentoBros will make sure that you walk away with something you can implement. The foundation for tomorrow's skyscrapers is laid today!


  • Leading a $24 million IPO on the London Stock Exchange

    05/06/2018 Duración: 47min

    VentoBros 4: Do you have an interest in raising capital for your business venture? In this podcast Rick Smith, CEO of HyVida, talks with Sam Ventocilla about his experience raising capital. From taking a company public on the London Stock Exchange for over $24 million to orchestrating the merger of eV Products Inc with a British venture capital backed startup, Rick Smith has a range of experience in raising capital. Now residing in the Muskegon area, Rick has taken his lessons & experiences as an engineer & businessman to become the CEO of HyVida, a hydrogen infused water brand. Under his leadership HyVida has successfully raised over $400,000 in funding and has filed three patent applications. Listen to his advice on making pitches and raising capital!

  • What Happens When You Make $1,000,000 by 18 & Lose It by 19?

    05/04/2018 Duración: 58min

    VentoBros 3: Aakshay Kripalani, co-founder & CEO of Injured Gadgets, talks with Sam & Mick Ventocilla about the stresses & lessons learned while being the head of an international parts supply business and the path that he traveled. Clearly a born entrepreneur, Aakshay delves into his teenage years and shares the lessons and successes he had from owning a very successful business and then losing it. He shares his experience of applying for a job after becoming a millionaire, as well as how he decided to start Injured Gadgets. Aakshay's ability to form a team of employees that care about the company is clear to anyone who works with Injured Gadgets. In this episode of VentoBros he provides his tips on how he rallies his employees around him & creates a team atmosphere as well as how he creates such loyal customers. Listen in to learn with VentoBros from one of the industry leaders in tech parts supply!

  • The Importance of Recognizing Your Motivation & Community

    05/04/2018 Duración: 12min

    VentoBros 2: Tune in to the second VentoBros episode to hear what motivates Mick & Sam in their business ventures! Sam speaks about how he learned to not feel guilty when talking about iSmashed Phone Repair to others, and Mick explains the value that his product brings besides the physical product. Listen to their differing viewpoints on offering customers a free product. It helps to make sure that the customer feels taken care of, but is that worth the lost revenue? Tune in!

  • VentoBros: Their Goals, Businesses, and History

    05/04/2018 Duración: 10min

    VentoBros 1: How do you start a registered business at 17 & 19 with little capital? What is it like owning a business with your brother? How does being robbed at gunpoint change your business plans? Listen in to hear what has brought the VentoBros to this point, the lessons they've learned, & their goals for the future!