Long Play Cafe Podcast



A weekly podcast looking at the journey of some of the best underground musicians in the country. They just so happen to be my mates. Come and sit with us (not literally) while we have a chat over a cup of coffee.


  • Episode 6 - Tom Collings (Devastator)

    22/04/2018 Duración: 01h56min

    Hello and welcome back to the cafe! Today's episode is with my long time friend, the skinny runt himself Tom Collings. Tom was just about the only bass player in our local Rugby scene, and completely Motorhead obsessed. Which will surprise you given he hasn't picked a single Moorhead album in his list. Come and hear us chat about Bathory's Self-Titled record, Sodom's early 80's noise fest Obsessed By Cruelty, Leprosy by Floridian death metal band Death, Sweden's Entombed and Left Hand Path, as well as mother fucking Slayer.