Real Ps Of Success



This generation seem to believe that the only success is that of the English Pound translated onto the street as Ps meaning (Money) young people have their own unique way of communication. Business and Motivational Nathan J Dennis understands that in today's society our young people & young Adults are striving for success and gain of wealth, riches and money but Nathan who has come from the inner city, has stopped by with this Audio Book to talk about his thoughts around what are ultimately the three Ps to success, which are understanding that we all go through Process, in life you will go through Pain. Chapter 3 talks about having a focus on the Prize means that you will get through the Process and the Pain. Chapter 4 shares that through having contentment you will have peace. Authored & Recorded by: Nathan J Dennis Contact Nathan J Dennis Tel:+ 44 7462 236868 Email: Web:



    06/04/2018 Duración: 39min

    Authored & Recorded by: Nathan J DennisTwitter: @JustNdennis Facebook: First Class Legacy Chapters: Pain, Process, Patience and PRIZEThese Audio’s Books are aimed at raising the aspirations of young people 'The books are aimed at engaging with some of the harder to reach inner city youth, providing them with practical tools and tips to overcome obstacles.