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Join Joe and Chandler as they deep dive into the best PBS show there is.


  • 25: A Battle Of Equals- The Closer


    IN THIS EPISODE: Did the writers forget to do a basic number concept episode? Do the kids not already know what numbers are? Is it actually about pollution? We better get some answers. ITS THE LAST EPISODE OF THE SEASON! Thank you for joining us on this adventure. Stay tuned for more in the future. Love you. Kisses.

  • 26: Out of Sync - Episode 26????


    See it's funny because this episode is called out of sync and joe and i were out of sync and watched different episodes haha get it its like we did it on purpose we didnt IN THIS EPISODE: How many episodes are there in this dang season? What's a beat? How is Apollo related to Zeus? Who needs drummers? FIND OUT!

  • 24: Size Me Up- 777 Knobs


    Follow us @chasing_cyber on Twitter and send us an email at to explain why on Earth you're listening. This episode! Does digit have a child slave? Does sugar really help medicine go down? And the boys get a little judge-y! Shocker!

  • 23: Fortress of Attitude - A REAL PODCAST


    Oh, haven't you heard? We're a REAL PODCAST NOW. With TRIPLE DIGIT LISTENERS. So, whoever the hell you are, thanks for listening. Follow us @chasing_cyber on Twitter and send us an email at to explain why on Earth you're listening. IN THIS EPISODE: How does sound work? Why do the kids measure when they could just jump? Can Digit fly or is he a murderous liar? When do we get sponsors? FIND OUT!

  • 22: Model Behavior- Maw Shot


    Jack here. They didn't give me anything clever to put here in order to hype up the episode. So i'm sorry this isn't more exciting of a description. But, I hope you are doing okay. Your father and I think about you a lot, and pray that everything is going okay. Please call us. Life is short, and I'm afraid of the ever approaching grasp of darkness that comes with death and I don't want to be alone. Love you. Kiss kiss.

  • 21: Less Than Zero - Chickens Are Girls


    This one is recorded on our PHONES so the NSA has it all. Appropriate for this very spy episode. IN THIS EPISODE: Do buildings start at zero? Why doesn't Digit fly? Is Marbles planning a coup? Are chickens girls? FIND OUT!

  • 20: Trading places- DOLLARS TO DONUTS


    IN THIS EPISODE: Is money the root of all evil? Are the kids trafficking people now? Who is the real bad guy? and Whats with the accents? FIND OUT!

  • BONUS EPISODE: Liberty Kids - Big Sick Inoculation


    Give me Liberty Kids or give me podcast am I right? We got unsober on the Fourth and watched a couple episodes of a patriotic classic. Ft Hamilton and Lafayette! IN THIS EPISODE: Wait Hamilton was white? Is George Washington 9 feet tall? Do vaccines cause patriotism? Will I ever have as much charm as Benjamin Franklin? FIND OUT!

  • 19: Send in the Clones - PLOPSLOP


    IN THIS EPISODE: This episode is about clones? This episode is about clones? This episode is about clones? This episode is about clones? FIND OUT!

  • 18: Problem Solving in Shangri La - Little Racism in Big Cartoon


    IN THIS EPISODE: Is this racist? Do viewers like you? Is Joe a token white actor? Are we even qualified to discuss this? FIND OUT!

  • 17: Return to Sensible Flats - My Fair Jackie


    Yee-Haw Round Two! For a few Cybers More! Once upon a time in the Cyberspace! Butch Cassidy and the Earthly Kids! The Good, The Bad, and the Motherboard!'s...Ooh I got it--Digit Unchained!...yeah, that's a good one... IN THIS EPISODE: Okay so is Hacker the bad guy again? Is rain a good thing? Are the kids actually getting smart? What's in your notes app?

  • 16: Codename Icky - Cool Bi Girl


    Your mission, should you choose to accept to listen to this vaguely spy themed episode... IN THIS EPISODE: Can Joe and Chandler offend every group they seek to affirm? I forgot, is net neutrality good? Has Hacker gone too far? Will this episode self destruct after you listen to it? FIND OUT!

  • 15: Find those Gleamers! - Guest Star Daddy Shahriar


    We needed to bring a real computer-thinky expert for this one, so welcome Shahriar! A funny guy with BRAINS. And he's SINGLE! I think. IN THIS EPISODE: Do hippies make better therapists or marketing specialists? Just how well does Shahriar know Motherboard? Is Matt trying to flirt? Hey baby, you wanna Glom on my Gleamer? FIND OUT!

  • 14: Cool It - Toe Stubbed No. Eight


    HahahHAhahaHA Ha Ha Ha IN THIS EPISODE: The f*ck is MotherBoard on? How do I get some? Where's Hacker? You're saying that the total volume doesn't change no matter the shape of the container? FIND OUT!

  • 13: Eureeka - Joe Was Right


    Well, this episode is pretty two more ways than one! And we kept the minute count to two digits, so enjoy! IN THIS EPISODE: Is Archimedes tripping too? Is Digit Dave Bautista? Is Joe right? Does Chandler even watch Cyberchase? FIND OUT!

  • 12: Of All the Luck- MotherBoard's Trip


    Comin' in at the eleventh hour here and I can't remember the difference between and and or, or, or and, and, or or, or and. IN THIS EPISODE: Who gave MotherBoard Acid? Is Luck a programing mechanic? Does Chandler podcast differently when he's holding in poop? Joe? FIND OUT!

  • 11: A Day at the Spa - Miniature Alex Jones


    Hey! This one's really good! Not the podcast, the show. I mean, the show is good too, but you're used to that. IN THIS EPISODE: Why have they underused Gilbert Gottfried until now? Why has Hacker underused Buzz and Delete? Why has Chandler underused his Alex Jones impression? Why has Joe underused his "brain pull word of thing" power? FIND OUT!

  • 10: Secrets of Symmetria - All Hail Motherboard


    Order, everyone looking exactly the same, everything forced into its place even if you have to use a gun...sounds like the good guys, right? IN THIS EPISODE: Is the Grim Reaker symmetrical? Is Matt a stone cold killer? Is Dr. Marbles losing his Marbles? Has that joke already been made? FIND OUT!

  • 9: Clock Like an Egyptian - Chandler Loves Charles Manson


    From a time before anyone cared about cultural appropriation, the Eight Wonder of the World Cyberchase finally brings you an episode with a good title! And further expands the Cyberchase Rogues Gallery! IN THIS EPISODE: What is a fez? Is Hacker a romantic? What are the real world applications of the skills the Kids learn in Cyberchase? Sand? FIND OUT!

  • 8: And They Counted Happily Ever After - Talk About A Happy Ending


    In an Episode that pretends Fairy Tales are the same thing as nursery rhymes, the Kids finally learn how to count...but we also get a cool new strong female villain! IN THIS EPISODE: Is Hacker a romantic? Is Wicked the real hacker? Are you hip to the monarchy? Are golden eggs metaphors for our innocence? FIND OUT!

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