Dr.tyler Lemco



I'm very fortunate and very grateful to have a lot of cool friends who do all kinds of cool stuff. However, even the coolest lives aren't always perfect. This is a place to talk about the awesome stuff people do, as well as the realities, stresses, headaches, and downsides that the majority of people often don't realize. Let's be open, let's be real, and let's have fun. Oh, also I'm a doctor.


  • Josh Elkin

    08/12/2019 Duración: 47min

    The don dada of the kitchen game, Josh Elkin, sit down with Dr. Tyler Lemco to talk about the good old days, his journey to where he is now, and the state of the food world.

  • Ellevan

    08/12/2019 Duración: 54min

    Ellevan sits down with ol' Doc to talk about doing an insane 365 original songs and music videos in one calendar year. Holy cow!

  • Oh Mic

    08/12/2019 Duración: 01h30s

    Oh Mic sits down to discuss his transition into the music industry, doing what you're on this earth to do, and how tiny little micro-organisms inside of our guts run our lives.

  • Episode 001 - Alix Lynx

    26/01/2019 Duración: 41min

    Alix Lynx visits The Doctor to discuss what it's like being an adult film actress, the pros and cons of her line of work, and how it's been going launching an entirely new and different creative endeavour. Oh, and as always, we answer some user-submitted inquiries!