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Are you a newly minted founder or anticipating the day when youll be ready to launch a business? The Startup Life Show will add value to your startup life... without glorifying the startup journey. This podcast is devoted to bringing you the real stories from startup founders and the folks who fund them and serve them.Startup Founder Coach and Mentor Ande Lyons explores strategies and solutions, insights and inspiration through conversations with business owners who fought their way through the high level of uncertainty and often insurmountable challenges of a startup.Her interviews with experts will sharpen your startup tools and add best practices to your startup toolkit.Ande also shares her hard earned tips, tools and advice to help Founders break through the roadblocks facing their businesses. Especially the most common of chokeholds on a business: the Founder's mindset.Maximize the joy and minimize the heartaches from your Startup Journey by following and tuning in to the Startup Life Show with Ande Lyons!


  • EP 124 Marketing Technology Optimization for Consumer Brand Businesses

    10/06/2021 Duración: 01h07min

    Are you ready to launch your consumer brand business and wondering how to make a splash that results in solid sales results without breaking your marketing budget?Our guest, Joselin Mane – Founder & CEO of LITBel Consulting and Boston TweetUp – is a marketing strategist that leverages engineering principles to guarantee marketing results using his proven MMT method.Joselin has been helping consumer brands increase their profits while also decreasing their costs by strategizing, building, and optimizing proven sale and marketing funnels within 90 days.Working with companies like Toyota, Dreamworks Studios, Indochino, Warner Bros., Eventbrite, and Cadillac, Joselin knows how to leverage online marketing technology to streamline digital marketing and social strategies and organize and promote events for long term sales growth.In 2009 he launched Boston TweetUp and single handedly developed a network of over 100 Boston area event partners while managing the most socially active event calendar and promotional

  • EP 123 Developing a New, Holistic System for Sexual Assault Prevention, Care and Justice

    07/06/2021 Duración: 01h02min

    Over 75% of sexual assault victims are not comfortable using the hospital process or going to law enforcement when they have been assaulted and traumatized.Clearly, the existing service options for sexual assault survivors are not working.Our Guest, Madison Campbell, is the CEO and Co-Founder of Leda Health, a company created in 2019 for survivors, by survivors to quell the many systemic shortcomings surrounding sexual assault services.Leda Health is on a mission - to give a voice to the voiceless and to provide the care and resources needed for a full recovery. Its flagship product is a HIPAA compliant self-administered sexual assault examination kit aimed at restoring the autonomy and freedom of choice that survivors have.A trailblazer and sexual assault advocate, Madison studied epidemiology in space populations in college, after which she founded a software development company called Iyanu, based in Lagos, Nigeria.Madison will increase your awareness of sexual assault prevention, care and justice along wi

  • EP 122 Create a Pitch Video to Humanize the Capital Raise Process

    03/06/2021 Duración: 01h03min

    Are you seeking funding for your startup and struggling to connect with the right people and resources because you don’t fit traditional pattern matching?Our guest, Allison Byers, founded Scroobious, a pitch video platform for under networked founders to be discovered by the right investors with the right message in the right way.With an MBA and 15+ years' experience building and leading startups, Allison has previously raised nearly $10M, and she has deep experience utilizing data to understand human behavior, strategic planning, fundraising, and product management.Allison adds so much value to founders during our conversation, especially if you're raising capital. When you submit a pitch deck or one-pager to an investor or Angel Group, it can feel impersonal.I mean, how can they tell you’re uniquely qualified to successfully build your business from words and images on a PowerPoint presentation?Allison shares how Scroobious helps you break down the barriers to finding funding through its Pitch it Plan - a s

  • EP 121 Helping Newly Minted Entrepreneurs Stay Focused Through Accountability Coaching

    31/05/2021 Duración: 01h06min

    When you launch a startup, staying focused on critical path activities can be a challenge. Especially when you are transitioning from an Employee mindset to an Entrepreneur mindset.Our Guest, Drew Duperval, is a serial entrepreneur and a startup consultant helping entrepreneurs monetize their passion, start their business, and manifest their 5-year vision.He’s the founder of Young Hustlers Under 40, otherwise known as YHU40 (@yhunder40), a business and personal development network for entrepreneurs dedicated to helping founders save time, scale their businesses, and expand their network through events and accountability coaching. Drew's passion is to help startups, freelancers and 1st Gen business owners organize their ideas and businesses. He has consulted with dozens of entrepreneurs (barbershops, salons, restaurants, consultants, etc), and spoken to hundreds of students, parents, and entrepreneurs at various events around the East Coast.In his “free time” Drew hosts the Scale your Business podcast and volu

  • EP 120 Having It All Doesn't Mean Doing It All Alone

    29/05/2021 Duración: 01h09min

    Are you the type of person who values doing everything on your own? Do you avoid asking for help because you believe it makes you appear weak and inexperienced?How’s that working for you?Our guest, Elayne Fluker, is author of the new book, Get Over "I Got It" (HarperCollins Leadership), where she encourages unapologetically ambitious women to learn how to embrace support not only for their success, but also their peace of mind. As a speaker at organizations such as LinkedIn, the United Nations, the Women Presidents’ Organization, NYU, Columbia, Spelman College and Howard University, Elayne gives women a roadmap for making empowered asks and living a fulfilled life. Elayne is also host of the Support is Sexy podcast where she has interviewed more than 500 diverse women entrepreneurs around the world, and she is founder of SiS.Academy -- an online learning platform educating and empowering Black Women entrepreneurs. Elayne shares her founder journey/startup stories along with outstanding advice to help you embr

  • EP 119 Investing in the Untapped and Outperforming Startup

    26/05/2021 Duración: 55min

    Diverse founders continue to face significant challenges when raising capital to grow and scale their companies.Zane Venture Fund is changing the landscape of venture capital by supporting underrepresented founders in their quest to create thriving sustainable businesses that provide generational wealth opportunities for their families and their communities.Comprised of a diverse team of operators, engineers, and advisories, Zane Venture invests in exceptional talent who are building tech-enabled solutions across the Southeast.To increase the success rate for first-time founders, the Zane Venture Team created Zane Access, the programmatic vehicle that delivers the access underrepresented founders need to build sustainable businesses and generational wealth. This includes access to peers, business experts, mentors, and investors.Stefanie Diaz is a partner at Zane Venture Fund and Chair of the Board for Zane Access, two organizations founded to address the $4 trillion opportunity, largely untapped, diverse team

  • EP 118 On a Mission to Transform Health Care

    20/05/2021 Duración: 01h01min

    Are you frustrated trying to find the right clinician, therapist, or practitioner, when and where you need them, for your health plan and budget?Our guest, Riley Rees, is the Founder and CEO of Sofia Health, an online marketplace connecting consumers to health and wellness practitioners.A civilian and commercial pilot, a United States Air Force Veteran, and a combat medic turned C-17 pilot, Riley understands the frustration of finding the right care, when and where you need it.As a pilot, she was forced to travel and live an unpredictable schedule, which made the search and scheduling process painful and time consuming.Sofia Health removes the barriers to make it easier to find a provider and address your health and wellness needs: mentally, physically, and spiritually.During our delicious conversation, Riley shared outstanding advice, including:* how to create an MVP without spending a fortune* the best pricing strategy and tactics* her customer acquisition and traction insights* how daily meditation and exe

  • EP 117 How to Build a Great Tech Company Without VC Funding

    17/05/2021 Duración: 01h09min

    Does a tech startup really need venture capital to grow and scale? Our guest, Ethan Anthony, shares his advice and insights to show how you can build your tech business without traditional funding.Ethan is the Founder & CEO of CrankChart, a company using conversational AI and behavioral sciences to seamlessly keep decision makers lockstep with data professionals - with the goal of using data to drive business success. Ethan can be best described as a self-taught voracious reader and highly motivated problem solver. He spent half of his adult life in the Fareast, fully immersed in the Chinese culture and language. While a grad student at Harvard, Ethan became a published author of 3 technical books. He has also spent over 10 years serving the world with his technical visionary and problem solving brilliance, and is an authority on combining behavioral psychology and behavioral economics with emerging tech to solve big problems at scale.Ethan dives deep into how you can bootstrap your tech startup and he di

  • EP 116 Making Startups the Next Spectator Sport

    12/05/2021 Duración: 01h17min

    Launching a large-scale, multi-media platform focused on making entrepreneurship the next spectator sport, while simultaneously democratizing private markets is an audacious mission.Our guest, Mona DeFrawi, is the ideal founder for this initiative. She’s a serial entrepreneur who has been a team member of 10 startups over three decades, the last four as Founder & CEO.Mona pioneered the first Private Market platform, which initiated the "Unicorn" investing trend in Silicon Valley (acquired by SecondMarket and further acquired by the NASDAQ Private Markets).Over her career, Mona has raised or participated in the placement of over $6 Billion+ of VC, PE and LP funding. Mona has been recognized as one of Forbes' "Most Powerful Women in Technology," and as one of the "Top 100 Women in Fintech.”Mona took her vision of democratizing the Private Markets and created Radivision, a platform that connects consumer audiences with the startup ecosystem, to make entrepreneurship the next spectator sport.You will LOVE mee

  • EP 115 Supporting and Empowering Mission-Driven Brands from Underrepresented Founders

    10/05/2021 Duración: 01h34s

    Do you enjoy making purchases that go toward mission-driven brands by diverse founders?Our guest, Minette Yu, is the founder of StoreyLine, an ecommerce platform that empowers socially conscious brands and consumers to connect more efficiently through a personalized, experiential marketplace.StoreyLine is not just an online shop. Every time you make a purchase, StoreyLine contributes up to 20% of the purchase towards the StoreyLine Fund for under-funded, minority-owned brands. It also asks brand and community partners to match the donation! You will be able to vote for who receives the grant, so you'll literally be "voting with your wallet."Minette is a first-generation immigrant, daughter of a seamstress, and the first in her community to go on to Harvard. Having launched retail tech products her whole career, Minette is passionate about challenging the status quo, elevating under-represented founders and making it frictionless for shoppers to make a social impact with their dollars.Minette shares the best f

  • EP 114 How to Raise Capital During a Crises

    07/05/2021 Duración: 01h03min

    Are you raising capital during the pandemic? Our guest, David Chang, is the ideal advisor to help founders navigate the tumultuous fundraising landscape.David is an entrepreneur and angel investor who has held operating roles at six startups (5 were acquired!), and he has invested in 60 companies.As a leader in the entrepreneurship community, David holds several advisor/board memberships, and he was Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Harvard Business School and Director of the Babson Summer Venture Program.Earlier in his career, David led the PayPal Boston office, co-founded the Start Tank innovation space, and he held roles at TripAdvisor (IAC), m-Qube (Verisign), edocs (Siebel), SnapMyLife (Exclaim Mobility), and Goldman Sachs.He recently formed an Angel group, TBD Angels, which has invested in 11 startups since April, 2020!David dives deep into best practices for raising funds during a pandemic, including:* how to socialize to fill your investor funnel* why you don't want to ask for money* how to present milesto

  • EP 113 Developing a Social Audio App to Rival the Big Players

    05/05/2021 Duración: 48min

    The world of social audio apps is having a “Big Bang” moment.Can a six-person company find a way to differentiate its product, survive, and win?Our guest, Zeeshan (Zee) Sheikh, is the Founder and CEO of Space, an audio-as-a-service platform that enables you to add clubhouse style audio-chat directly to your product, under your brand, where your customers already are.While working as a Senior Director of Emerging Technologies at Everbridge, Zee had been playing around with an audio app idea since 2018. After several iterations, he caught the eye of Jason Calacanis and other investors, providing enough capital for Zee to go full time in September 2020.Calacanis invested in Space because of Zee’s approach to selling social audio to businesses, rather than hustling to get consumers to embrace it, as Clubhouse, Twitter, and others are doing.For almost 20 years Zee has been entrenched in the emerging tech world, with several entrepreneurial adventures to his credit. His deep experience with leading and building glo

  • EP 112 Building a CBD Wellness Brand

    29/04/2021 Duración: 01h03min

    How do you launch, brand, build and distribute a 100% clean and ethical product line in the crowded wellness space? Especially when its primary ingredient is CBD?Our guest, Davina Kaonohi is the CEO and Co-Founder of ELĒMENT APOTHĒC, an innovative and purpose driven consumer brand focused on CBD-infused wellness and body care products, combining the healing powers of nature with the ingenuity of innovation in science. With a deep passion for creating good in the world, Davina’s vast experience in team building, branding, business strategy and operational management, along with her seasoned background as a founder and community builder, uniquely qualifies her to lead ELĒMENT APOTHĒC.Davina take us on a "broad spectrum" tour of her full spectrum CBD CPG startup journey:* name creation* brand promise* product sourcing* B Corp filing* packaging* manufacturing* Cost of Goods Sold* distribution00:00​ - Meet Davina and hear her full circle cannabis story featuring her Dad10:55​ - Origin Story for ELĒMENT APOTHĒC - h

  • EP 111 Supporting Diverse Tech Founders with Capital, Mentorship and Resources

    26/04/2021 Duración: 01h49s

    Are you a diverse tech founder seeking capital and mentorship support for your startup?A massive amount of talent is dying on the vine when 2.2% of all VC funding goes to female founding teams and less than 2% to racially diverse founders.Yasmin Cruz Ferrine is changing the playing field for diverse founders. She's the General Partner at Visible Hands VC, a pre-seed fund dedicated to diverse tech founders. Their 14-week, virtual-first fellowship program supports overlooked talent in building technology startups by providing company-building services and investments of up to $200k.Each founder receives meaningful funding, support with finding a co-founder, and access to an incredible network of advisors, customers, and investors.Yasmin has 15 years of experience leading philanthropic investment strategies and advising foundations, responsible for deploying over $1 billion.She has served as Finance Director for Governor Deval Patrick’s TogetherFUND and 2020 presidential campaign, and she’s led New England busin

  • EP 110 How to Assemble Top Talent for Your Startup

    21/04/2021 Duración: 01h06min

    I often hear founders say “it was easier to raise capital than find top talent for my startup.”If you're ready to scale your business and assemble an aligned talented team and create an outstanding employee culture, you will find the best advice from this delicious conversation with Jill Katz!She's the Founder and Chief Change Officer of Assemble HR Consulting, a boutique Human Resources firm that focuses on Culture, Communication and Conflict in the workplace. Jill is a seasoned human capital expert, facilitator, and executive coach with more than 20 years of success in the fashion, retail, digital technology, media, and banking industries. She has extensive experience in large-scale organizational design projects, including the selection and placement of top talent, along with the communication and rollout strategies to manage effective change. Jill shares sensational stories and lessons from her lived experience, including:* the transition from corporate to founder* raising children while raising a busines

  • EP 109 Legal Documents Every Founder Needs to Know for Their Startup

    17/04/2021 Duración: 01h03min

    Is your startup legally sound and protected? Are you sure?Our guest, Sankeetha Selvarajah, is the Managing Attorney of Selvarajah Law P.C., a civil transactional firm located in Boston and New York. Her clients are within the cannabis, technology, real estate, food service, e-commerce sectors as well as, retail manufacturers.She is also the Founder of STARTUP DOX, a Done-With-You platform designed to assist founders with cost-effective legal options for Corporate formation and document generation, all with Attorney Review.Sankeetha shares valuable business advice for new business owners to help them create a sustainable, profitable business, along with explanations of typical legal documentation. She also shares the most common mistakes newbie founders make and must avoid!To learn more about Sankeetha's outstanding startup legal services (hire her!), please visit:​ and​DISCLAIMER: Folks: This recorded conversation is for informational purposes only and is no

  • EP 108 Helping Female Founders Gain Meaningful Traction to Scale Their Business

    14/04/2021 Duración: 01h06min

    Talk is cheap, whereas traction is hard evidence that you’re on the right path. It shows the world your startup is all about consistently growing and acquiring new customers.Our guest, Alex Batdorf is a 3X entrepreneur and the Founder & CEO of Get Sh!t Done, the superpower scaling sidekick supporting women entrepreneurs in gaining traction to build scalable companies on their own terms. To help women founders secure more than 4% of annual business revenues, Alex created the Superpower Scaling School: short, traction-packed online courses teaching you how to gain traction and grow on your own terms.She also created a 7-Week virtual Traction-Focused Accelerator Program that helps female entrepreneurs building scalable businesses gain and grow traction to put them on a path to building scalable businesses on their own terms. Alex is the host of The Get Sh!t Done Podcast, where she shares practical steps and tools used by other badass women entrepreneurs. Prior to founding Get Sh!t Done, Alex was Co-founder &

  • EP 107 Personalizing the Job Search Process with a 'Stitch Fix for Careers' Platform

    12/04/2021 Duración: 01h08min

    The job search journey can be isolating and frustrating.What if the job search could be “tailor-made” for you, your skillset, your ambitions, your aspirations?Our guest, Elissa Unton, is the founder and CEO of ArcVida, the “Stitch Fix for Careers” platform providing personalized, technology-enabled career guidance, with full support, to U.S. professionals who are actively seeking their optimal career move.ArcVida personalizes and guides your job search experience to your specific needs, by first understanding what lights you up, what energizes you, what impact to you want to have in the world, and how do you want to spend your days? An energetic leader, Elissa brings deep and broad experience in finance, strategy, communications and leadership from small businesses and large corporations to collaboratively solve frustrating business problems. In 2015, Elissa co-founded the Skid Row Spa – a volunteer advocacy project that resulted in the Refresh Spot, a publicly-funded non-profit 24-hour hygiene center for pe

  • EP 106 Helping Startups Build Systems and Automate Their Business

    10/04/2021 Duración: 01h12min

    Founders – do you have too many plates spinning in the air? Are you running out of hours in the day and days in the week?Our guest, Joy Valerie, founder of Build with Joy, is sharing her favorites tips, tools and resources to help you build systems and automate your business to create more time and make more money – woo hoo!Joy Valerie is a Guatemalan-American Entrepreneur from New York, with a deep expertise in digital strategy, content creation, and online monetization. She’s led the expansions of multiple companies while traveling, side hustling, and creating … all before the age of 30!Using a fun edutainment style, Joy Valerie breaks down tech, money, and startup hacks so they make sense to the newbie business owner. She can help you build your business operations from the ground up by leveraging digital media and technology, so you can have a startup life that brings you joy.Grab your Startup Life LIVE Exclusive Build with Joy Manage Your Time Workbook here:​ - use dis

  • EP 105 Building the World’s First Massive Multiplayer Online Workplace

    08/04/2021 Duración: 01h09min

    Why did an MD leave medicine for an EdTech company... that pivoted into a “World of Workplace” virtual platform to help companies and teammates connect, build culture, form communities, and get work done?Our guest, Vishal (Vish) Punwani, reveals all in this dynamic startup life interview!Vish is the CEO and co-founder of Sophya, the Harvard Innovation Labs alumnus that powers the leading virtual world (“surreal estate”) used by Fortune 50 companies and startups alike for work, social, community, and events. Sophya was part of the iLab’s inaugural Launch Lab X program in 2018-19.Vish is also a medical doctor by training and leader in tech startups and AI. He became one of the highest-rated Teaching Fellows at Khan Academy, worked in data/edu at the World Health Organization, and has been an invited speaker at The Radcliffe Institute, MIT, and Harvard Medical School. Vish is an Entrepreneur-in-Residence with Harvard Alumni Entrepreneurs, a Mentor at the Oxford University Foundry, and Alumni Advisor at MassChall

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