Deconstructing Music



Mike Sims, Jr is the founder of Mikee Ray Music, a network of artists, musicians, singers, songwriters, and producers creating a sound that crosses over all barriers. Mike is also an International Songwriting Competition finalist and has successfully released his debut album, The Mike Sims Project and EP entitled Better Days. Deconstructing Music is a podcast where Mike shares stories behind the music, getting to the core of its true meaning. He offers songwriting and production tips, and explores ways to harness the power of music that can be applied to your everyday life. This podcast is not just about music though. There are life lessons, tips on how to stay creative and strategies on how to build your own business. Mike also shares his personal blueprint to success with some surprises along the way. Music has played a huge part in his life, and this podcast will explore just how powerful music can be for you in your life too.


  • Better Days - 001

    20/02/2019 Duración: 37min

    Welcome to the first episode of Deconstructing Music, a podcast by Mike Sims, Jr. that examines the inspiration behind the lyrics and sounds, and explores ways you can harness the power of music and apply it to your everyday life. Whether it's christian gospel, pop, r&b, or hip hop, this podcast covers all genres. In this episode Mike talks about his debut single Better Days, and beginning the journey of recording his first album. Subscribe to the show for lots more to come!