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Get some Jesus Juice here! If you're thirsty for something missing, I can assure you you won't thirst again after tasting what I've had a taste of!


  • Jesus Juice Podcast E-1

    23/02/2019 Duración: 49min

    Welcome to the Jesus Juice(TM) Podcast!  My name is Joshua James John Oberhausen and I run this podcast at the center of my media empire.  Come to this podcast regularly for some refreshing Jesus Juice, a sip from the Word of Jesus Christ but clothed in the topics of the day.  Join us in our relationship with Jesus Christ and enjoy the show! In this introductory episode of Jesus Juice I go over my goals for the podcast, lay out an overview of other projects in my life, and explain the future of this Christian media adventure!  If you want to get on the Christian media train this is the spot for you.  Share this with your church leaders and anyone thirsty for Jesus!  I will be finding artists and individuals to feature them on this podcast for the enrichment of the Body of Christ. Intro song: Counting Stars - One Republic cover performed by Haley Klinkhammer.  Wonderful artist, check her stuff out and subscribe to her on YouTube!