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  • Soul Search Episode 17 (Birthday Edition)

    16/11/2019 Duración: 01h04min

    no track listing on this one, just my typical music that i listen to any day. NOT HOUSE MUSIC this selection includes my favourite 45's and a few digital releases,

  • Soul Search Episode 16

    06/11/2019 Duración: 59min

    EP 16, playlist below 01. Chris Coco & Camillo Miranda - Dinossaur Baby (Luke Solomon Remix) 02. Nini Maluks feat. Nick - Too Far away (Original Vocal Mix) 03. Rekee Feat. Erick Rico - No one Else (Original Vocal mix) 04. Dj Garphie & Marie Tweek - Rainbow In My Mind (Dj Fudge Remix) 05. Krisy feat Javonnte - Think Of You 06. Rekee feat. Billy Love - Love is (Bluesy Vocal Mix) 07. Tortured Soul - Fall In Love 08. Afamoo - Don’t Put It Of “Till Tomorrow” 09. Mr Fingers - Praise To The Vibe (Alternative Mix)

  • Soul Search Episode 15

    31/08/2019 Duración: 02h01min

    playlist: 01. Artwork;Dearson - Love Is Real (Original Mix) - (LW Recordings) 02. Elisa Keeley - On My Mind - (My Wife Records) 03. Ben Brummitt;InfectedSun - Escape - (Blue Coffee Records) 04. Jimmy Read;FiL Straughan - No Drama (Original Mix) - (Digitalsoul) 05. Kerri Chandler, Treasa Diva Fennie - Heal My Heart (Klevakeys Remix) - (King Street Sounds) 06. Room 806, Darian Crouse - That Kind Of A Feeling - (Room 806 Music) 07. SoulLab;Jay Nemor - (Together) Put Your Hands (Original Mix) - (King Street Sounds) 08. Distant People;Morris Revy - Fight For It (Original Mix) - (LW Recordings) 09. Nico Morano, Jinadu - Solaris (Sabb Radiant Extended Mix) - (DAYS like NIGHTS) 10. K'Ture;Louie Balo Guzman;Darren Sains - Be My Love (Louie Balo Guzman & Darren Sains Remix) - (Jakdat Records) 11. V. Bellisario;Luigi Egitto - Don't Stop Move (feat. Alex Calabrese) - (Leda Music) 12. Matthew Yates - Smiling Faces (Original Mix) - (4Matt Productions) 13. Nicolas Bassi, Desislava Zlateva - Summer Vibes (feat. Desislava Z

  • Bones DJ - Soul Search Episode 14

    05/06/2019 Duración: 01h16s

    Soul Search Episode 14 playlist 01. GROOVE BOYS PROJECT feat AVA BAYA - Don’t Change me 02. Physics feat Lou Lou - City lights (Night Vision Mix) 03. Jose Carretas feat Angela Johnson - Breath into Me vocal 04. Luther Vandross - My body( Louie Vega Remix/ Synth Bass Mix) 05. Love Rush - Dancin (Dj spend’s & Karizma remix) 06. Stephanie Attias feat Xantone Blaq - Live Life 07. Sean McCabe pres. Dannis Winston - Rocket love (louie Vega remix-Sean Ole School Edit) 08. Kemetic Just pres. Just one - Stay My way (Kai Alce NDATL Sleaze Mix)

  • The Glenzito Super Drive Guest mix - Bones Dj

    25/05/2019 Duración: 28min

    playlist 01. Park Hye Jin - I Don’t Care 02. Jeigo - An Ode To Midnight 03. Hugo Lx - NY Collage ( Kaytronic more bounce Dub) 03. Sound Stream - Dance with Me 05. Stephanie Attias feat Xantone blacq - Live Life

  • Soul Search Episode 13 by Bones Dj

    09/05/2019 Duración: 01h28s

    welcoming winter, playlist below 01. Frawl - Be Good To Me 02. Nebraska - using Me (Dj Nature Remix) 03. Mark Hand - Moutains feat Alex Hand 04. 6th Borough Project - Back Where it All Began( Lay-Far Remix) 05. Joey Negro - Distorting Space Time ( Fouk Remix) 06. Dubble D - Evans Above 07. Waxwing - Do it for ‘Em 08. Spinna & Hugo LX - Prickly 09. Dj Yellow & Flowers and Sea creatures - Deep into Neon (Original) 10 Gonzo-Gonzo - Cuidado(Frank Rogers Remix)

  • Soul Search Episode 12 by Bones Dj

    01/04/2019 Duración: 02h02min

    Welcome once again, this month i took liberty to bring some wax and i did a two hour mix just for you, the first hour is just pure soulful house and the second hour is just special with some very deep tunes Playlist below, do enjoy and happy listening 01. Honey Dijon & Tim K feat Jason walker - Burn (Ashley Beedle’s vocal remix) 02. Patrick GIBIN feat MDCL/JAVONNTTE - I Like To show You 03. GROOVE BOYS PROJECT feat AVA BAYA - Tribute to Cheers 04. Flacko -Lonely Town (Karizma remix) 05. SIr LSG - Let it Be feat Carla Prather 06. Guy - "Groove Me" (KZRekchampma club mix - part 1 & 2)  07. Vick Lavender feat. Agel A - Cosmic Love (Sophisticado Full Vocal Mix) 08. Patrick GIBIN feat MDCL/JAVONNTTE - Cloud Nine 09. NY AK - Onions feat Mark Hand 10. JVXTA - The Only One 11. Floska - Sabato in Pineta(Fabio Della Torre re-dub) 12. JVXTA - My Love 13. Armless Kid - Birritos as an art feat. Louis Dauvergne 14. The Posse - Pepe;s Beat 15. Laffer - "Daily Melt 16. David Martin - Gratitude (original ) 17.

  • Soul Search Episode 12 Guest mix By Sane Otis

    01/04/2019 Duración: 01h06min

    this is the third hour delivered by Saneotis, expect some deep and dubs in there do enjoy

  • Soul Search Episode 11

    02/03/2019 Duración: 01h36s

    kick starting this episode with some rare tunes, lets follow the vibe, do enjoy Tracklisting 01. Steve Conry presents Caruso - Different feat Helen McCormack( Trinidadian Deep Remix) 02. Scott Grooves - Yangu Breeze feat. Cjay Hill 03. Goshawk feat. Erik Rico - Home(Percussion Vibe) 04. Wajeed feat Asante & Zo! - Things about you 05 Mind street feat Andrea Love - Love Is The Light (Dj Spinna Galactic Soul Remix) 06. Frazer Campbell presents Counterfeit Soul - Alexo Kneel 07. The Free Radikalz - Open up (Dub mix) 08. Nikki O & Javonntte - Love Without You(Vocal) 09. Replika - Can’t Find 10. Alva - A Feeling

  • Soul Search Episode 11 Guest mix by Chris B Maredi

    02/03/2019 Duración: 01h02min

    we are on EP11 and Chris B Maredi is delivering the best in this second hour mix, do enjoy

  • Soul Search Episode 10

    05/02/2019 Duración: 01h01min

    Soulful house for the month of love playlist: 01. Scott Diaz - The Ocean Was Always You (Original Mix) 02. Emmaculate, Kaye Fox - Gold (Terry Hunter Platinum Remix) 03. The Nick Jones Experience - Better Than Ever 04. Tkumah Sadeek - Till I See The Light 05. Morttimer Snerd III, Steve Miggedy Maestro, Belizian Voodoo Priest - You Hold The Key (Sweet Honey Dew ReBump) 06. Matt D, Claudio Deeper - Question My Love (Original Mix) 07. Michele Chiavarini, Andre Espeut - Caught Up (Original Mix) 08. Tony Fuel, John Sievers - Only Love (Original Mix) 09. JoioDJ, D-bra Powell - What Nerve (Percussions Club Mix)

  • Soul Search Episode 09

    30/01/2019 Duración: 55min

    New music. New mix.

  • Soul Search Episode 08

    01/01/2019 Duración: 58min

    lets begin 2019 with a bang

  • Soul Search Episode 07

    22/11/2018 Duración: 01h01min

    ladies and gents soulful house is being served again

  • Soul Search Episode 06 (Birthday Special Edition)

    01/11/2018 Duración: 02h36s

    Ladies and gents, i;m back after a lil rest, today i'm bringing you a two hour special since November is my birth month YIPEEEEEEEE

  • Soul Search Episode 05

    30/07/2018 Duración: 59min

    winter is almost over, yes and here is the a new episode, thank you all to those who are still playing this episode louder Soul search episode 05 01. Craig Stewart- Andy Edit- NatMor - The Sol (Original Mix) 02. Joseph Junior & MAQman - Everything Changes (MAQman Main Mix) 03. Augmented Soul- Sheree Hicks - Stay on My Mind (Augmented Soul Mix) 04. Danny- DJMreja- Neuvikal Soule - Butterflies (Original Mix) 05. Terisa Griffin- Terry Hunter - Distant Lover (Terry Hunter Distant Club Mix) 06. Sy Sez- Phoenix Pearle- Elbert Phillips - Falling (Elbert Phillips Main Vox SubBass Mix) 07. DJ Gomi- Manny Ward - Resilience Feat- Sandy B (Main Mix) 08. Seb Skalski- Nick Sinckler - Paradise (Seb-s Deep Disco Mix) 09. George Lesley- Tazzy Lehutso - Round And Round (Original Mix) 10. DJ Serge Negri- Kendra Foster - Just Relax (Club Mix)

  • Soul Search Episode 04

    29/06/2018 Duración: 56min

    Thank you welcome to this winter edition of soul search will sure keep you warm, playlist below 01. Blizzard Beats & Joseph Davis - The Reason(Original Mix) 02. Tali Freaks & Al Martino - Show Me Your Soul Feat- S-U-Z-Y- (Original Mix) 03. Vito Vulpetti - Sweet Soul (Original Mix) 04. Hira - Close To You (Original Mix) 05. Susanne Alt- The Harder We Fight (The Sweeter The Love)(Eric Faria & Jorge Araujo Remix) 06. Ralph Falcon & Luis Radio - From Egypt To Rome (By Your Side Vocal) 07. Fond8 - Tonight 08. Wookie- Xavier - Do You Believe 09. Soul Power - Wanna Funk With You (Original Mix) 10. Cyda - Get Down to the Music

  • Soul Search Episode 03

    29/05/2018 Duración: 58min

    Ladies and Gents, welcome to yet another exciting episode full of energy and LOVE... i cannot believe that we are already on the third episode and yet another one full of energy and good music. Lets get in to the playlist without wasting time. 01. Kings Of Tomorrow - How I Feel (Sandy Rivera's Classic Mix) 02. Louie Vega, Toni C - Time Don't Wait (Louie Vega Main Mix) 03. X Gets The Crest - Do Me So Bad (Original Mix) 04. Kenny Thomas, Opolopo - Your Love (Opolopo Remix) 05. Sir LSG, Melanie Scholtz - Gratitude (Sir LSG Main Mix) (Sir LSG Main Mix) 06. Louie Gomez - Falling (Main Mix) 07. Angelo Draetta, Aliz Smith - Fooish Man (Original Mix) 08. Alexandre Wauthier - Take Me Higher (Original Mix) 09. Tony Roberts - Fabulous Life 10. Audiodope, FevaSoul, Phil Asher - Lightwork (Phil Asher Remix)

  • Soul Search Episode 02

    30/04/2018 Duración: 59min

    Ladies and gents, this is episode 02 we back again and still soul searching 01. Jonk & Spook - A Love Like (Original) 02. Wipe the Needle, Lifford Shillingford, DJ Beloved, Reggie Steele - Kissing You (DJ Beloved & Reggie Steele Remix) 03. Groove Junkies, Reelsoul, Nichelle Monroe - MY TRUTH (Groove N' Soul Truth Mix) 04. Black Widow, Mike Dunn - House Is (Mike Dunn BlackBall Vokal MixX) 05. Finest Wear - Love Is Deep (feat Anita) (Original) 06. Colonel Abrams, Stacy Kidd - Trapped (Stacy Kidd House 4 Life Remix) 07. Rocco Careri, Arturo Macchiavelli, Ellice, Mark Di Meo - Keep Going (Mark Di Meo Remix) 08. Dave Anthony, Stephanie Cooke, DJ Spen, Gary Hudgins - I Live For You (DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Remix) 09. Deeper Phil, Shirley Heavens - Misleading Me (Original Mix) 10. Scott Diaz - We Reminisce (Original Mix)

  • The Soul Search Episode 01

    31/03/2018 Duración: 58min

    i'm starting a journey of soulful monthly mixes and i want us to walk it together. i have decided to include a playlist and this will be a norm: 01. Allovers, Secret Atelier - Prove Me Wrong (Original Mix) 02. Brian Nance, Bes, Kafele, Doug Gomez - Just Be (Doug Gomez Soul Remix) 03. Playin' 4 The City, Queen Marylin - Lord & Master (feat. Queen Marylin) 04. Manjit, Leah, Justan - Give You A Chance (Justan Soulful Deep Mix) 05. Vito Vulpetti - No One Alse (Original Mix) 06. Steal Vybe, Alexis Simmons - Yesterday (I'll Never Change) (Yesterday I'll Never Change So Seductive Mix) 07. Glenn Sweety G Toby, D'Anthony - If Everyone Were Blind (D'Anthony Remix) 08. Dolls Combers, Dana Byrd - Don'y You Ever Wonder Why 09. Ultra Soul Project - Let It Grow (GS Main Vocal)

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