A podcast about baseball by people who know nothing about baseball.


  • Johann Sebastian Balk


    This week: Giants News, Bingo-related Follow Up, more Weird Baseball Things, and the Minor League Team of the Week.

  • Is a Hot Dog a Mammal?


    This week, we discuss breaking slumps, BEES, and minor league team hats. Then, Kyle challenges Andrew to a game about baseball food.

  • Mr. Shucks


    This week, more weird baseball things, stealing bases: how does it work?, and Mr. Shucks.

  • Don't "Dude Perfect" My MLB


    Kyle went to a minor league game. Also, we discuss Weird Baseball Things that have happened lately.

  • The Futility Mark


    This one’s a short one, because we respect your time, dear listener. Discussed: the futility mark and baseball fights.

  • Kyle Expects Nachos


    We talk about Opening Day, the results of our Twitter poll for the first film for Letterboxd Score, and ballpark food. Mostly ballpark food, to be honest.

  • Mascot Simulator 2019


    Or, A Very Muscular Horse. We wrap up spring training and look forward to Opening Day. We also listen to a game and talk through it. #WholeSquadReady

  • Big Ball Chunky Time


    Folks… you’ve been waiting. It’s finally here. It’s Big Ball Chunky Time. Also, we’re streaming MLB The Show 19 on March 28th at 7:05 PM EDT for Opening Day! Please tune in. Here’s the info.

  • Watching a Spring Training Game in Arizona


    Kyle recaps his experience watching spring training games in Arizona. Andrew gets his hat.

  • Watching a Game


    In this episode of Baseline, Kyle and Andrew discuss the spring training games they watched. And also hats.

  • Spring Training


    In this episode, Kyle and Andrew discuss Spring Training, as well as some updates to the movie list, and debut the new Team of the Week segment.

  • Choosing a Team


    Andrew and Kyle reveal the MLB teams they will be following during the 2019 season and Andrew explains how he made the decision to become a fan of the team.

  • This is Baseline


    This is the trailer for Baseline, a podcast about baseball by people who know nothing about baseball!

  • Our Baseball History


    Andrew and Kyle dive deep into their personal histories with baseball, baseball video games, baseball movies, and baseball on TV and radio.