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Hi, Im Emma Murphy, a Psychotherapist in private practice for 10 years in Dublin, Ireland. I specialised in the area of disordered eating and through this work gained an expert understanding of how unhelpful thoughts, behaviours and beliefs can really get in the way of living the life we really want to live. Instead, we get stuck living the life we think other people want or need us to live!

Having started as a research-based, keep doing training/swallow the library Therapist, about three years ago I had an epiphany about myself, her own blocks, my own subconscious beliefs and blind spots, and there began a journey of transformation.

I now work in a truly holistic way with an effective combination of practical, no BS guidance and complete compassionate regard for wherever my clients are at. Using a combination of psychotherapy, energy healing and Self-Love coaching, we cut through the crap and get you back on track, or just finally pointing in the RIGHT direction.

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  • Mary Pat and Her Money part 2

    09/06/2019 Duración: 46min

    In this episode, Mary-Pat joins Emma again to let us know how she has changed her beliefs about money, and her ‘right’ to earn good money from her innovative program. Mary Pat has a PhD in Speech and Language Therapy and is a lecturer in her area of expertise. She has a great idea for an online program which fills an important gap in Speech and Language Services, specifically for bilingual parents of children with autism who wish to teach their children two languages.  But her blocks around earning ‘more than she needs’, being seen as ‘greedy or graspy’, and her imposter syndrome block of “who do you think you are” are all getting in the way of her producing and launching her valuable program! We cover how Mary Pat has internalised beliefs about not wanting to be seen to ‘want’ things – from an intimate relationship to earning more money.  We discuss cultural and family programming, and how we owe it to ourselves to fully examine all

  • Money, Money, Money

    29/04/2019 Duración: 37min

    In this episode, Mary-Pat joins Emma to work through her blocks about money, earning ‘more than she needs’, fear of judgement around The Establishment in her industry and being a “Secret Millionaire”. Mary Pat has a PhD in Speech and Language Therapy and is a lecturer in her area of expertise. She has a great idea for an online program which fills an important gap in Speech and Language Services.  But her blocks around earning ‘more than she needs’, being seen as ‘greedy or graspy’, and her imposter syndrome block of “who do you think you are” are all getting in the way of her producing and launching her valuable program!   HIGHLIGHTS: “Wow, it’s not enough for you to have a really good job and be well respected in your industry, but you also have to have this side hustle where you’re just charging people money for an online program that you’ve thrown up onto the interweb….” “Who do you think you a

  • Stop 'Should'-ing All Over Yourself

    14/04/2019 Duración: 15min

    A key block to being happy and fulfilled is not *not reaching your goals*, it is not being more present in any given moment. We spend too much of our time ‘shoulding’ all over ourselves – “I should be doing this, I shouldn’t be doing that, I should exercise more/eat less etc”. We owe it to ourselves to stop and listen to ourselves properly sometimes – not our chimpy brain jumping up and down and criticising us for not always working/striving;   When we LISTEN to ourselves, two things happen: We realise that a lot of what we are telling ourselves is a load of arse, and not true; We also hear what we really NEED to hear!   KEY TAKEAWAYS What we hear in our heads – our inner monologue – is often inaccurate or downright untrue, but we rarely take the time to analyse it critically, we believe it blindly without question. When we take more care of ourselves, stop ‘should-ing’ all over ourselves and just STOP, we recharge and refresh ours

  • Let’s Talk About Sex (Baby)...

    31/03/2019 Duración: 39min

    In this episode, Emma talks with Lisa Letwin, a Women’s Sexuality Coach based in Canada, about how and why women (and men) get blocked around their sexuality, and how this can, in turn, block us in other areas of our lives.   Key Takeaways: We are all animals, yet we try to deny a fundamental part of ourselves which is the biological drive to procreate, and also simply enjoy sex!   The biggest block for women happens in two areas: Women are expected to be ‘on’ all the time, working to keep everyone around us happy, fed, and minded; Women are expected to behave a certain way sexually, we are not always free to express our sexuality the way we want to.   In the Taoist tradition, sexuality and sexual energy is fundamental to life and highly respected by them, it is central to their teachings.   Women largely learn about their sexuality in relationship to another (person).   As a man becomes a man and has these experiences he is still within himself – m

  • How to go Clothes Shopping When you Have Body Confidence Issues

    18/03/2019 Duración: 33min

    ‘I hate clothes shopping! and now the dread has now become so bad that I walk in and out of shops aimlessly not knowing where to start anymore.  A lot of it is due to my  lack of body confidence  I just want some clothes that I feel confident wearing.’ In this episode, Emma is answering Katie’s question about clothes shopping and explores the real barriers that are stopping her from developing the style and personal persona that she wants.   Emma and Katie explored this topic in a live interview. Katie’s question will resonate with many and Emma’s advice is invaluable so tune in now to find out more. KEY TAKEAWAYS An issue that is causing challenges in one area, can impact on other areas of your life. In identifying and exploring a particular block wider issues and other blocks that need to be overcome can be revealed. Where is the main block for you? The changing rooms have lots of mirrors and it's quite overwhelming if you’re not very body

  • Sh*t is Warm... that's why change is HARD...

    04/03/2019 Duración: 24min

    In this episode, Emma explores ambivalence and asks ‘Where are you on the cycle of readiness to change?' This podcast provides an invaluable insight into why we can sit on the fence about change, no matter how much we 'think' or tell ourselves we want to change. But we can all change and move forward successfully with our lives when we understand why we hesitate/procrastinate.  KEY TAKEAWAYS Readiness to change In therapy, there is a 6-stage model of readiness to change - knowing where you are on it helps;  Are you paying lip service to changing, or are you ready to do the work and make the change? Pre-contemplation The person doesn’t recognise there is a problem even when others are pointing it out to them. Contemplation This is when a seed of doubt creeps in for the person. They begin to acknowledge that there is a problem and that they are using unhealthy coping strategies. However, they are not in a position where they are looking to change or resolve the problem. Determinatio

  • The 4 Saboteurs - Guilt

    18/02/2019 Duración: 25min

    GUILT AS A SABOTEUR In the final episode of this 4-part mini-series about Saboteurs, Emma tackles the issues surrounding guilt. We all experience guilt in varying ways, it is how we deal with it that determines whether we let it sabotage us or not.  The series  PERFECTIONISM IMPATIENCE  ISOLATION  GUILT  Listen in to the full mini-series to find out how to take action against these saboteurs and achieve the life you truly want and deserve.     KEY TAKEAWAYS  Guilt leads us to feel less than, to feel insecure, not enough and guilty;  Everyone has an Inner Critical Voice. This inner critic can become louder as you become more anxious, which only makes the problem worse as you are likely to perpetuate whatever destructive cycle guilt drives you to - eating, drinking, drug taking, shopping, sex/porn, gambling....or just feeling crap about yourself; This Inner Critical Voice is actually part of our "fight or flight" response and is about keeping us safe

  • Entrepreneurs do it The Hard Way

    18/02/2019 Duración: 27min

    GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY  In a closed Entrepreneur Facebook group Emma put out a post asking people what it was they were doing that they knew was getting in their own way.  In this podcast, Emma talks to Mark about his inner dialogue - believing it without questioning it, and being a course junkie - doing loads of learning but not applying any of it! This fascinating episode demonstrates how we can all learn more about ourselves to stop getting in our own way.      KEY TAKEAWAYS  Your brain operates with a habit loop and it does not like change, so no matter how much you think you want to start running at 7am every morning, your brain has other plans! In a habit loop, you are usually following a path from a Trigger, to a Craving, that leads to a Behaviour that results in a Reward.  But the brain NEVER thinks about the Consequence! This is about instant gratification. The autopilot part of your brain kicks in and will always seek instant gratification over delayed g

  • What Are YOU Hiding?

    18/02/2019 Duración: 21min

    WHAT ARE YOU HIDING?  Today’s episode is about our less attractive qualities, how we hide them and how they may be the best bits of ourselves.  Emma explores how we are all edited versions of ourselves and shares exercises that can help us to share more of ourselves with others and in doing so become more authentic.       KEY TAKEAWAYS  As we grow up the list of things we "shouldn’t" do grows longer, as a young child more is forgiven but then the rules start being applied. ‘Pull up your socks and tuck in your shirt’ and later on its ‘you’re not going out in that’ and ‘study hard so that you can get a proper job’.  Children quickly learn how to gain approval from parents, grandparents and teachers. They learn to start hiding away the parts of themselves that others may not like, or conform to the norm - this is so that we can be loved and accepted;  We learn early on to hide our failings - as we perceiv

  • The 4 Saboteurs - Isolation

    18/02/2019 Duración: 21min

    WHY ISOLATING OURSELVES FROM OTHERS IS A SABOTEUR, NOT A SAVIOUR In episode 3 of this mini-series, Emma explores the complex saboteur of isolation. She shares the different levels of isolation we experience and how to overcome them. Listen in to find out more.     KEY TAKEAWAYS  Isolation will trip you up over and over again on different levels;  The first level of isolation - not sharing with someone how you are feeling or what you are struggling with. The  reasons people don’t say anything are because they fear being rejected, fear being seen as weak or fear of being judged generally;  When you think others will judge you, in fact you are projecting a judgement onto other people you are really making about yourself;  The second level of isolation – you believe you are protecting others by not 'burdening them' with your stuff; When your friends confide in you about their struggles, but you never share with them about your struggles, you are creat

  • The 4 Saboteurs - Impatience

    18/02/2019 Duración: 16min

    WILL IMPATIENCE DRIVE YOU TO SEEK A QUICK FIX?  In this episode Emma explores the second saboteur, impatience.    Impatience is about how we completely overestimate what we can achieve in a short time and completely underestimate what we can achieve in a long time. Listen in to find out about the positive changes you can make when you simply adjust your timeframe.    KEY TAKEAWAYS  The second saboteur is impatience, sometimes born out of panic or crisis. Emma uses an example from her disordered eating clientele - it is what drives them to diet pills, delivered meals and diet plans as they panic, and seek a quick fix. This extends to a mindset of thinking it’s just about needing to find the right quick fix.  In a work context, if you want to achieve something you’ve either got to be prepared to put in the work or outsource it and trust that someone else will do it to the standard you want.  Impatience is about how we completely overestimate wh

  • The 4 Saboteurs - Perfectionism

    18/02/2019 Duración: 18min

    ‘If you mess it up you can clean it up’  In this 4-part mini-series about Saboteurs, Emma examines the saboteurs that are stopping you from achieving your goals.  This podcast reveals how perfectionism manifests itself and the positive actions you can take to let go of it and move towards the life you truly want       KEY TAKEAWAYS  Being a perfectionist is about doing it all right or all wrong, there are no grey areas;  Believing that you can be perfect is a fatal imperfection;  As a perfectionist, you probably won’t even start many things because perfection is too hard to achieve, and perfectionism only gives you one chance to fail; It is far more empowering to remember that if you screw it up you can clean it up; Within a relationship what you think you want is rarely what you actually want and on the journey to finding what you want, you will usually have to kiss a few frogs along the way! Usually, when you make a judgement about someone