JustChatting was imagined and created by Dr. Tara Moorman, Phd (Professional Counselor and Coach) and Dr. Irina Kerzhnerman, Phd (Psychologist), long-time friends each with 20 years experience in helping people be their most mindful authentic selves. Join them as they talk about their shared interests in a wide range of topics related to mental health and what it means to thrive as a human being in the 21st century. These long-time friends are certainly professionals, but their style is quirky, chatty, and sometimes a little bit irreverent.


  • Episode 3: Finding Your Balance

    01/07/2019 Duración: 31min

    Chat with us about finding the balance you want in your life.  In this approximately 30 minute episode, we chat openly and honestly about: - Identifying the needs of our introverted and extroverted self.  Where do we get our energy? What is it we are trying to balance? - Balancing self-care and self-challenge.  How do you know when to push yourself beyond your comfort and when to pull back and regroup? - The challenge of listening to yourself.  Why is it hard to do what we know is good for us? - Balancing multiple responsibilities.  What if our needs aren't the only thing we are responsible for balancing? - What's the first thing I need to do?  If I want to strive for more balance in my life, where do I start? -------------------------------------- Thank you for listening and for your ongoing support of JustChatting.  We look forward to chatting with you again soon.  If you'd like to hear about a specific topic, please feel free to contact us! To reach Dr. Tara M

  • Episode 2: Why is Honest Communication Hard?

    09/04/2019 Duración: 46min

    Chat with us about why people have such a difficult time with honest communications in relationships. We start talking about the beauty, honesty and simplicity of communications between children . We end up talking about all the messages we receive as we grow about what it means to have something to say, whether it is okay to say it, what it means if what we say makes someone else upset and whether we can ask for things from others.  In this approx. 45 minute episode, we cover: - Communication and Sense of Self - Radical honesty - Messages we receive from "The Monkey Bar Classroom" - Communicating Boundaries - "I hear you" vs. "I will fix it for you" - Selfish vs. Self-caring Communications - Making It Better for the Next Generation (Note: Thank you for your patience as we work out some sound quality issues.  We hope to have it improved in the next episode)

  • Episode 1: Introductions

    19/03/2019 Duración: 32min

    Welcome to JustChatting! In this first episode, find out a little bit about who we are, why we wanted to start this project and why we think you might want to listen in on our conversations. Meet Dr. Tara Moorman and Dr. Irina Kerzhnerman, learn a little about our almost 20 year friendship and our interest in helping people become their most integrated, authentic and healthy selves.  Get a taste for what happens when we are JustChatting.