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Do you want to love YOUR normalwhatever that looks or feels like? Are you wondering how to expand the essence which is essentially you? These podcasts are a celebration of the journey. Our guests arent just random hippies plucked off the streets of spirituality but genuine Quintessential Beings who have aligned their lives and vocations with their hearts. Hear tools and sage wisdom that will resonate with those seeking self-acceptance. Learn from stories and experiences which have helped others to evolve their own inner selves - shifting perspectives, patterns and behaviours to welcome home their soul.


  • The symptoms of dissonance in dating with Hailey Magee

    20/07/2021 Duración: 58min

    Back on the podcast this week we have one of our fave guests Codependency Coach Hailey Magee joining us to chat about boundaries and dating.  We discuss the triggers that dating can cause especially when codependency or people pleasing tendencies have been in your past. We dissect attachment style wounds + how being aware of those can help navigate the tricky terrain of beginning relationships as well as chatting about knowing your non-negotiable's versus preferences in dating.  Hailey reiterates for us the gift that is honouring your boundaries + that communicating those is like giving someone a guidebook on how to interact with you so you feel safe and seen in dating. Share your biggest takeaway's here:https://www.instagram.com/quintessentialbeingbynikki/https://www.facebook.com/quintessentialbeingbynikkiConnect with Hailey here:https://www.instagram.com/haileypaigemagee/http://www.haileymagee.com/workshops/

  • Being a solo Mama + building business...

    06/07/2021 Duración: 53min

    In this episode I get really vulnerable + share about the highs + lows of parenting from my perspective as a solo Mama whilst building a business I love... it comes with a twist as it is actually an interview I did with Stacey Marie for her podcast The Social Hub. The last 5-6 years of my life there have been pivotal moments of transformation + this episode bares all, pulling back the curtain on my personal + professional life. I share insights into my career in radio + ultimately why I decided to leave that industry, as well as the birthing of this podcast into the world. I vulnerably share my journey of being a solo Mama + the realities that co-parenting have on me. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did having the conversation. Continue the conversation with me here:https://www.instagram.com/quintessentialbeingbynikki/https://www.facebook.com/quintessentialbeingbynikkiFind Stacey here: https://www.instagram.com/msstaceymarie_/

  • Your purpose is who you are BE-ing with Rachel White

    22/06/2021 Duración: 01h05min

    Introducing Rachel White, this powerhouse of a woman guides you to liberation through creative expression, intuitive genius + pleasure potential. In this episode we chat about the pressure we so often project onto ourselves, getting caught up in our identity + emotional suppression. Rachel artfully articulates the density we can feel in our emotions versus holding ourselves with lightness + what moving with your natural rhythm of motivation and productivity can do for you.We talk about our intuitive genius, as Rachel strongly believes we are all genius at something and in fact it is our purpose to BE who we are in everything we do. We bust some myths about resilience + also step out the process of being confident in your decision making + how that can be your ultimate superpower.  Lastly we talk about the richness that completion energy rituals can bring to your life to help with the evolution of you with integration and wholeness.Connect with Nikki here:https://www.facebook.com/quintessentialbeingbynikkihttp

  • Attracting a Higher Love with Jordanna Levin

    12/05/2021 Duración: 30min

    It is natural to want to find love, a love that is ever-lasting, a love that feels so big + bright it fills our core with the very essence of life itself. So why can it feel so hard to find?  Jordanna Levin best-selling author of the book Make It Happen has penned a beautifully insightful + deeply personal book 'Higher Love' that is everything you need to know to manifest more love into your life. In this episode we deep dive into the world of dating + unpack the societal norm that pressures us into thinking we 'should' be at a certain stage by a certain age. We chat about what it means to strengthen your personal vibration + how this directly affects your love life whether you're looking for love or in an established relationship + we also talk about processing past relationships so that we can fully show up without all the excess baggage coming with us to taint the present.This is certainly the episode for you if you want to bring more love into your life!Quintessential Being by Nik

  • Radical role-modelling... the key to parenting with Emma Holdsworth

    04/05/2021 Duración: 01h08min

    So much of our parenting triggers + challenges hark back to our own early, formative years. Our attachment to our own parent or caregiver impacts our relationships, how we form identity in adolescence, how we cope with stress + our resilience... so how do we feel more like we're nailing this parenting thing?Emma Holdsworth from Treehouse Family Counseling has spent her entire adult life supporting families to become the best parents they can be, connecting them to their core values as a parent, holding space for new Mothers as a postpartum doula + helping burgeoning families with her vast experience as a sandplay therapist + counsellor.Emma firmly believes doing our own inner work and exploring ourselves more deeply, examining our own past – is actually the key to parenting education. In this episode Emma talks to us about the formative years of childhood + that  behaviour (of any kind) is just how kids communicate their needs, as parents we can stuff it up by taking it super personally!She also advocate

  • The parallels between Polyvagal Theory + LOA with Jess Mather

    21/04/2021 Duración: 36min

    If you've ever wanted to understand Law of Attraction + manifesting from a more scientific, logical standpoint this episode is for you! I chat with Jess Mather, movement coach + founder of Rehabited, a somatic based organisation dedicated to body freedom. We dive in + nerd out about how our autonomic nervous system functions + how that correlates to specific concepts in LOA.Jess gives us a brief overview of what Polyvagal Theory is + how you can use it to better understand how we can get ourselves manifesting a reality we are absolutely in love with. Hear the fascinating rundown of the vortex + ventral state, the importance that orienting means + the key resilience plays in our ability to stay on track when we are knocked out of the vortex/ventral state.This episode adds a valuable piece of the puzzle when it comes to aligning yourself to the frequency of everything you have available to you.Share your screenshots of this podcast episode + tag me in:@quintessentialbeingbynikkihttps://www.facebook.com/qui

  • How gift wrapping your needs is blocking you from truly getting what you want in love, sex + relationship with Wala Truscott

    04/03/2021 Duración: 35min

    Navigating relationships can be tricky terrain, so how do you ensure you get what you want when it comes to love, sex + relationship? Wala Truscott is a certified somatic sex educator + intimacy + attraction facilitator, with 15 years experience working with people to leave politeness at the door + unlock the pleasure that comes from asking for what you want + need from your partner. She chats with us about the five different categories of relationship that actually build erotic intimacy + nourishment, plus delivers the two key things that the magic of receiving does for a relationship.Allow Wala to truly blow your mind (as she did mine) on the reasons why we are often so disconnected from our partners, explaining that if you base your relationship on hinting + hoping, you'll end up wishing + waiting. If you want to get the relationship that works for you + your partner or lover... built on authenticity + understanding the difference between neediness + expressing a need, this is the episode for you!Foll

  • The spiritual messages from animals with Amanda Hoskins

    16/02/2021 Duración: 39min

    Kicking off the 2021 season of Quintessential Being we chat with Amanda from Wax Treasures + Feathers. A Yuin woman, Amanda is known for her special relationship with animals + ability to communicate with them, gifting us insights into the messages from some Australian native animals. Working with the spiritual essence of animal bones, feathers + rocks is where this modern medicine woman believes her passion originates from, revering everything that is unspoken + unseen in the animal kingdom. Coming from a long generational line of healers and seers, Amanda speaks to the healing properties of crystals, stones, fossils + feathers, also sharing with us a dreamtime story about the Red Belly Black snake. We chat about the difference between animal totems + messages as well as how to determine the personal meaning meant for you. Follow more of Nikki here:WebsiteInstagramFacebookShop Amanda's beautiful range of jewellery here:WebsiteInstagram

  • 2021 energy forecast with Kirra Rose + 2020 release guided meditation by Me

    30/12/2020 Duración: 53min

    2020 has been a year hasn't it?! If you are grappling with an unresolved experience, issue or unfolding of events from this year then this episode is for you...  I share a personal story of how it 'not working out' was the biggest blessing ever, the universe did indeed have my back! We then hear from Astrologer Kirra Rose about the energy we can expect in 2021, how to work with it, what to look out for + her tips for riding the energy effortlessly. Closing out the episode is a guided meditation by me to help you release all of the happenings of 2020 so you can walk (not run) into 2021 feeling a little more clear, grounded + magnetic. Access my Power + Prosperity planner e-books here.Continue the QB conversation with Nikki O'Brien:FacebookInstagramFind Kirra Rose here:FacebookInstagram

  • Reclaiming the energy that shadow-work + triggers rob from us with Juliet Lever

    14/12/2020 Duración: 31min

    2020 has been a year, a process of exploring the underworld with the collective work of shadow + triggers brought to the forefront. So how do we sit with the discomfort of this incredibly messy + often heart-breaking work? In this episode I speak to bestselling author, NLP practitioner + teacher Juliet Lever... a woman dedicated to helping people peel back the layers + free themselves from self-imposed restrictions. We dive into what the judgements, triggers, rejections + denials actually mean + she introduces the 'golden shadow' traits which shed a whole new light on reclaiming ourselves. Juliet gives us journal prompts to help us wade through the underworld + speaks to the types of resistance we feel + how to distinguish between them for more clarity. A truly awe-inspiring conversation to shift the lens we view ourselves through when it comes to 'doing the work'.Find Juliet here;FacebookInstagramWebsiteContinue the conversation with Nikki here;FacebookInstagram

  • Epigenetics, energetics + intuition with Jessica Anne

    04/12/2020 Duración: 28min

    The emerging field of epigenetics is rapidly unfolding our interrelationship with the external + internal world, bringing to the forefront exactly how our bodies interact with the environment. Jessica Anne is a big believer in guiding women to a reclamation of themselves, creating transformations that are really about unearthing parts of themselves that may have been lying dormant, caught up in core wounding. In this episode we unpack the vast world of epigenetics + the symptoms a woman reclaiming her own power may experience, we touch on the 6 different profiles offered in epigenetic testing + the innate gift that hopelessness gives. Whilst Jessica is deeply rooted in science she speaks to the role intuition plays in her work + how embodied dance is a practice that beautifully supports us when we are sick of "braining it out". Continue the conversation with Nikki here;FacebookInstagramWork with Jessica Anne here:FacebookWebsite

  • Desire, dating + dancing to expansion with Gala Darling

    24/11/2020 Duración: 36min

    Gala Darling needs no introduction, an author endorsed by the likes of Oprah, Vogue, The New York Times + Girlboss...  like the universe, this ever expanding boss babe is a force of nature! In this episode we chat about her secrets to success + her biggest life transformational tools. She shares with us her unique process for book writing + how it allows her to contribute more with her audience + dive deeper into the content she is creating. We get serious about the big shit - desires + dating - uncovering her recent work with feminine/masculine energy + how that is holding her in her new relationship... leaning into implicit trust with a man for perhaps the very first time in her life. This is an episode that will set you alight in all the right ways + beg you to dance with the universe baby! Find Nikki here: QB on FacebookQB on InstagramGala Darling The VortexGala Darling InstagramGala Darling YouTube

  • The myths of perfect Motherhood with Dr Sophie Brock

    13/11/2020 Duración: 36min

    Mumming in the Information Age is no easy feat when we are simultaneously bombarded with messaging of 'it takes a village to raise a child' + live in an individualistic society. Dr Sophie Brock is a sorceress of Sociology having spent years researching Motherhood, she believes in an empowered practice of Mothering + gives us a helpful distinction between Mothering + Motherhood. We chat all things self-sacrificing behaviour, intrusive harm thoughts, anger + how to process Mum guilt to allow it to transform us into better alignment, this is one episode not to be missed! Continue the conversation with Nikki here:FacebookInstagramFollow Dr Sophie Brock here:WebsiteFacebookInstagram

  • Your jaw is a mirror of your pelvic floor with Sarah Mackay-Wiggers

    03/11/2020 Duración: 31min

    We have all experienced some degree of stress or trauma in our lives + the subconscious tension that puts on our bodies can be a heavy load, but have you ever made the connection between your jaw + your pelvic floor? The connection between these two begins as an embryo  on day 15 when the mouth + opening to our urinary, reproductive + digestive tracts form, forever aligning the two. In this episode Sarah Mackay-Wiggers uncovers the fascinating psoas muscle that holds the key to unlocking tension, stress + built up anxiety so we can feel more free, inspired + relaxed. Sarah Mackay-Wiggers is passionate about integrative movement having seen first hand the devastation clutching our pelvis can do in her bespoke studio - The Loft by Studio Samsara - as a teacher, trainer + mentor she offers nourishment in all areas of life to create balance + authentic expression. Follow Sarah on Instagram here: The Loft by Studio SamsaraContinue the conversation with Nikki here: Quintessential Being by Nikki FBQuintessential Bei

  • Low tox living with Kimberli Fourro from Soul Fire Wellness

    12/10/2020 Duración: 30min

    Our bodies are a divine temple, and as women we are the gateway between heaven + earth.. so why do we poison it on a daily basis? Kimberli Fourro learnt the hard way that the chemicals in our cleaning + beauty products can not only harm us they can nearly wipe us out. Talking from her own experiential journey moving from chronic fatigue to low tox living, Kimberli explains how she got her life back + fuelled by her passion for natural health, is here to gift awareness to bringing our bodies back to their roots through natural alternatives in this chemical ridden world.  As a walking encyclopedia of what chemicals harm us + how... in this episode we chat about the biggest offenders in home cleaning + beauty products  plus an alarming truth called 'greenwashing' all about Australian labelling which will leave you speechless. Through her label Soul Fire Wellness, Kimberli combines the magic of all natural raw ingredients with divine essential oils + crystals to bring a whole new holistic meaning to liv

  • Unapologetic ambition + watering your soul with The Gypsy Mumma

    17/09/2020 Duración: 31min

    The powerhouse that is Kelley Webb - The Gypsy Mumma joins us to chat all things soul rattling growth! Ignited by her sons deep, intuitive spirituality (he literally sees dead people) she started her own awakening getting flipped on her ass + surrendering to the unforgiving pull of a new way of being. She calls it the 'fuck it' moment - potent invincibility stirring her into action as she clawed her way back from the clutches of death to start anew. She is a straight-shooting, sharp-talking, no bullshit kinda woman who dared to say YES to all of herself. We unpack the growing pains of navigating a new life whilst her husband was mourning her old self + how she danced with a partner not growing at the same rate to continued wedded bliss, leaning into her non-negotiable independence + strength as a guide. This is a no-holds-barred, call it like she sees it convo about brand building, soul searching + intuitive connectivity. Enjoy! BLOOM: https://ecm-coach-speaker.mykajabi.com/bloomConnect with Nikki h

  • Sobriety, self-acceptance + starting over with Mala Kennedy

    04/09/2020 Duración: 49min

    The self-acceptance piece is something that the spiritual community can bang on about + we all have our own unique dance with the cycle of self-doubt + self-acceptance. It is a truly individual practice as no one person can ever experience life the same. For Mala Kennedy self-acceptance has really been about looking in the mirror + no longer flinching at her reflection, adopted as a child from Sri Lanka by an Australian family Mala grew up feeling caught between two worlds. Adding to that a diagnosis of vitiligo growing up which ultimately led to the decision to live life sober, Mala reveals what it is truly like to live holding her own edges instead of numbing them. Becoming a student of personal development + using various tools to solidify her change in BEing human, she now helps women shift from self-doubt to self-acceptance so they too can feel confident. Working with language, emotions and the body, she guides her clients to re-invigorate their relationship to self + facilitate lasting shifts. As a life

  • Disengaging from the shame game with Jaime D'Eredita

    21/08/2020 Duración: 40min

    Ever since Brene Brown launched onto the world stage with her research around shame + vulnerability there has been a collective understanding that we ALL experience this deeply troubling emotion. In this episode I chat with Jaime D’Eredita about the symptoms of shame + how to unpack the internalised messaging of shame in a healthy + safe way. Jaime is a social worker + psychotherapist in Colorado, who primarily helps people identify, understand + shift barriers to live a more expansive life of peace + purpose. Specialising in trauma, addiction + domestic violence (to name just a few) she is incredibly passionate about connecting clients to their own self-compassion, self-love + self-acceptance. Here, we dive into the symptoms of shame, explaining the strong correlation between trauma + shame or addiction + shame, illuminating for us that we often depart from ourselves, disconnecting from our inner light when we feel shame + once we are in that state it is hard to connect to others. This creates the space that

  • Soul Origins + past lives with Kasia Bourke

    07/08/2020 Duración: 46min

    If you have ever pondered the meaning of life question - I found the woman who has the answer... Kasia Bourke! This episode very much feels like a soul remembrance… Kasia is a life purpose unveiler and Intuitive Business mentor, meaning she can tell you where your soul originated from, what your soul gifts are, your life lessons, your soul’s purpose + where your soul has previously trained. I know. Mind. Fucking. Blown! We all walk through life repeating patterns of behaviour, have unique + individual triggers the size of the Titanic + fears or blocks that just don't seem to quit... so what if we framed it all differently? What if we knew that our souls had chosen to incarnate here at Earth School for these exact reasons? In this episode Kasia explains what it might look or feel like to meet your guides and access information about your past lives that are like a balm for your soul, a deep knowing of life lessons chosen as a catalyst of change and human evolution. Kasia tells us how she started reading f

  • The Art of healing with Maddy Connors

    24/07/2020 Duración: 36min

    In this episode I chat with Maddy Connors… she is - Yarli Creative – a STUNNING contemporary Aboriginal Artist that specialises in custom designs + prints, finding inspiration from her proud and strong Yorta Yorta, Dja Dja Wurrung + Gamilaroi woman bloodline. Her identity + connection to her environmental surroundings is what drives her combined with her personal journey… it is here we talk all things motherhood, womanhood, art, healing + embodiment. Trauma can so often derail us + Maddy gets candid about how she uses her art to sink into a meditative state allowing the inner stories to transform and heal by letting the brush guide her on the piece she is working with. She also unlocks for us the unique way she uses music as a time portal back to nostalgic childhood memories or the birth of her daughter so she can potently recreate the stories in her mind, meeting them with softness, compassion and in full authentic expression. As a child of family violence, Maddy speaks to it with unwavering strength, saying

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