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In order to get women, you have to understand them first. For over eight consecutive years, The Chick Whisperer Podcast from X & Y Communications has been the gold standard for men of character who desire high quality women. Scot McKay and his expert co-hosts talk women, dating, sex, seduction and 21st century masculinity in a fast-paced and often hilarious style. Ask whatever questions you want 24/7 via voicemail at +1 (210) 362-4400. Visit and get free, actionable tips in your inbox that'll make you better with women starting today. | Please subscribe to the show to get updates automatically, and if you love the show definitely leave a review!


  • 15th Anniversary: Chick Whisperer "Lost Episodes" (Part 1)

    16/09/2022 Duración: 37min

    In honor of the first 15 years of the show, this is Part One of a two episode retrospective on the early days of what was then called The Chick Whisperer Podcast. The first 9 episodes were co-hosted with Steve 'The Dean' Williams. To this day, that is why I refer to my guests as co-hosts and the format is typically more discussion oriented than purely an interview. I've compiled my favorite clips from all of them. These two 'retrospective' episodes feature those clips, along with a bit of modern-day elaboration. This time, enjoy our 2007 take on the difference between younger guys and seasoned vets when it comes to success with women. Next, hear about the time I told my wife Emily early on that she might make a nice 'friend'. Then, I offer proof we've always been about respecting women even when the PUA movement seemed proud of taking advantage of them, long before the #metoo movement. Personal power as a masculine man has also always been a constant theme. Listen in as I call out the 'stripper's mentality' i

  • Sex For The Sport Of It - MTP320

    09/09/2022 Duración: 51min

    Co-Host Lia Holmgren ( My returning guest is sex coach extraordinaire Lia Holmgren, and the topic is maximizing the thrill, pleasure and overall experience of flings, one-night stands and 'friends with benefits' relationships. Why do so many people have so many hangups about sex purely for enjoyment, yet those same people often fantasize about it? Well, according to Lia, a whole lot of us would be happier if we simply expressed our sexual fantasies more freely. After all, more people are having 'recreational sex' than we might think. Even the Olympic villages every two years are stoked to the hilt with condoms...for good reason. So then, what are the six areas to focus on to make sure your sexually athletic endeavors are top-notch in quality and intensity? How can we make sporting sex even hotter and naughtier than it sounds...and how can we make it last? How do we make her want more, more, more? What do wolves have to teach us about sex? What if there are more than two play

  • Blended Family Disasters - MTP319

    02/09/2022 Duración: 28min

    Co-Host Emily McKay ( Let's face it, when single moms and single dads get together, it's pure naive idealism that would cause us to expect we're creating our own Brady Bunch. The reality of blended families is much different. Emily and I have been there ourselves, and have first-hand experience. We know full well it can seem more like being put through a Vita-Mix than a mere blender. But does it have to be such an ordeal? Well, there's no doubt that bringing everyone involved under one roof is a challenge, but yes...there is plenty of 20/20 foresight that can minimize both the drama and the pain. And what if you're already all together and facing profound issues as a blended family? No worries, Emily and I have real, actionable answers for you as well. So, why is blending a family uniquely different when it comes to baseline compatibility measures? What should we think about BEFORE dating a single mom? How does selfishness creep in to the picture...often with devastating res

  • Build Your Social Circle Like A Boss - MTP318

    26/08/2022 Duración: 39min

    Co-Host Nick Gray ( My guest Nick Gray is the originator of The Cocktail Party Method to grow your social circle and influence. Throwing parties in his twenties led to his success and how you can do it too. Discover why holding even small parties at your home (and yes, it needs to be at YOUR place) is the perfect way to grow your social circle and your influence on many different levels. Next, Nick gets into the specifics on how to throw parties. How much should you spend, what should you buy, what should you NOT buy, and what other ways should you prepare? Find out why your party might even be BETTER if you live in a small or even relatively dumpy place. What if you are introverted or even have social anxiety? Does that mean you can't do what Nick's talking about? You'll stand up and cheer at his surprising response. What are the pros and cons to co-hosting a party with someone else? And how exactly do you build your guest list? Is it okay to invite people who you like, bu

  • All Work And No Play Drives Women Away - MTP317

    19/08/2022 Duración: 52min

    Co-Host Marcus Oakey ( Is it true that 'life goes on, long after the thrill of living is gone'? Men have a weird relationship with fun, don't we? Few of us would openly deny we like to have fun, but when it comes to CREATING fun with women we worry about coming off as unattractive...either by being immature or even feminine. My returning guest Marcus Oakey from the UK is a charisma coach. Charisma is a nebulous and even complex term to define for many people. But at its core, it's all about driving emotion. As it turns out, having fun and BEING fun are both closely tied to charismatic personality types. But being boring, gunfighter serious all the time or flat-out cranky is never attractive. We instinctively know this, so why can't we as men lighten up? I present as evidence how many first date conversations turn dark and negative...with our full consent. That leads to the familiar theme of taking oneself too seriously. Stay tuned for new and unique ways we do that...all

  • Sex That Makes Women Addicted To You - MTP316

    12/08/2022 Duración: 49min

    Co-Host Sarrah Rose ( Many men think women don't like sex, yet they also believe it when they're told women will leave them because of BAD sex. It seems the best defense against confronting this confusion is to simply rock your woman's world in the bedroom. My friend and queen of Tantric Activation, Sarrah Rose, proof positive women can have a luridly explicit conversation about sex without batting an eyelash. First, to establish 'street cred', Sarrah acknowledges the kind of sex that keeps MEN around. Stay tuned for the ensuing secrets to a great blowjob by a woman. But seriously, how often do women end relationships because of bad sex? As it turns out, there's often a BIG difference between how men and women define that. Ironically, most men think they're good at sex, while according to women they're not. Find out why porn serves as a completely inadequate lesson on how to have great sex...and it's not for any of the reasons you've heard before. Meanwhile,

  • Kick The Government Out Of Your Bedroom - MTP315

    05/08/2022 Duración: 56min

    Co-Host Dr. Joshua Estrin ( As political dogma fast becomes new paradigm for religion in this culture, the more power the masses are willing to cede to the legal and judicial systems. But 'true faith' in government comes at what cost to our freedom...especially in our sex lives? Well, this episode is basically about what can only be called 'sexual libertarianism'. The bigger picture, however, is all about losing fear-based mindsets and thinking for oneself. And just to throw a wrench in the works, my guest Dr. Josh Estrin is an openly gay man. Although that's unusual (but not unprecedented) for this show, prepare to be amazed by how little the nature of our respective sex lives really matters relative to the importance of keeping government OUT. The resulting conversation will go down as exactly the kind of honest AND positive one gay and straight people need to have more of. Sure, we talk about why abortion isn't necessarily a religious argument, how 'choice' should appl

  • Bring Out The Best In Her - MTP314

    29/07/2022 Duración: 38min

    Co-Host Cole Rodgers ( So many of us as men complain about our WAGs, and guess what? Our women end up remaining exactly like what they keep complaining about. What if it's possible WE have something to do with that? My guest Cole Rodgers the the author of School Of Man: The Man's Guide To Living, Loving and Legacy, and he's all about men and women being better together than apart. After all, isn't that how it should be? We kick the show off by acknowledging two keys to happiness in this life. Without them, the rest of this conversation is all for naught. Next, what are the exact ways post-modernity has allegedly made our lives 'better', but at the devastating cost of really feeling ALIVE...especially in relationships with the women we love? The first step to really maximizing partnership with a great woman should be obvious to us as men, but unfortunately it often isn't. Cole reveals it. What is the undeniable link between today's 'convenience culture' and realization of th

  • The New Buzzword Is "Resilience" - MTP313

    22/07/2022 Duración: 48min

    Co-Host Kim Ades ( What is 'resilience', anyway? That word has been coming up more than ever before lately. Well, it's a bit of a specialty for Toronto's own Kim Ades, head of Frame of Mind Coaching and my guest for this episode. What have the last two pandemic years taught us about being resilient? Why do certain people thrive even after immense personal trauma or tragedy, while others wilt even in the face of relatively lightweight challenges? What is the difference between these victims versus the victors? What's up with the new apparent push in society to embrace victimhood, if not flat-out celebrate it? Is that really helping anyone? Are people who troll political Twitter looking for fights MORE resilient than the rest of us...or is that an illusion? Next, stay tuned for the unfortunate buzzword that when used almost always indicates profound lack of resilience. Do 'first world problems' rob us of our resilience? What keeps talented and driven individuals from r

  • Obsessed With Fetishes - MTP312

    15/07/2022 Duración: 47min

    Co-Host Laurie Singer ( My guest Laurie Singer is a board-certified therapist who specializes in applied behavioral analysis. She literally wrote the book on obsessions and fetishes, which makes her the perfect guest for this long-overdue topic. According to Laurie, you have to learn to LIVE with your fetishes and obsessions. But wait a minute...doesn't that depend on whether they're socially acceptable and not harmful to others? So what IS a fetish, anyway? How is it different from an obsession? And is it necessarily an abnormality that needs to be fixed? Is it fair to ask men who prefer a certain kind of woman if they're fetishizing them? For example, is men having an 'Asian fetish' really a thing? Is it weird to think women's feet are sexy? What are some other feminine physical features we might think strange to find sexy, yet many more men do than we think? Not to be outdone, Laurie shares some truly unique stories about real-life cases she's encountered. And hey, wha

  • Confidence In 90 Seconds - MTP311

    08/07/2022 Duración: 42min

    Co-Host Dr. Joan Rosenberg ( We as men play all sorts of mental tricks on ourselves when our confidence level is down. That's truly a new and powerful take on the somewhat shop-worn topic of confidence, thanks to my guest Dr. Joan Rosenberg. Confidence and resiliency, she has found, has everything to do with your ability to handle unpleasant emotions. First off, discover how the 'Rosenberg Reset' can get you focused and immediately more confident in just 90 seconds. Next, Dr. Joan reveals how we distract or disconnect from feelings rather than allowing ourselves to feel them...resulting in a hit to our confidence every time. What are the 8 'confidence keys'? And what's up with the human tendency to 'layer feelings' as either an emotional distraction or a protection mechanism? How do we trick ourselves into 'transmuting' our feelings when we're not feeling all that confident? Why is it so many of us as men not only don't take criticism well, we don't take compliments well ei

  • Sexual Athleticism - MTP310

    01/07/2022 Duración: 45min

    Co-Host Dr. Judson Brandeis ( One thing we've never done in over 300 episodes is get a medical doctor's take on sexual attractiveness to women. So it was on that premise that we opened this episode, but it ended up being much more than that. My guest Dr. Judson Brandeis proceeded to reveal a myriad of ways we as men can reach peak sexual performance, literally becoming better sexual athletes. After a brief discussion of how to have more sexual stamina downstairs, we turned our attention to how your diet and alcohol consumption affect matters. If we shouldn't eat carbs, and we shouldn't load up on cholesterol...what's left to eat? Next, what are the primal elements of sexual attraction relative to our overall health? Why are modern-day men so bad at keeping our testosterone levels up? What's up with us as men being so complacent about exactly those elements of personal health that make us sexually attractive? How does the media assault on "toxic masculinity" trick us psych

  • The Lost Art Of Sexual Polarity - MTP309

    24/06/2022 Duración: 44min

    Co-Host Zan Perrion ( Post-modern culture is pitting men and women against each other more and more as time passes. So who is left to make the case for the glory of men and women having the hots for each other? It seems like a weird question, but my friend Zan Perrion and I are left to stand in the gap. Zan loves women more than any man I've ever met (even myself), and proves it every day of his life. Listen in as he rekindles the case for masculinity and femininity as divinely-inspired intelligent design. Why are so many men afraid to express their natural attraction to women nowadays, especially given that heterosexual women WANT heterosexual men? What should our response be to this trend of aggressive fighting strategy toward women who hate men, or even men who hate women? Are you some sort of simp for having positive regard for women? Where did that fear even come from? What if our biggest complaints about interacting with women are really nothing more than weak excuses?

  • Weaponized Words Wreak Wreckage - MTP308

    17/06/2022 Duración: 30min

    Co-Host Emily McKay ( As the lyrics of one of Tyler Childers' songs say, 'There is hurt you can cause that time alone cannot heal'. When it comes to our interactions with women, a breathtaking amount of that pain is caused by what we say...or what SHE says. And when we get into a relationship, the stakes get even higher. Emily and I get straight to the point in this episode, first addressing the weird childhood refrain that 'sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me'. So then, what about childhood? How does what our parents--and maybe even teachers--tell us form our views of and expectations toward future romantic relationship? What's the truth about how early-stage communication between men and women can deeply impact BOTH participants, both in the short-term and the longer-term? What are the differences between how men and women tend to process conversational conflict...and the surprising similarities? What are the patterns that lead to couples blur

  • Make A Woman Your Partner, Not Your Adversary - MTP307

    10/06/2022 Duración: 49min

    Co-Host Allana Pratt ( The last time Allana was on, she spoke memorably about how a woman recharges a warrior's masculine energy with femininity. So when I started considering the topic of men and women being in partnership with each other rather than being adversarial, she was the first co-host who came to mind. And sure enough, this show delivers. Let's face it, there's just way too much out there about men and women lacking trust for each other, or even flat out not liking each other. Yet, if you think about it, the natural order of things dictates that men and women are designed to be together. So what happened here in post-modernity? What has contributed to the rampant blame game between men and women? What patterns of failur result in us thinking the other gender is no darned good? How has our 21st-century culture of self-absorption impacted relationships? Is our wife or girlfriend really OURS? Listen in as Allana makes a solid case for partnership being better than

  • What You Don't Know Will Kill You - MTP306

    03/06/2022 Duración: 42min

    Let's face it. There are a whole lot of things we are doing--either sins of commission or omission--that are shortening our lifespan as men. Not coincidentally, some of these same questionable habits are also making us less attractive to women and less likely to get ahead in our careers. Yet, we stubbornly refuse to modify our course...even when we know we're not doing ourselves any darned good. But here's the thing, the truly insidious part is we're probably also doing things that we have NO IDEA are killing us. Enter my guest, David Medansky. Now sure, like me David lost 50 pounds. But see, he doesn't believe for a second that dieting as you know it is good for you at all. For example, how are we supposed to differentiate between good, solid wisdom and convincing marketing tactics? Do you really have to get older and slower by default? What is the one simple, easy and cheap thing we can do immediately to be healthier all around and live longer, yet the vast majority of American men do NOT do? Despite the ti

  • Whatever Happened To Rites Of Passage? - MTP305

    27/05/2022 Duración: 40min

    Co-Host Tommy Breedlove ( Without rites of passage, we aren't as well-equipped to face the reality of adult life. This used to be a foregone conclusion in cultures all over the world, for both men and women. There was a clear rite of passage from childhood into adulthood. But such has become purely symbolic in Western culture, if not rendered completely irrelevant. What happened to rites of passage? And more importantly, WHY did they all but disappear? And what has the impact been on our lives? My guest is bestselling author Tommy Breedlove. He is not only returning for his third appearance on this show, he's an erstwhile member of the board for the Rites of Passage Council. We have bar mitzvahs, graduations and weddings...but why do those ceremonial rites of passage fall short of really turning boys into men? Indeed, elaborate and far more intimidating ones are still a big part of cultures like the Maasai. What are rites of passage meant to teach us...and how are they

  • Your Sexual Fantasies Are Too Small - MTP304

    20/05/2022 Duración: 42min

    Co-Host Kenneth Play ( My guest Kenneth Play has been called The World's Greatest Sex Hacker by numerous media outlets. Whatever you can imagine is possible sexually with women, he has probably experienced it. In particular, Kenneth is well-versed in how to bring out a woman's sexual fantasies. Dating back to Nancy Friday's book My Secret Garden, it has been well established that women typically are full of deranged, horny, dirty thoughts. But most of us as men never lift the veil to see what's truly under there. I mean, we usually won't even face our OWN sexual fantasies, right? What are some of the most basic and common female sexual fantasies? Why is taboo such a turn on...yet it's more common to fantasize about such things than we think? And why do men talk about all the chicks they're bagging, or even their penis size...but never about the techniques they use? Meanwhile, how do women talk about their sex lives with other women? Why is any talk about sexual fantasy p

  • Does The Right Woman Make You Live Longer? - MTP303

    13/05/2022 Duración: 33min

    Co-Hosts Dr. Michael and Dr. Barbara Grossman ( You've probably heard that those who are in a long-term relationship live longer. Well, my guests are specialists in that area. In this episode, they reveal exactly what we can and should do to make sure that happens. Can you believe there was an 80 year study to find out the truth behind this? What are the baseline rules for making sure you're in the right relationship with the right woman to promote longevity? What if we're already in a relationship that is likely the opposite of that? Even though the premise of this episode isn't completely gender-specific, why is it especially pertinent to men?How do maturity and responsibility intersect with all of this? As we go through different life stages during a relationship, how does the dynamic change that keeps us thriving over the long haul? What is the medical science perspective on all of that? How do menopause--and yes andropause--affect the power of our relationship to i

  • Be More Mature Without Getting Old - MTP302

    06/05/2022 Duración: 39min

    Co-Host Julian Hayes II ( Remember that old John Cougar Mellencamp song that says, 'Oh yeah, life goes on...long after the thrill of living is gone'? Yeah well, I never liked that song. Now on the other hand, the saying, 'Old truckers never die, they just get a new Peterbilt'? That I like. Hence this episode with my new friend Julian Hayes II from The Art Of Fitness And Life. Julian is an erstwhile medical student who is now on a mission to declare the ART of a long, healthy, fulfilling life rather than simply the science behind it. In this episode, we focus on how to be active and enthusiastic well into maturity instead of being that cranky 'get off my lawn' guy. Listen in as he reveals how the root causes of most health issues--and even most dating and relationship issues--are LIFE issues. How is aging better tied to not just the left-brained aspects of health, but possibly the right-brained ones as well? What is 'healthy narcissism', is it really a thing, and can it ac

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