The H.g. Wells Collection: Four Classic Novels From The Father Of Science Fiction

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H.G. Wells - long hailed as the Father of Science Fiction - was a pioneer in the exploration of thrilling, scientifically based stories - a sub-genre which he called his Scientific Romances.

Here, we present four of these world-famous books: The Time Machine (Wells' tale of the Time Traveler who invents a machine that can transport him into both the distant past and the terrifying future); The Island of Doctor Moreau (perhaps his most disturbing novel, which takes place on a private island where the eponymous doctor performs hideous and unnatural experiments on the inhabitants); The Invisible Man (called "A Grotesque Romance" by the author, who spins the tale of a man who stumbles upon the secret of invisibility...and then curses himself with it) and finally The War of the Worlds (Wells epic tale of a Martian invasion of Earth and the surprising and horrifying aftermath).

These books are presented by SoundCraft Audiobooks and have been audio enhanced with music and sound effects, but unabridged from the original source material.

Enjoy these four tales of scientific daring, recklessness, danger and redemption as we travel into the boundlessly imaginative mind of the Father of Science Fiction...H.G. Wells!


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