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What Would Jesus Say 2: THE DONALD (Trump)?



What Would Jesus Say to THE DONALD (Trump)? I’d think he’d say Donald I like your real talk. I mean who does not like real talk. Donald just say it like it is. I believe Jesus would say I like that. But then Jesus might tell Donald some money stories. Because Donald in hyped up on money. I love it when Forbes, or Business Week try to guess Donald’s net worth. They are always wrong because Donald is always worth more than you can guess. At this point Forbes says Donald in worth about 4.1 Billion that with a Capital B. but Donald says they are wrong because he worth is more like 9 billion. Forbes guessed that Donald’s brand is about 200 million but the DONALD say it about 3-Billion. Don cares about what you think about him and his money. Donald is to be congratulated he’s pulled himself and his empire out of bankruptcy at least three times. The real-estate market has waxed and wained but the DONALD is still standing. So what would Jesus say to Donald? I think we can find out as we look at what Jesus had to s