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What Would Jesus Say To USAmerica & Church?



As we celebrate the nations birth today, I though this would be a good weekend to ask what would Jesus say to USAmerica and to his Church in USAmerica? We see the patriotic signs... God Bless America, United We Stand, One Nation Under God, Freedom Is Not Free, United We Stand, Sweet Land of Liberty, Home of the Brave, Don’t Tread On Me, Let Freedom Ring, Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death, Liberty and Justice For All and Live Free or Die. Can you think of any more? What would Jesus say to us...? USA: #1. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY, #2. CHOOSING GOD = BLESSINGS, & #3. DON’T FOGET THE USA CHURCH: #1. IF MY PEOPLE..., #2. IF YOU DON’T LOVE..., #3. WHENEVER YOU DID ONE..., #4. DON’T GET FATIGUED...