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What Would Jesus Say To: Dylan Roof?



We’ve heard all types of things these last few days. He’s been called MONSTER, RACIST, MURDERER, CRAZY, EVIL, SATAN INSPIRED, What would YOU say to DYLANN? One Heartfelt Christian Response When we encounter such senseless violence, we sometimes instinctively develop ‘animosity’ or ‘hatred’ towards the ‘Sinner’ rather than towards the ‘Sin’. However, it is important that we remember that although our offenses may not be as ‘Radical’ as Dylann’s — by definition, we are all offenders nonetheless because we all have fallen victim to Sin at some point in our lives (no matter the ‘flavor’) Yet after the news broke, hundreds of people immediately became Angry with the shooter and condemned not only his actions, but some even condemned the young man himself (which is what Christians are warned against) #1. DYLAN Hate in a LEARNED behavior, you can unlearn it #2. DYLAN Your sin has CONSEQUENCES #3. DYLAN your sin does not have to be FATAL or FINAL #4. DYLAN FORGIVENESS is yours IF you will receive IT