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We’re talking about fame today. We’re talking about Kim Kardashian. Curvaceous Kim Kardashian, marketing guru Kim Kardashian. What would Jesus say to Kim Kardashian? What a great question. Known for her fashion, her family and most of all for ‘being famous,’ Kim Kardashian is one of today’s most sought after celebrities. She’s adored by millions of fans around the world, and is instantly recognized on camera and on the street. So what would Jesus say to this modern day cultural icon? What would Jesus say to Kim Kardashian? Well, what would he say to you? What would he say to you? #1. MAKE ME FAMOUS. You’ll never be known until you’ve made him well-known. Have you allowed him to come inside your heart of hearts? Have you given him the totality of who you are? #2. I VAULE YOUR VURNABILITY Have you gotten vulnerable before God? “You’re God. I’m not.” #3. YOUR PAST DOESN’T DETERMINE YOUR FUTURE. Even though your past is checkered, even though your reputation isn’t the best, make this day a game-changer, a piv