Sermons Podcast

What Would Jesus Say To The Baltimore Crowd



Today I want to do something a little different as I ask the question what would Jesus say to the folks in Baltimore City. I know the riot/uprising/protest are in the past, the Baltimore Orioles are back at Camden Yards, and the burned out buildings are boarded up and the cars towed away. I purposely waited on this message because our live in the moment media, and our soundbite reality has trained us to pay attention to the most recent happening, tragedy, injustice etc. Despite the time that has passed since the Baltimore situation. I believe that Jesus would have some things to share with the Baltimore crowd. A good question that I would ask if I were sitting where you are is “James who are you referring to when you say the Baltimore crowd?” I’m glad you asked. Here they are: Protestors Police Provocateurs Politicians Pundits Peace Makers Peeps (People of God) I believe each of these groups pay a role in the Baltimore situation and I believe Jesus would have something to say to each of them. I want to