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The truth is that for most of us, 2015 would be a great year if we could learn to handle our finances better. Regardless of how much money you earn, or what you bring in annually, figuring out what to do with your money is very important. I think it's not only important to you as a person, but I think it's also something that is important to God! The bible talks a lot about money. Jesus talked a lot about money... and its been said that preachers talk a lot about wanting your money! But if we are honest, the bible isn’t generally our primary source for deciding what to do with our money. In fact, we all have myths about money. MYTHS LIKE: If I had more money, I would be happier - or this is my money - or money can bring me security. These myths, if we are not careful, will ultimately override what God says about money. REAL TALK: if we let myths run our money then we will end up broke. Here’s the truth about debt - it traps and it binds you. The difference between someone who has debt and someone who own