Audio: Entangling Collective Action and Imaginaries of Threat, c. 1916-23



Klaus Weinhauer, Universität Bielefeld Globally the years roughly between 1910 and the mid 1920s saw multiple and overlapping upheavals. Labor historians, mostly focusing on nation states, have studied strikes and social movements, while others have discussed the revolutionary, social and consumer protests of this phase. What we still need, however, are globally oriented studies of these important years. My paper employs a micro historical and space sensitive approach focused on the struggle about local order. In the phase of global upheaval, roughly between the 1910s and mid 1920s, not only hopes for revolution but on a massive scale also fears and imaginaries of threat surfaced. These fears (and also the hopes) were mostly about social change and about possible revolutions - the latter often inspired by the Russian Revolutions and later by the German Revolution. Transnational and translocal networks of communication, highly mobile intellectuals, and the network of shipping lines were instrumental in entangl