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GenYChron Ep. 0010 – The secret language of fathers - Gen Y Chronicles Podcast



Show summary Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there! On this week’s episode, we review a list of seven facts based on research about how fathers can affect a child’s development. We talk about the surprising importance of roughhousing, how fathers encourage courageous exploration and many other relatively unknown facts that will change the way you think about fathers. Show notes 2:28 - Analyzing statistics with a critical eye and remembering that studies don’t always use the same research methodologies 3:54 - A good rule of thumb for reliable research: if at least three studies show similar results using similar research methodologies, then the results are probably reliable 4:41 - Fathers encourage courageous exploration; they push you to your limits and help you achieve your potential (Research article) 6:09 - Having a father in your house decreases the chances of having shorter telomeres (Research article) 9:28 - Clarifying the terms: non-resident fathers, resident fathers and fatherlessness