Do It Dad

#9: A Game of Throws - Neil Adams MBE



In this episode, I have the great pleasure of interviewing judo legend Neil Adams MBE.As many of you may already know Neil Adams enjoyed a glittering competitive judo career representing Great Britain on the world scene and dominating the competition during the early 1980’s. Dedicated to life in his martial art Neil remains a paramount figure not only in competitive judo but also British and international sport having coached several national and Olympic teams, commentating, and representing the IJF (International Judo Federation) as ‘The Voice of Judo’.Simply put, Neil Adams is a real gentleman, and I thoroughly enjoyed talking with him. If his judo is as flowing and relaxed as his conversation is I can understand why many an opponent found themselves on there back before they knew it! Ippon! No really, being a practitioner of judo ‘the gentle way’ myself, I asked Neil about his life and experiences pre, post and during his illustrious competitive judo career. I discovered that Neil has never stopped being h