SteamLUG Cast

s03e11?– Elegant Diagonal Refunds



Aaron Melcher stops by to chat about porting games to Linux and our hosts have a discussion about Steam refunds Introduction 00:00:19 Tele (Tele42) introduces @ValiantCheese, bean (@beansmyname) and special guest, @aaron_melcher Our Gaming 00:00:40 bean (@beansmyname) Destroyed wave after wave of malfunctioning robots in Assault Android Cactus [] Wished for human combatants while pummelling bots in top-down Q3/UT-inspired arena shooter, Daedalus - No Escape [] Got his steampunk fix in the team-focused multiplayer airship combat game Guns of Icarus Online [] Relived his driving exam by exploding and being exploded in the action racer BlazeRush [] Led a conga line of RPG characters into the arena for the honor of #SteamLUG in Nimble Quest [] Avenged the death of the last human in twin-stick shooter Ultrat