SteamLUG Cast

s03e05?– Vulkanic GDC



John, DerRidda, and Nemoder discuss exciting developments from the 2015 Game Developer’s Conference. Introduction 00:00:09 John (@johndrinkwater) 00:00:23 DerRidda (@DerRidda) 00:00:25 Nemoder ([]) Our Gaming 00:00:31 DerRidda has been playing FTL, Hand of Fate, CS:GO and the unreleased ‘Reformat Your System Simulator 2015’ 00:00:48 Nemoder has been playing some Factorio, the daily challenges in Crypt of the Necrodancer and some Worms: Clan Wars 00:01:00 John played some CS:GO during the event, yet mostly has been in pre‐launch testing of Hotline Miami 2. Community Events 00:01:23 Past Events CS: GO [] Worms: Reloaded [] Don’t Starve Together [] Guns of Icarus Online [] Double Action: Boogaloo [http://