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Ted and Randy Rant About...The 2037 BBA Regular Season!



 [*editors note - As usual I was late posting. This was recorded before the Geoghegan round, but not posted until after it, because 3+ hours of work to edit and post a < 1.5 hour podcast is obnoxious and I hate doing it.] Randy Weigand and Ted Schmidt bring you the Brewster's first truly worldwide podcast. We lament Randy's alcohol shortage. I flex my beer snob muscles a bit, and then we undertake a rambling review of the season. Discussion starts with Edmonton's resurgence and Seattle's pitching woes. Ted's penchant for playing legacy players comes up before we wander through the rest of the Frick Frontier. Our meandering continues with the Frick Pacific, where it was a two team race all year. More pitching woes in Hawaii (injuries) and Valencia (bad players and lumping) prompt a discussion of broken OAS pitcher scouting. We then finish up the Frick with the Heartland, where we talk about Omaha's pitching futures and Lucas McNeil's mystery year. Discussion of the Johnson League starts with a contract