Lumi And Fonce

4- The Good, the Bad, and the Weird



In this week's episode we tell a few spooky stories, some involving a multitude of ghosts and others reminding you of the dangers of college classes. This is the last episode in our theme of "Weird Things," so of course we've got rumors of missing fingers bringing the dead to life and a group of zombies trying to take out a bank loan, but we can't forget about the possibility of a parallel universe that we all live in. This episode is by far the weirdest of the four we've created. We will be taking a week break during the theme transitions, so we will see you guys on March 15th! Keep in mind, we are not experts in any of the topics we discuss. Follow our Twitter to stay updated on future episodes and other things! @LumiFonce Send us an email with your suggestions or ideas about the show at!