East End Christian Church Podcast

Life on Loan: Renew Your Love - Revelation 2:2-5



You work hard. You do the right things and say the right things. You persevere despite the opposition, but why? Because it’s the right thing to do? Because God said so? They are good reasons, but not the right reason. Love must be our motivation, our guide and our sustenance. BUT, what happens when we don’t feel that love? We felt it before, but it seems to be gone now. We often try to find something else (some new teacher or group or program or book) to bring that excitement back. God doesn’t say to find something new. He says to go back to basics.You're Doing well... - v2 BUTYou've forsaken your first love. v4Tongues - Love = Noise (1 Cor 13:1)Knowledge + Power - Love = Nothing (1 Cor 13:2)Good Deeds + Sacrifice - Love = Nothing (1 Cor 13:3)SORenew Your Love - v5Remember the height from which you have fallenRepentRe-Do the things you did at first