Totally Uncool

21: Awkward



Soon I'm going to have to stop using "I moved long-distance" as an excuse, but that time has not yet arrived, so apologies for missing July, but I was moving! Moooooviiiiiiing, which sucks. Anyway. I'm joined today by Yasmine Evjen, one of the fabulous co-hosts of the Material Podcast, which covers the Googleverse over on Relay. Yasmine and I are basically the same person when it comes to interpersonal relations, so you know she has some good stories! Stuff (and people, oooh gossip) we talked about: Material Podcast Russell Ivanovic Google IO Material Design session and awards video Chris Lacy Jason Howell All About Android Action Launcher Deutche Bank, AKA douche bank Wink Murder, an annoying party game Nerf guns! Here are Popular Mechanics’ To 10 Nerf Guns of All Time