Piledriver Wrestling Audio Show

Piledriver Wrestling Audio Show:#125(5/30/15)



(05/30/15). We originally intended to release this show last weekend, but due to technical difficulties, we've only just been able to salvage the recording. Some of the content is now dated, especially the 5/25 Raw review and Elimination Chamber preview, which are from the 25:00 - 1:00:00 mark. You may wish to skip this section. There's still plenty of other news to get into including the full story on Destination America cancelling TNA and signing Ring of Honor, how it all came about, what really happened with that now-infamous e-mail, notes on TNA behaviour, the future and much more. We also take a look at the BOSJ Tournament as of Saturday morning, rankings so far, predictions and more. We look at the card for the stacked Castle Hall PPV, where the booking might be headed into G1, predictions for the winner, October Sumo Hall, and possiblities for next year's Tokyo Dome main event. We look at the Dragon Gate King of Gate Tournament, won by Masato Yoshino. In an update, we can confirm that the title matc