Piledriver Wrestling Audio Show

Piledriver Wrestling Audio Show:#115(12/6/14)



(12/6/14) We return with a full review and analysis of Raw, including Erick Rowan character development, emerging Miz/Naomi/Jimmy love triangle story, build for Cena vs. Rollins, notes on Rusev, Fandango, Bray Wyatt, The New Day and much more. We also look at the current card for TLC. We also have an nalysis of Vince McMahon’s appearance on Steve Austin’s podcast. We talk all the major notes from show, including Vince’s feelings on Cesaro, hilarious geography blooper, the”brass ring”, CM Punk firing and the truth behind Vince’s comments, and much more. Additionally, we have a full review of the first episode of TNA British Bootcamp 2 featuring the Glasgow auditions. We look at the Scottish talent featured on the show, with thoughts on Kay Lee Ray, Viper, Nikki Storm, Noam Dar, Grado, Simon Lancaster, The Tank and others. We look at who impressed and who fell flat, the contrived nature of the show, and some inconsistent treatment of the auditionees. Also, we have a full review and analysis of the first episode